September 26, 2017

Yokomo Zero brushless steering servo for drift

Yokomo have introduced this Drift specific brushless servo which has unique design and specification for this class. This high spec brushless servo features full titanium gears and high grade aluminium case and is perfect for RWD drift requirements especially in combination with the Yokomo steering gyro. The biggest concern for RWD drifters is looking for steering and this servo helps recover this.

View the servo specs here

September 21, 2017

Team Powers TP-DS1305 low-profile digital servo

Team Powers have introduced their TP-DS1305 low-profile digital servo. Featuring a coreless motor it pulls up to 15kg-cm of torque at a speed of down to 0.05s and thanks to its lightweight construction with titanium metal gears it weighs in at only 42g. The high-voltage compatible servo comes with a black receiver wire for a factory look, a machined middle heatsink section for lower operation temperatures and it will become available very soon.

View the specifications here

September 21, 2017

Hiro Seiko small steering wheel foam ring

Coming from Hiro Seiko is a new small diameter steering wheel foam ring. With an outer diameter of 45mm it is 1mm smaller than the previous one for quicker steering reactions. Made from a smooth, non-slip foam the ring fits all transmitters that require 38mm inner diameter and 20mm wide foams.

Source: Hiro Seiko [hiro-seiko.com]

August 31, 2017

SRT BH8015 low-profile HV brushless servo

SRT have introduced their new BH8015 low-profile servo for 1/10th scale applications. The high-voltage compatible servo is able to pull up to 15kg-cm of torque at a speed of down to 0.05s and it features a CNC-machined aluminium case, a unique mechanical design as well as dual ball bearings and mixed titanium and aluminium gears. A black receiver wire and white graphics round out the visual appearance.


August 28, 2017

Team Orion Vortex VDS2-HV Pro alloy case servos

Team Orion have introduced their new Vortex VDS-2HV Pro full-aluminium case servos. The VDS2-HV PRO 1605 HS Aluminium (0.05s/16kg-cm) and VDS2-HV PRO 2607 HS Aluminium (0.07s/26kg-cm) both feature an all-aluminium case for durability, making them especially useful in demanding nitro and 1/8th scale classes. The coreless motor digital servos are high-voltage compatible and can be used with 2S LiPo receiver packs or the high voltage BEC setting of brushless controllers.

View the VDS2-HV PRO 2607 HS Aluminium here

August 28, 2017

Reedy Pro LiPo/LiFe RX & TX battery packs

Reedy have introduced their new range of Pro LiPo and LiFe RX/TX batteries that feature high capacities and durable construction, which make them perfectly suited for use as receiver batteries in nitro-powered vehicles. They are also a long-life alternative to NiMH and alkaline batteries in a variety of transmitters. A standard power plug fits directly into the transmitter or receiver/switch harness while a XH balance connector allows for simple balance charging. The LiPo batteries are available as 2400mAh 7.4V flat or 2700mAh 7.4V hump pack while the LiFe packs come as 1600mAh 6.6V flat or 1900mAh 6.6V hump variant.

View the other new battery packs here

August 11, 2017

Hitec HSB-9381TH full metal case servo

German Hitec distributors Multiplex have introduced the HBS-9381TH full metal case servo. High voltage compatible and coming with ultra-durable titanium gears the servo pulls a constant 34kg-cm of torque regardless of the input voltage while at 7.4V input it offers down to 0.14s of transit time. The standard size servo features a powerful brushless motor, dual ball bearings, a full aluminium case and it is usable for a wide range of applications.