March 23, 2017

Serpent S120 LTR 2.5mm CF chassis & lower pod plate

Serpent have introduced a 2.5mm carbon fibre main chassis and lower pod plate for the S120 LTR 1/12th scale pan car. The new chassis is meant to improve high speed steering at corner entry, the car will feel smoother throughout the corner while also carrying more corner speed. Driving feel through chicanes is also improved while rear wheel lift is reduced, making for faster acceleration and a more efficient drive at the expense of slightly harder working rear tyres, which can be overcome by moving the battery forward or using a softer centre shock spring. The chassis and pod plate are available now and they will be a running change for all S120 LTR kits from April on.

View the rear pod plate here

March 23, 2017

SpeedMerchant Swift 235 side dams & wing set

SpeedMerchant have new side dams and wing sets for Protoform’s Swift 235 Pro10 bodyshell available. Coming as carbon fibre or clear polycarbonate variant, the aerodynamic helpers will give the car much more rear grip than the stock pieces. The side dams are used for both indoor carpet racing as well as outdoors on asphalt. They make the car more predictable by helping it track straighter and hold its line better in high speed corners. Suited mainly for high speed asphalt racing, the rear wing is contoured to the back of the body so all of the air travelling over the shell is forced directly on to and over the rear wing for maximum down force. The 30 thousandths carbon fibre also has the benefit of making the rear of the Swift body more ridged and less likely to distort under the air pressure of high speed modified asphalt racing.

View the polycarbonate parts here

March 23, 2017

Keven Hebert doubles at Canadian On-road Nationals

The 2017 Protoform Canadian Onroad Nationals, the 8th running of the race, which started its life as the Can-Am RC Challenge, took place in snowy Welland, Ontario, Canada just a short drive from the Canada/US border. A record 450+ entries have turned this from a local trophy race into one of the largest RC car races in the world. Always one of the most unique races of the year, this year’s event saw a major change. In past years, the race has been held in the Centre Court of the Seaway Mall, allowing the public mall shoppers to be exposed to high-end RC racing. Race organizers Mark Frechette and Mike Wilson wanted to continue to grow both the track size and the overall scope of the event. With Centre Court’s limited size only allowing a 85′ x 40′ space, it was decided to move the event down the hall to a former Target store that had since closed. With the mall food court only a short walk away, racers have convenience and selection not found at many other events. Pit space was abundant in the former department store, after years of cramming into other empty stores to set up pits. Mall shoppers were still welcomed in to watch the action and scope out the many full-scale race cars on display around the track area.

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March 23, 2017

Montech F17 formula body shell

Italian company Montech have introduced their new F17 body shell for 1/10th formula chassis. Made from high-quality 0.75mm polycarbonate, the low-nose body features modern sculptured side pods and it comes including a black and red decal sheet for easy decoration. The body will fit most of today’s formula chassis.

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March 23, 2017

Serpent Cobra GT hard shock springs

Serpent have expanded their range of on-road springs for the Cobra GT line of vehicles by two hard variants. Available as hard 39.5 lbs and and X-hard 42 lbs variants, the springs are made from high-quality spring steel and they feature ground ends and corrosion inhabitant coating. The selected springs fit both the nitro and electric Cobra GT cars and also many other brands.

View the X-hard springs here

March 22, 2017

EZ Racing indoor series Rd2 – Report

The second round of the EZ Racing indoor series was held last weekend in Wilrijk. The event was held using the Belgian national championship rules and it saw the running of three Touring and a Formula class. In the Touring Modified class, run with Volante 28 tyres, former Belgian champion Steve Lambrechts put his Xray on pole in front of the Tamiya of Gerrit Van Swijgenhoven and the Xray of Marc Knops. Steve also dominated the finals and easily all three of them with Gerrit taking a nice 2nd overall while Géry Ledocq (Kyosho) took a nice 3rd overall, beating Pascal Delferiere (VBC) and Marc Knops.

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March 22, 2017

Patrik Pozgaj wins MSR outdoor opener

The first MSR outdoor race was held at the Ayrton Senna track in Zagreb, Croatia. Patrik Pozgaj took the TQ in round two and three after having trouble with a sliding rear end in the opening qualifier. The first A-main then also held some problems for the young man but with wins in A2 and A3 Patrik secured himself the overall victory in front of Zeljko Selman and Borna Pliskovac.

Virw the final results here

March 22, 2017

Liu Jun wins at Incom Race Rd1

The opening round of the Chinese Incom series was recently held and the race schedule saw one round of timed practice, three qualifiers and triple mains. In the Touring Modified class Kiu Jun (Yokomo) would bring home the win tie on points with Popo Chen (Xray) who had to settle for second due to the slower tie-breaker. In third Liu Yunan (Yokomo) rounded out the podium result.

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