May 15, 2019

Anastasios Paparegas wins at Greek 4WD Buggy Nats

The opening round of the Greek 1/10th 4WD Buggy Nationals was held at the North Park track in Thessaloniki. Xray’s Anastasios Paparegas set the pace all weekend long by taking the TQ, win and fastest lap, leaving behind his Xray teammates, Panagiotis Mpolimenis in 2nd and Ioannis Mpelesis in 3rd.

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May 14, 2019

Rebellion-RC SF4 carbon fibre optionals

RC-Carbonstore have introduced their new Rebellion-RC carbon fibre and aluminium optionals for the Serpent SF4 formula car. First up is the symmetrical main chassis plate that ensures equal left-to-right flex characteristics. Also new is an upper deck with the MST multi sidetone position feature that allows to shift the side tubes forth and back to fine-tune their damping action. Next up are carbon fibre side plates with 2mm higher cutouts and spacer plates for raised side bearing positions – again an option to fine-tune the car’s geometry. Also new is a wing holder option for an up to 20mm forward-shifted wing position, optimising the car’s aerodynamics and weight bias. Last but not least come front swing arms in -7.5mm (SF3 standard), -5mm, -2.5mm, 0mm (SF4 standard) and +2.5mm offset to adjust the front track width as well as the Xray gear diff conversion whose redesigned Wing-to-Chassis mount makes way for the wide gear diff assembly. As usual with Rebellion-RC all carbon fibre parts are available in a large variety of carbon fibre weave colours in order to personalise your ride.

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May 14, 2019

Kyosho Inferno MP10 truggy – Prototype images

Kyosho’s own Yuichi Kanai has released first teaser images of what appears to be an Inferno MP10 nitro truggy. Currently in prototype stages using a longer main chassis plate and rapid prototype arms, the vehicle will carry over most of the new designs incorporated in the MP10 buggy with the chassis weight distribution being set for now while the blurred-out arms and shock towers indicate that Yuichi is carrying out suspension geometry tests at the moment.

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May 14, 2019

Awesomatix PSS Progressive Spring System

Awesomatix have introduced their new A800-PSS Progressive Spring System for their A800 and A700 range of electric touring cars. The set was designed to add 15 or 25 percent of progression into the originally linear action of the SPR01S and SPR01 springs. With the kit the initial action of the spring is softer at the beginning of the compression and becomes progressively stiffer when the suspension gets further compressed during the down travel of the car. Tests have shown that a PSS-equipped and properly set car becomes easier to drive and more consistent at low to mid traction conditions and especially on outdoor asphalt tracks. The set was successfully tested and used by Awesomatix team drivers at the past ETS in Vienna with all A-main drivers in the Modified and Pro-Stock classes having used the new system to improve the overall handling. Each set contains a pair of AT119, ST69-15, ST69-25, and P46R parts with two sets being needed to outfit a complete car. More details about the PSS system and its application can be found here.

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May 14, 2019

Picco & Scaglioni win at Gara dei Costruttori race

The Gara dei Costruttori race was held at the Miniautodromo Jody Scheckter track in Fiorano, Italy this past weekend. Held in 1/8th and 1/10th nitro on-road classes it was Infinity’s Alberto Picco with the win in the 30-minute main final, a lap in front of Capricorn’s Mirko Salemi on the runner-up spot. Infinity’s Francesco Tironi came in 3rd, another lap down. Over in the 1/10th 200mm Nitro Touring class it was Serpent’s Michele Scaglioni with the win, a lap in front of Xray’s Angelo Brucculeri. Capricorn’s Valerio Righi would complete the top 3 podium result a lap short of Angelo.

View the 200mm Nitro Touring podium here

May 14, 2019

Francisco Bello Calvo wins at Galician Regional Rd1

The opening round of the Galician On-road Regionals was hosted by the Automodelista Vigues club last weekend. In the 1/10th Formula class it was Francisco Bello Calvo with the clean sweep in the qualifiers, taking the pole position from Omar Rodriguez on the 2 spot. The final then again saw Francisco leading the field in all three finals to take the day’s win from Omar on the runner-up spot. Ruben Manuel Aneiros came in 3rd to round out the podium.

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May 14, 2019

Team Bomber YR12XX 2.0mm alloy chassis & pod plate

Team Bomber have introduced a new 2.0mm aluminium main chassis and lower pod plate for their YR12XX kit. Machined from high-quality 7075-T6 material the plate is about 13 percent lighter than the standard 2.5mm chassis and it offers a more aggressive car feeling in high-bite track conditions, making is especially useful for stock motor classes. Both the chassis and rear lower pod plate are available separately for as combo set.

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May 14, 2019

T-Works MBX8 POM shock shaft guides

Coming from T-Works and made for Mugen MBX8 based buggys, cars and trucks as well as the older MBX7 based kits is a POM shock shaft guide set. Machined from blue colour material the shaft guides offer high precision and they are 0.2mm thinner in total compared to the standard parts, making for optimised sealing and overall smoother working shock absorbers.

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