December 22, 2010

STRC Slash & Blitz turnbuckles

STRC’s CNC machined turnbuckles will help reduce the weight of your Slash 2WD or HPI Blitz, weighing in at just a hair over quarter of an ounce or only 8 grams for a complete set of six turnbuckles. They are lighter and more economical than even titanium turnbuckles. The strength of 7075-T6 provides the durability for racing and the weight reduction over the suspension components allows for a more agile handling truck, especially in ultra competitive 17.5 stock class racing. Anodized to match their current line of option parts.

View the Slash turnbuckles here

May 20, 2010

HPI Blitz titanium turnbuckles

Add durability to the Blitz RTR short course truck with this pair of lightweight and strong grade 5 titanium turnbuckles. Your truck will have less weight for fast acceleration and braking, plus extra durability when battling with the competition.

Source: HPI []