May 27, 2012

Exotek SC10 4×4 locked front clutch

Exotek Racing have produced this ‘must have’ tuning option for your SC10 4X4. 6 months of track testing has shown enhanced acceleration and braking thanks to locking the left slipper pad only. With this installed you will experience the ability to power out of corners sooner and allow you to brake later and still remain stable. The slipper engages for the rear wheels only and is still fully adjustable. The remaining right side slipper will run much cooler and more consistently though because it is no longer driving the front wheels. Excellent for high power motors.

Source: Exotek []

April 24, 2010

CRC Blitz slipper clutch

New from CRC is this slipper setup for the Blitz, which saves weight, adds acceleration and is way easier to use and setup. The straight forward design is much simpler to assemble due to getting rid of all the extra, unnecessary parts for quicker and easier spur gear changes. The trimmed down design also saves about 8 grams over the stock pieces, reducing rotating weight and helping to increase initial acceleration.

Click here to see the slipper clutch mounted