January 19, 2017

Spektrum DX5R 5-channel DSMR radio system

Spektrum have introduced the new DX5R 5-channel DSMR radio system. The transmitter’s ergonomics are inspired by the DX6R and it allows to adjust the trigger and steering tension, trigger position, wheel drop down setting and also grip sizes. With the help of optional parts also the steering wheel angle and steering wheel diameter are customisable to suit the driver’s needs. The DX5R makes use of Spektrum’s intuitive SimpleScroll programming interface for quick and easy adjustments, it offers up to five drive modes per mode, programming for AVC compatible receivers, programmable mixes, ABS and 4-wheel steering as well as dual rate and expo settings. Built-in telemetry makes monitoring the car’s vital signs easy while the 5.5 millisecond fame rate ensures fast and consistent car control. The radio comes including the SR6000T telemetry receiver and it will hit stores soon.

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January 17, 2017

HRC Racing 68124HVBL HV digital brushless servo

HRC Distribution have introduced the HRC Racing 68124HVBL high-voltage digital brushless servo. Designed for 1/8th on-road and off-road classes the servo offers sturdy metal gears, a powerful brushless motor, dual ball bearings and it is high-voltage compatible, allowing to use it with 2S LiPo receiver battery packs. The standard-size servo pulls up to 24kg-cm of torque at a speed of down to 0.09s and it features a red anodised middle heatsink section.

Source: HRC Distribution [hrcdistribution.com]

January 17, 2017

Beta BE1 HV high torque digital race servo

Nemo Racing have introduced the Beta BE1 HV ultra torque digital race servo. It is of an all-aluminium design with the upper and lower case as well as the heatsink middle section being machined of the black anodised metal for high rigidity and good heat dissipation. The gears are a sturdy all-metal affair and the servo will feature a removable shielded lead. At 7.4V input the BE1 offers 0.08s of transit time and a torque of up to 28kg-cm and it will hit stores very soon.

Source: Nemo Racing [nemoracing.com]

January 16, 2017

KO Propo introduce RSx3 servo line

Japanese company KO Propo have introduced the RSx3 line of standard size high-performance servos. The range includes the RSx3 Response HC (0.06s/17.6kg-cm) and RSx3 Power HC (0.11x/31.6kg-cm) with aluminium upper cases as well as the RSx3 Response (0.06s/17.6kg-cm) and RSx3 Power (0.11s/31.6kg-cm) with composite upper cases. All four feature aluminium middle sections with laser-etched graphics, they are high-voltage compatible, allowing to use them with up to 7.4V input, they are equipped with hard-anodised aluminium gears, coreless motors, gold-plated connectors and black servo leads. On top of this the RSx3 line makes use of KO Propo’s new Highspeed Communication System HCS, in combination wit HCS-compatible receivers, for a more linear steering feeling and they are programmable using the company’s ICS Servo Manager software in order to fine-tune the servo’s behaviour for different classes or track conditions.

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January 13, 2017

ProTek 370TBL Black Label waterproof crawler servo

New from ProTek R/C is the 370TBL Black Label waterproof high-torque brushless crawler servo. Utilising a black anodised aluminium case with heatsink middle section the servo pulls up to a massive 46.8kg-cm of torque at a speed of down to 0.13s, thanks to a brushless motor and full steel gears. It is also waterproof up to one meter, high-voltage compatible, it utilises dual ball bearings and comes with an all-black 280mm lead, making it ideal for heavy 2.2 class rigs, U4 racers, lightweight 1.9 comp builds, and ultra detailed scalers alike.

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January 12, 2017

Spektrum SR2010 DSMR micro race receiver

The Spektrum SR2010 DSMR micro race receiver, that is part of the company’s innovative S6240RX servo and receiver unit, is also available separately for those who look for a tiny and lightweight unit. Offering a footprint of 25.5×17.6mm at a height of 13.6mm, the receiver weighs in at 5.5g and it utilises the DSMR frequency-agile surface protocol with a response rate of 5.5ms. The transparent case features an integrated antenna holder and the internals of the 3/2-channel receiver are protected using a Reliakote coating. The high-voltage compatible receiver furthermore features an improved antenna design optimise RF signal strength and it is usable with Spektrum DSMR-compatible transmitters.

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January 12, 2017

Spektrum S6240RX digital servo & receiver unit

Coming soon from Spektrum is the S6240RX digital high-speed servo and receiver unit. The servo itself features the durability of metal gears and is capable of delivering down to 0.08s transit times along with 15.0kg-cm of torque. The built-in SR2010 2-channel receiver gives racers a sense of response that feels almost instantaneous, especially when used with a DSMR radio capable of 5.5ms transmission. Both the servo and receiver are housed in a 20mm case that measures 30mm in hight which is in-between a standard and a low-profile servo. The servo and receiver unit is best used for 2WD buggy applications but may also suit many other classes.

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January 7, 2017

Highest D1000 HV all-aluminium servo

Highest have introduced the new high-voltage compatible D1000 servo with all-aluminium case. Capable of speeds down to 0.08s and offering a dynamic torque of 14.8kg-cm the coreless motor standard-size servo is ideal for off-road applications and a popular choice of Highest team drivers such as David Ronnefalk and Robert Batlle. The search offers a full-aluminium case including upper and lower case as well as the middle section and it is available now.

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