March 22, 2017

JConcepts 8ight 4.0 front scoop

…Made for the 4.0 series of TLR 8ight off-road buggies is JConcepts’ new front scoop. It serves as a front nose-cone on the vehicle but with a front wing design that has shown to produce enhanced steering characteristics. The front scoop can be painted, left clear or frosted for the desired look, fit and finish. Reports from the pit area revealed an increased feel and sensitivity in the larger sweeping sections and helped jumping attitude in the most difficult driving sections. Source: JConcepts [jconcepts.net] Facebook Twitter Google+ Pin It…

March 15, 2017

SkyRC e660 60W AC/DC charger

…Coming from SkyRC is the e660 60W AC/DC multi-chemistry charger. The compact device features 60W of charge power which is good enough for up to 6A of charge current with 1S to 6S LiXX or 1 to 15-cell NiXX packs. When the charger is running on AC input voltage an additional 13.8V DC output allows to connect optional power distributor boxes in order to power or charge DC equipment such as pit lamps or mobile devices. Other features include a dedicated LiHV charge mode, ten charge/discharge profiles, a back-lit display and convenient 4-button menu operation. Specifications: – Input…

March 2, 2017

Nick Chong successful at Kuala Lumpur GP

…Last Sunday Kuala Lumpur saw its first race in 2017 and it was Nick Chong in the 1/8 GP class who managed to take the victory at the well attended event. On the RC Malaysia race track Nick was able to secure the TQ spot and the final saw a clean start of him but just before the first round of pit stops Nick ran out of fuel, dropping him down to 5th position. With some flawless driving he was able to make up the lost time and to take over the lead again. After the tyre change…

February 22, 2017

SkyRC DC power distributor box

…Coming from SkyRC is the DC power distributor box with dual USB and triple banana-type outputs. Usable with 6V to 18VDC input the box multiples the outputs available from a power supply or dedicated charger, allowing to power mobile devices, pit lamps and more from a single power output at the same time. The box features two 5V/2.1A USB and triple banana/crocodile-type outputs and it is available in three variants with banana-type, DC male plug or XT60 plug connector harnesses. Source: SkyRC [skyrc.com] Facebook Twitter Google+ Pin It…

February 19, 2017

Black Fabrica cleaning glass jar

…Black Fabrica have introduced the cleaning glass jar. The convenient pit accessory is usable for differential and drivetrain parts cleaning as the glass will take no harm from popular cleaning solvents such as degreaser, citrus cleaner, lighter fluid, etc. and it is also homes in handy when emptying shocks or differentials. The height and stability of the glass jar reduces likelihood of spilling in the pit area. On top of this the sturdy container can take parts and accessories and it features a plastic screw-on lid that sports a carbon fibre appliqué revealing the Black Fabrica factory logo….

January 24, 2017

Lutz, Bornhorst & Drake win at Southern Indoor Champs

…the leaders. A few minutes later it was a 3-way battle for the lead and then the three started swapping positions during the pit stops. Eventually Ogden and Lutz were out front and extending the lead. He made a couple mistakes despite being faster than Lutz and with about 5 minutes to go Ryan had a 7 second lead. He knew Cole would be pushing hard and he wasn’t on point and a bit nervous and thus a bit cautious. As the two slithered through traffic Cole inched closer and closer until he was only 1.5 back with a lap…

January 19, 2017

HRC Racing Dual Star AC/DC charger

…HRC Distribution have introduced the new HRC Racing Dual Star dual output AC/DC multi-chemistry charger. Offering two independent 100W outputs the device packs a bunch of features including up to 10A charge current per channel, a multiple security system for save and easy cell monitoring, it comes with two back-lit LCD screens and dual 4-button menu operation. The charger is usable with up to 6S LiXX batteries per channel, it offers a dedicated LiHV mode and utilises a black heatsink-design case. The features are rounded out by an USB port to power mobile devices or pit lamps and…

January 10, 2017

FVSS LED pit board

…FVSS from Italy have released their customised LED pit board. With dimensions of 470x370mm, the pit board is equally useful for 1/10th and 1/8th on-road vehicles and the brightness of the background light is conveniently adjustable using buttons. Furthermore the board features scales on two sides to have a quick look at wheelbase and track width settings. Included with the board comes a 150cm USB power cable and thanks to the very low power consumption it can be powered by a simple power bank. Source: FVSS [fvssshop.it] Facebook Twitter Google+ Pin It…

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