January 17, 2017

Trinity purple flat sensor cables

Trinity have introduced two new flat-style sensor cables in a bright purple colour. Available as 105mm and 170mm variant the cables feature industry-standard connectors, making them compatible to all current controllers and motors, and they are made using super-flexible wires, allowing for neat and easy installation.

Source: Trinity [trinityrc.net]

January 17, 2017

3DRC Rapide P12-2017 chassis protector

Following the introduction of a 3-D-printed chassis protector for the Roche Rapide P12-2016 car, 3DRC from Germany now also made a dedicated 2017 version available. Designed to be a direct fit on the latest incarnation of Roche’s P12 platform, the 2017 variant sports an updated shape while still offering exceptional chassis protection and a low weight. The part is available through 3DRC’s Shapeways store.

Source: 3DRC [shapeways.com]

January 17, 2017

2016/17 RugRacers Rd4 – Report

Round four of the RugRacers series was recently held and once the controlled practice had been completed everyone jumped right into the usual format of four rounds of FTQ Qualifying followed by the two legs of finals. In 13.5 Open Ashley Wiffen being the early pace setter only for Jon Seals to then improve the FTQ time for each of the next rounds to take the pole for the final.

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January 17, 2017

Muchmore AAA battery auto cut-off discharge tray

Muchmore have introduced the AAA battery auto cut-off discharge tray. Designed for AAA-size batteries exclusively the discharger tray is usable without additional power sources and it helps to maximise battery life and performance by securely discharging each cell individually down to a voltage of 0.9V. The tray features screw-type contacts and retainers, indicating LED lamps and a heat-dissipating aluminium case.

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January 17, 2017

Exotek aluminium clamp-on fan mount

Coming from Exotek is a new aluminium clamp-on fan mount for 1/10th buggies, trucks and touring cars. Machined from aluminium and available in anodised black, blue or orange colour, the included mounting bracket has multi-mount features that allows the fan to be angled or parallel with the motor can. The angled design allows easy mounting of fans in 2WD buggies and trucks with laydown style gearboxes while for sedans the secure bracket holds the fan at a distance from the armature to avoid the magnetic fields of the motor disrupting the fans motor. The mount can also hold the fan at the end bell in cramped 4WD buggies by using camber shims for spacing. The mount is designed for use with high power 30mm fans and it fits all standard 540-sized 35.8-36mm diameter brushless motors.

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January 17, 2017

Buri Racer E1.2 split battery upgrade kit

Buri Racer have introduced an upgrade kit for the E1.2 4WD electric on-road car that allows to use split 2S LiPo battery packs instead of a single 4S brick. The kit relocates the receiver and controller to the left side of the centre belt, making for an improved weight bias, optimised tweak and an extremely low centre of gravity. The conversions requires the use of a low-profile servo and it includes redesigned carbon fibre parts such as the upper deck, battery mounts and front plate as well as all needed mounting hardware including hook and look battery straps.

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January 17, 2017

Kosciuszek & Borkowicz win at Spring Super Cup Rd1

The opening round of the Spring Super Cup Series kicked off the year with nearly 220 entries from all over Florida and the east coast in attendance for Florida’s first major race on astroturf. The weekend started off with some unscheduled rain on Friday, but luckily for the racers, round 1 was held at the massively covered Beachline Raceway in Cocoa Beach. After Saturday morning practice, racers had one qualifying round that started at 12:30pm and another round on Sunday morning. Typically, the Super Cup is a one-day affair and with only two qualifiers using both rounds to determine your overall starting position, every round of qualifying is important to make it into the A-mains. The racing was exciting and everyone got to experience a new type of racing on the astroturf. There is definitely a learning curve to running on the high grip astro, but most took it in strides and had a great time. As for the results, the 2WD Modified Buggy A-main was won by Team Associated’s Alex Kosciuszek from Daimon Borkowicz (Team Associated) and Paul Wynn (Team Associated).

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