January 20, 2017

Intellect 2017 Spec LiHV battery packs

UK Intellect distributors Schumacher have introduced the 2017 range of LiHV batteries. The new Silicon-Graphene series offers improved cycle time when charged at 1C rates and they can be charged at higher C rating, with less risk of damage to the pack. The LiHV technology has the ability to be charged to 4.35V per cell, but they can also be charged to the standard 4.2V if required. The batteries are built to meed BRCA, EFRA and ROAR rules and they are available in a range of specifications including a 4200mAh shorty (24.8mm/186g), a 5000mAh shorty (24.9mm/211g), a 6000mAh shorty (25.0mm/222g), a 3600mAh LCG shorty (18.7mm/150g), a 8200mAh 1S shorty (18.5mm/152g), a 5200mAh LCG standard size pack (22.1mm/248g), a 6000mAh LCG standard size pack (22.0mm/272g), a 8400mAh standard size pack (24.9mm/333g), as well as a 6000mAh saddle pack (24.8mm/276g) and a 6000mAh 4S stick (543g).

Source: Schumacher [racing-cars.com]

January 20, 2017

Estonian Onroad Racing Series Rd4 – Report

Round four of the Estonian Onroad Racing Series was held last weekend in Tallinn, Estonia. Seven rounds of Reedy Race style heats made for exciting racing and in the end Karl Kasekamp (Team Durango) would take the win in the 1/10th Stock class from Risto Haug (Xray) and Henri Nurmela (Yokomo). Reimo Kosk (Awesomatix) and Raivo Laak (3Racing) completed the top 5 result. In the Formula class Rainer Ressar (Xray) took the overall win from Reimo Kosk (Yokomo) and Kaley Lukk (Yokomo) while the GT12 category was won by Henri Nurmela (Schumacher) from Hans Mötshärg (Schumacher).

View the Formula and GT12 podium here

January 20, 2017

XRS Slovenia Rd2 – Report

Round two of the Xray Racing Series Slovenia was held at the newly resurfaced track in Maribor. The new layout in combination with the proven ETS carpet made for close racing and in the Formula category it was Damir Cindrić to take the TQ after three round of qualifying in front of Matevž Furlan and Sašo Kramljak. The Touring Stock class had Jan Popič coming out fastest from Rok Rudl and Viktor Bolšec while in the fastest class of the weekend, 1/12th scale, Alojzij Osvald took the top qualifying honours from Herfried Pucher and Nejc Mihelič.

Continue reading the report here

January 20, 2017

Serpent welcome Walter Diaz

Serpent have announced the return of Walter Diaz to their US on-road team. After a stint with Capricorn Walter will run Serpent’s gas and electric on-road cars at events throughout the country and he has the following to say:

Thank you for the opportunity to be back and part of the team again, I really appreciate it and I am looking forward to a great year.

Source: Serpent [serpent.com]

January 20, 2017

ORCA tease new R32 competition speed controller

ORCA have released a first teaser image of their forthcoming R32 competition brushless speed controller. Follow-up model of the VX3, the speedo will feature new hardware in the form of a high-speed 32-bit processor, lower resistance MOSFETs and a redesigned circuit board for overall higher performance. In addition the controller, that is set for a release early this year, will come with a new firmware that offers a more user-friendly design, the ESC will have stronger brakes and will allow for simple firmware updates using a MircoSD card. More information and images become available in time for the release.

Source: ORCA [orcarc.com]

January 20, 2017

Reedy introduce new Zappers LiHV battery packs

Coming from Reedy are three new Zappers LiHV battery packs for a range of applications. All are made using high-voltage LiPo cells with a nominal voltage of 3.8V, which is 0.1V higher than standard LiPo cells, resulting in more overall power. Also the cells can be charged safely to up to 4.35V per cell over the standard 4.2V. While all this only applies to outlaw racing classes the Zappers high-voltage packs can also be charged to the standard 4.2V per cell for sanctioned racing where the packs show a flatter discharge curve compared to standard voltage cells. Available now are 6000mAh standard-size and 3600mAh shorty-style 2S packs. The standard-size pack is of 23mm low-profile specifications while the shorty pack is only 18.5mm high. They weigh in at 276g and 156g respectively, and thus offer great power to weight ratio. Also new is a 8000mAh 1S pack of 18.5mm height. The 1/12th scale specific battery weighs in at 153g.

View the other new batteries here

January 19, 2017

Orcan RSR3 2.11 nitro on-road engine

Orcan have introduced the new RSR3 2.11cc nitro on-road engine. Building on the success of the IFMAR World Championship wining RS3 the new engine features an updated sleeve timing for more torque, making adapting the engine to different race tracks and driving styles easier, while an increased cooling head surface improves heat dissipation to keep the engine within its optimum operating temperature range even in hot weather conditions. The engine is available in a standard variant without any modification and also as MH tuned variant to extract even more performance from the power plant. Last but not least is the RSR3-MH Sound of Racing Edition. Limited to 25 pieces world wide the engine comes MH tuned, with a timing shim, an engine bag and including a unique Orcan USB flash drive that features the Sound of Racing, a recording that mashes the unique Orcan engine sound with the tunes of Australian nitro racer and musician, Ricky Kradolfer.

View the Sound of Racing edition set here

January 19, 2017

Capricorn E801 carbon fibre radio plate

Capricorn have introduced a new carbon fibre radio plate for the E801 1/8th electric on-road kit. The newly designed part is machined from high-quality carbon fibre and allows the use of three shorty-type LiPo battery packs. To properly use the new radio plate the packs should not exceed dimensions of 96×46.5x25mm and they need to utilise through-type connectors and cases.

Source: Capricorn [capricornrc.com]