January 11, 2012

RePlay XD video cameras

RePlay XD video cameras are the smallest and lightest self-contained video cameras geared specifically for action sports applications, making them a perfect fit for RC cars. The RePlay XD cameras feature a hard anodized, rugged aluminium chassis that is made to meet the challenges of being mounted on race cars, motorcycles, mountain bikes, helmets, skateboards and of course, RC cars. Simple ON and OFF buttons make the Replay XD camera very easy to use. There are no learning curves, button-press-counting schemes, or fragile slide switches to make you wonder if the camera is on or off. Simply turn it ON to Record and turn it OFF to Finish. The built-in LED & Vibration Feedback simply tells you that the button has been pressed. It’s that simple. Available in XD1080 for Full 1080p HD and XD for full frame SD.

View a video of the camera in action here