January 21, 2019

Champion Touring Series CTS4 Rd1 – Report

The season opening round 1 of the Champion Touring Series CTS4 was held at 702 RC Raceway in Las Vegas, Nevada. The round had racers from different parts of the Country and World like Texas, Arizona, California, Shanghai and Thailand. In the Modified division, Randy Caster, new Yokomo USA driver, showed pace early in the Friday open practice turning 11-second lap times. Local youngster Broc Champlin (Team Associated) also showed pace making a statement he was going to be competitive and would fight hard for podium. Xray team driver JJ Wang didn’t seem to have pace in early practice while his US team mate Chris Adams turned lower lap times but left the day not matching Caster’s time.

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January 21, 2019

Reds Racing Gen 2 V8 brushless motors

Coming from Reds Racing are two new winding variants of their Gen 2 V8 brushless motors for 1/8th applications. The motors are specifically designed 1/8th off-road and on-road variants to provide exceptional power, superior smoothness and control in combination with high efficiency and a low temperature operation. Coming with a highly finned CNC-machined aluminium can, the V8 motor work at very low temperature in all conditions ensuring exceptional reliability. New for 2019 are the 2350kV variant for truggies and pan cars while the 2800kV motor was developed for 1/8th on-road racing.

Source: Reds Racing [reds-racing.com]

January 21, 2019

HB Racing D819 1/8th nitro buggy – Coming soon

HB Racing have released first information on their forthcoming D819 1/8th nitro buggy kit. The latest incarnation of the World Champion line of buggies adds the latest high performance parts to keep it ahead of the competition. Topping the kit is the new JConcepts Silencer S15 clear body, a popular choice among HB Racing team drivers. A new 1-piece design machined aluminium engine mount ensures simplicity, weight savings, and improved reliability. Mounting the engine and setting the gear mesh is easier than ever with the innovative new asymmetric engine mount cams. A heavy duty machined and lightened steel spur is now included for added durability and HB have fine-tuned the suspension with a new front B mount, revised rear hub carrier graphite plates, and new 1-piece sway bar links. Drivetrain refinements include a new front and rear diff pinion and centre outdrive system for easier assembly and maintenance, as well as new centre drive dogbones. All of the new parts are backwards compatible with the D817 and D817 V2 buggies, and D819 is compatible with most HB spare parts and option parts.

View a list of the features and more images here

January 21, 2019

Arrowmax 64 & 48 pitch moulded pinion gears

Arrowmax have announced the release of their new moulded pinion gears in 64 pitch and 48 pitch. Using an anti-slip golden-anodised aluminium hub and high strength anti-wear composites, the moulded lightweight design has been thoroughly track-tested ensure the pinions will withstand the rigours of both on-road and off-road stock racing. Using the gears will improve overall drivetrain efficiency, throttle feel and power. The 64 pitch gears are available in 34T to 70T configuration while the 48 pitch pinions are available in 25T to 40T sizes.

Source: Arrowmax [arrowmax-rc.com]

January 21, 2019

Berkan Kilic wins at 2019 Messe Cup

The annual Messe Cup was held near Bielefeld, Germany as part of a hobby fair, attracting off-road racers from many parts of the country. In the premier 1/8th E-Buggy category, that was booked out as were the other classes offered, it was Agama’s Berkan Kilic with the overall win after the thrilling triple 10-minute A-mains. Mugen’s Carsten Keller came in 2nd, followed by Agama’s Burak Kilic in 3rd.

Thanks to Abdullah Kilic for the update.

January 21, 2019

Colin Herzig wins at Stadium Nitro Shootout

SoCal Nitro Raceway of Adelanto, California played host to the Stadium Nitro Shootout race this past weekend. HB Racing’s Colin Herzig was in control of things in the Pro Nitro Buggy class, taking the TQ in round 1 which would be uncontested in the second round. Starting off on pole Colin had a good start, but then had one little mistake which shuffled him back a few positions. Colin just put his head down, and charged back to the front. With about eight minutes left in the main, there was a technical difficulty with the computer system, so the organisers had to do a restart. The restart would go on to be a ten-minute race, where Colin would also go onto win, leaving behind HB Racing driver Tyler Brown in 2n and TLR’s Anthony Westergaard in 3rd.

Thanks to Colin Herzig for the update.

January 21, 2019

RC Maker Geo carbon wing endplates

RC Maker have introduced their brand new Geo carbon wing endplates for 1/10th touring cars. Light weight and durable, they give a body the ultimate sexy look. Machined pockets give the end plate a 3D geometric look, whilst also maintaining strength and they are meant to increase the car’s stability all round, especially on the straight. The set includes two pairs of endplates that fit most 1/10th touring car rear wings. Please note that some tracks and racing series do not allow the use of carbon fibre parts on the body shells or wings – be sure to check with the organisers before using them.

View the mounted endplate here

January 21, 2019

Graham Alsop wins at HNMC Winter Series Rd8

Round 8 of the HNMC Winter Series was held this past weekend in freezing winter weather conditions. In Nitro Buggy Team Associated’s Lewis Jones took the overall TQ after winning two of the three qualifiers in super slick conditions. With only a 15-minutes final and daylight fading it was going to be a sprint rather than a race in the A-main where Lewis Jones and HB Racing’s Graham Alsop managed to get away after a mistake by Xray’s Callum Niblett on the first lap. From there Lewis managed about a 4-second gap until he nosed in on an apex and lost some time. Lewis would put his head down and lead until he made three errors on the tricky left hand side in the last five laps which ultimately cost him the win, finishing in 2nd behind Graham Alsop 1st and Callum Niblett 3rd.

Image: Lewis Jones