March 6, 2017

Muchmore Impact 1800mAh LiFe TX & RX battery pack

Muchmore have introduced the Impact 1800mAh 6.6V LiFe battery pack for transmitter and receiver applications. The flat-type pack measures 85x27x18mm and fits most 1/8th and 1/10th nitro vehicles that utilise flat-type receiver batteries and it is also usable with transmitters that accept 6V input. The battery is made from robust 1800mAh cells, it comes pre-wired with a JR-style universal plug and a XH balance connector and is it usable with standard voltage compatible receivers and servos.

Source: Muchmore [muchmoreracing.net]

March 6, 2017

Hitec D9 series 32-bit metal case servos

Coming from Hitec are three new D9 series 32-bit metal case servos. The D941TW (0.07s/16.5kg-cm), D946TW (0.10s/23.0kg-cm) and D951TW (0.14s/35.0kg-cm) all feature 32-bit micro controller units and 12-bit analog to digital converters to maximises the servos’ performance for optimised response and feel. The wide voltage compatible standard-size units can be powered by 4.8V to 7.4V input, they feature highly durable titanium gears, full-metal servo cases and they are fully programmable to fine-tune functions such as end point adjustments, direction, fail save, dead band, speed (slower), soft start rate, and overload protection.

View the specifications here

March 2, 2017

BK Servo DS-S-HT ultra high torque servo

BK Servo, known for their helicopter servos, are making a step into RC car racing by introducing the DS-S-HT ultra high torque servo. Offering a whooping 40.8kg-cm of torque at 8.4V input and a speed of down to 0.10s, the servo is ideal for demanding 1/8th off-road classes. It also features a machined all-alloy case with heatsink middle section, steel gears, and a coreless motor. The servo is set for a release in mid-March.

View the specifications here

March 2, 2017

KO Propo RSx3-12 1/12th scale servos

UK KO Propo distributors Schumacher have introduced the new RSx3 1/12th scale servos. Available in three different variants they replace the RSx 12 and utilise a high-power core-less motor for reliability as well as hardened aluminium gears for durability. The RSx3-12 line servos all pull up to 7.5kg-cm of torque at a speed of 0.13s, they are HCS compatible, feature black receiver leads, gold-plated connectors and hard gear shafts with the three different version only differing by the pre-set firmware. The RSx3-12 comes set with a universal program ideal for 1/12th, GT and Formula racing while the RSx3-12 World Spec Version is programmed with the 2014 IFMAR Worlds winning mode which is slightly milder. Last but not least comes the GT12-specific RSx3-12 GT Version servo set to GT500, World GT and Formula rubber racing specifications.

View the specifications here

February 9, 2017

Tesla TS108LP Black Edition HV low-profile servo

Capricorn have introduced the new Tesla TS108LP Black Edition high-voltage low-profile servo. Usable with standard 6V but also high-voltage 7.4V input, the servo utilises a coreless motor, a full metal gear train and an all-black lead. It measures 39.8×20.2×28.7mm, weighs in at 55g and is able of pulling up to 14.5kg-cm of torque at a speed of down to 0.07s at 7.4V input.

View the specifications here

February 8, 2017

Sanwa MT-S Piano Black limited edition radio

Sanwa’s intermediate-level MT-S transmitter is soon also available as limited edition Piano Black variant. The radio will feature the same glossy black finish as the respective M12S and MT-4 variants, making it Sanwa’s third transmitter to receive the luxury treatment. In terms of features and specifications the MT-S Piano Black edition will be the same as the standard MT-S and so it allows for a range of telemetry functions, and offers SSR and SSL compatibly. The transmitter will become available by end of February.

Source: Sanwa [sanwa-denshi.com]

January 30, 2017

Capricorn aluminium servo arms

Capricorn have introduced several new aluminium servo arms. Machined from high-quality aluminium and being a direct fit on all Capricorn cars the servo arms are available in single and dual arm specifications and for Sanwa/KO and Futaba/Savöx servos with the EP on-road variant featuring a 4mm offset which leads to a perfectly straight steering link on the TE-03 touring car. The arms come anodised in a light gun metal colour and they feature laser-etched markings for easy identification.

View the other available designs here