January 9, 2018

RC Atomic DRZ 1/28th scale drift chassis

Coming soon from RC Atomic is their DRZ 1/28th scale RWD drift chassis kit. The suspension is adjustable in terms of camber, caster and toe angle and it is understood that it will come including a drift gyro and that it utilises Kyosho body shells. The carbon fibre chassis kit is set for a release in February and more information and images should become available in time for the release.

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January 3, 2018

Atomic IS2 1/28th scale touring car body shell

Atomic have introduced their new IS2 lightweight polycarbonate body shell for 98mm wheelbase 1/28th scale touring cars. The body is moulded after its larger 1/10th scale siblings and comes including rear wing, window masks and a decal sheet. The lid fits the AMZ BZ 2017 micro touring car as well as many other 1/28th scale chassis.

Source: Atomic [rcatomic.com]

May 19, 2017

Atomic BZ 2017 90mm wheelbase conversion kit

Coming from Atomic and made for the AMZ BZ 2017 micro touring car is a 90mm wheelbase conversion kit. It includes a new carbon fibre main chassis and top deck, a rear belt, suspension components, a pair of driveshafts as well as miscellaneous small parts. Also available is a 94mm wheelbase conversion kit.

Source: Atomic [rcatomic.com]

April 24, 2017

Atomic BZ 2017 long shock conversion kit

Coming for Atomic’s BZ 2017 micro-size 4WD touring car is a long shock absorber conversion kit. Containing redesigned front and rear carbon fibre shock towers, the set also utilises 1.2mm longer shock bodies and pistons that improve handling on bumpy tracks. Using the shocks furthermore increases overall grip at the expense of a bit of agility. The kit is rounded out by new aluminium spring pre-load nuts.

Source: Atomic [rcatomic.com]

April 19, 2017

Hiro Seiko introduce new lightweight screw kits

Hiro Seiko have introduced a range of new lightweight screw sets for various kits including the latest Team Associated and Xray vehicles. Available for the Team Associated B64D is an all-titanium kit, while AE’s RC10F6 formula car can be equipped with an all-titanium or mixed titanium and blue aluminium fastener kit. Also new are all-titanium Xray RX8 2017 and XB8 2017 screw sets, as well as all-titanium or mixed titanium/alloy NT1 2017 sets. The range is rounded out by an all-titanium screw kit for the BZ 2017 Evo mini-size touring car.

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March 10, 2017

Atomic BZ 2017 Evo 1/28th 4WD chassis kit

Atomic have released first information on the BZ 2017 Evo 1/28th scale 4WD competition chassis kit. The belt-driven micro touring car received a number of upgrades and improvements such as adjustable front and rear camber angles and link positions, adjustable caster, rear roll centre, anti-squat and pro-squat adjustments and the servo mount moved 2mm towards the centre line while also being of a more rigid design that is less prone to moving after a crash. Also new for the 2017 version are double flange diff pulleys to avoid belt jumps, the chassis is 1mm narrower for improved ground clearance during cornering and the top deck is of a more rigid design. Last but not least come the option of running longer rear shocks for improved traction and a tailor-made screw for the plastic bulkhead ensures that the screw holes won’t break any more. Proper images as well an official release date should become available soon.

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October 27, 2016

Atomic AMZ BZ 98mm wheelbase alloy chassis

Atomic AMZ BZ 98mm wheelbase alloy chassis

Atomic have introduced a 98mm wheelbase aluminium main chassis plate for the AMZ BZ micro RC car. Replacing the standard carbon fibre chassis with a less flexible aluminium part will result in improved car control especially in very high-bite conditions. The chassis is machined from high-quality 7075 aluminium, it features extensive machining for optimised flex characteristics and a lower weight and it comes with a black finish and silver chamfered edges for looks and better ground clearance during hard cornering.

Source: Atomic [rcatomic.com]

September 12, 2016

RC-Aurora BZ carbon chassis, topdecks & body mount

RC-Aurora BZ carbon chassis, topdecks & body mount

RC-Aurora have introduced three new optional parts for the AMZ BZ mini on-road car in the form carbon fibre main chassis, top decks and body mounts. Starting with the main chassis plates, they are available in 1.2mm and 1.5mm thickness to provide a tuning option in order to adapt the car to different traction conditions. The chassis are available separately and they incorporate mounting positions for RC-Aurora’s carbon body mount set.

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