November 9, 2018

Team Associated now available on Shapeways

Team Associated have announced their new Shapeways store for 3-D-printed products such as 6.1 and RC8B3.1 series optionals as well as scale accessories. The range includes items such as fan mounts for the B6.1, T6.1 and SC6.1, RC8B3.1 and T3.1 receiver boxes, transponder and switch mounts as well as wing splitters and also available are several scale accessories for the CR12 series of trail trucks. All parts are 3-D-printed and they are available directly through AE’s Shapeways store.

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November 9, 2018

STRC Traxxas 2WD aluminium wheelie bar set

Coming from ST Racing Concepts and made for Traxxas 2WD off-road vehicles such as the Slash, Rustler and Bandit is a new aluminium wheelie bar set. No prep RC drag racing is the new growing segment of RC and with minimal parts, owners can now change their old Traxxas Slash 2WD, Rustler or Bandit into a hot rod drag racing machine. One of the key component in converting the vehicle to a dragster is the long rear wheelie bar kit. STRC’s CNC machined aluminium wheelie bar kit features seven inch in length with an adjustable angle, double or single wheel setup options and solid aluminium ladder frame construction. The wheels are of high quality bearings for the smoothness rotation. Compatible on Slash 2WD, Rustler, Bandit, with the preferred chassis would be a Slash 2WD LCG.

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November 9, 2018

VBC Racing wide shaft touring car gear diff set

VBC Racing have introduced their new precision CNC-machined wide shaft gear diff set for the Wildfire, Ghost, FF18 as well as Xray touring car kits. The differential is of a wide gear shaft design that prevents the internals from misalignment and wobbling, resulting in greatly improved performance and smoothness at high revs. The new housing shaft and bearing slots are individually precision CNC machined to provide minimal tolerance with the housing, internal gears and internal gear shaft are all made with carbon injected CompositeX compound to provide a light weight, high rigidity and exceptional durability. The gear diff is compatible with all VBC Wildfire, Ghost and FF18 series touring cars as well as the Xray T2/T3/T4 cars.


November 9, 2018

2018 Big Chill – Report

The 2018 edition of the Big Chill in Chilliwack, British Columba went down last weekend bringing racers from the North West together for a weekend of fun and competitive racing. In Touring Modified teammates Luke Pittman and Korey Harbke shared TQ honors throughout qualifying with Pittman taking Q1, Harbke resetting TQ in Q2 and Q3 and then Pittman taking TQ back in Q4. At the tone for the main Harbke pushed hard to apply pressure but pushed a bit too much and got into Pittman causing the need to be marshalled, but Pittman was able to hold on to the lead while Harbke unfortunately fell back in the field. In the end Pittman hung on to secure the win along with the TQ. Keith Yu came in 2nd, Logan Ruck finished in 3rd.

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November 9, 2018

RC Maker double-sided setup board

New from RC Maker is their premium double-sided setup board. It features a super flat, lightweight construction, with a high-quality solvent-resistant print. The print is double sided, with horizontal and vertical designs on each side fitting every racers preference. It comes packaged inside a matching bubble pouch to protect it during travelling.

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November 9, 2018 T4’19 brass weights

Coming from are new Xray T4’19-specific brass option parts in the form of a battery holder and battery plate. Starting with the battery holder, the part attaches to the layshaft mount and it acts as a battery stop in order to prevent the LiPo pack from moving under various racing conditions. The item was redesigned to allow the use of countersunk hardware while the new appearance also sets it apart from counterfeit products. Also new is the brass battery plate that uses the mirrored motor pocket under the battery pack, ensuring a more equal weight distribution when running low weight packs. The plate is available for carbon fibre or aluminium chassis and like the battery holder it is of a new design to set it apart from other products on the market.

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November 8, 2018

Hudy A1-36 asphalt touring car tyres

Coming from Hudy are their new A1-36 touring car rubber tyres for asphalt racing. Using a unique tough rubber compound the factory-glued tyres will show exceptional wear characteristics while making the car more stable and easier to drive. The tyres come glued to Hudy’s own disc wheels and they use specially developed inserts that ate of an optimised size and hardness. The tyres come in sets of four.

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