June 9, 2017

Raceform Lazer Jig 1/8th truggy tyre gluing jig

…Raceform have introduced their latest Lazer Jig, a dedicated tyre glueing station, this time for 1/8th truggy tyres. Compact and lightweight the jig features a clincher roller that peels off the tyre bead while automatically aligning the bead after applying the glue and further rotating the tyre. When turned anticlockwise, the roller also presses the tyre towards the rim. The overall design makes for extremely convenient operation while an anti-slip under site allows for a secure stand on the pit table or workbench. The tool is machined from high-quality plexiglas, it takes all standard 1/8th truly rims and…

June 9, 2017

Depta & Wischnewski win Mid-German regionals Rd2

…not far away behind the duo. Merlin and Oli hard a hard but clean fight switching positions in the infield and during pitting. A thrilling fight with two different strategies, Oli running on a one-stop tire change strategy while Merlin calculated to not change at all during the 30min final run. The tire wear was on the edge and the fight was super close just before the third pit stop where Oli flamed out just one corner in front of Merlin. The reason was a broken piston pin retainer ring of Oli’s engine. With Merlin Depta out in the lead,…

June 1, 2017

Muchmore LED pit light stand Pro

…Coming from Muchmore is the new LED pit light stand Pro. The foldable heavy duty pit lamp utilises a sturdy lighting arm than can be rotated at a 60 degree angle per side while the whole construction of the lamp is so tough that you can eve place heavy touring car or 1/8th truggy body shells on it. Four buttons take control of the lamp with the LED light being brightness adjustable while also offering selectable cold, warm or natural light temperature, making for eye-pleasing wrenching in whatever ambient lighting conditions. On top of this allows a 5V/1A…

May 29, 2017

BRCA 1/8 Circuit Nationals Rd3 – Report

…out for the win, with them swapping places throughout the final on different fuelling strategies, it would be Tim Wood who took the chequered flag by three seconds after David ran into trouble flaming out during one of his pit stops. Nitro final results: 1. Tim Wood – Serpent/XRD 2. David Spashett – ARC/ Picco 3. Sam Snell – Mugen/O.S. 4. Neil Diver – ARC/Reds Racing 5. Jack Garrett-Lines – Capricorn/Capricorn 6. Chris Snell – Shepherd/VS Racing 7. Karl Dransfield – Shepherd/Orcan 8. Clive Connolly – Mugen/IDM 9. Mark Green – Serpent/XRD 10.Neal King – Shepherd/XRD In the electric class…

May 29, 2017

Juan Carlos Canas wins Spanish Nitro Buggy Nats Rd2

…decided by a controversial referee call that left Robert Batlle with a penalty after what is understood to be some sort of unsafe behaviour in the pit lane. The somewhat confusing situation promoted Juan Carlos Canas into the 1st place with Robert on the runner-up spot. Bryan Baldo (TLR) secured the final podium spot in front of his brother Oscar Baldo (TLR) who had to settle for 4th. Final results: 1. Juan Carlos Canas – Mugen/Ultimate/Procircuit 2. Robert Batlle – Mugen/Picco/AKA 3. Bryan Baldo – TLR/Picco/AKA 4. Oscar Baldo – TLR/Picco/AKA 5. Joan Espasa – Agama/Reds Racing/6Mik 6. Ignacio Candel…

May 23, 2017

Swiss Nitro On-road Nationals Rd2 – Report

…had the car with dry tyres and so Traugott could take the spot in the A-Main in front of Schäfer. Sunday was another day with strange weather forecast but luckily the 1/8th final was run on a dry track. Mattia Pesenti started from position number 3 and took the 2nd place behind Kurzbuch already in the first lap, followed by Silvio Hächler but up front Simon was so fast and after 10 minutes he already had 10 seconds gap from Mattia and Silvio. At the third pit stop Mattia made a mistake and lost the 2nd place while Simon had…

May 11, 2017

Aaron Lee wins at NSW State Championship

…The NSW State Championship was held at the John Grant Raceway in Sydney, Australia. From the moment practice started on Thursday, Aaron lee was setting the pace but after some solid consistent qualifying Jeff Hamon took the TQ spot by one point. The crowd at the track saw a final that was going to go down to the wire. The start was clean until Aaron made a mistake and dropped five seconds and completed the first lap in last place. Putting his head down Aaron had made his way back to 2nd place by the first pit stop….

April 26, 2017

2017 Nitro-West-Masters Rd1 – Report

…spot, Michael Salven (Serpent) and René Puepke (Shepherd) were the last direct qualifiers for the main. In the 30-minutes final race Hepp was leading until lap 37 when he lost a minute, but he recovered and at lap 101 he was back in front. Ermen dropped back to 9th position in lap four, but pushed hard to recover and finally caught the victory when Hepp had to pit for refuelling with only three laps to go while Puepke and Daniel Toennessen (Mugen) were in the lead as well. While Puepke led for 44 laps before he was stopped with a…

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