May 29, 2017

Kyosho PureTen GP V-One R4s II 1/10th nitro kit

Kyosho have officially introduced the new PureTen GP V-One R4s II 1/10th nitro on-road car kit. Having been at the forefront of the racing scene for rubber-tyred racing models, the V-One R4s has taken another evolutionary step with the R4s II. In addition to the incorporation of key components from the highest specification version of the V-One R4 Evo, the R4s received shorter oil-filled shocks as used in the electric classes. Both lowers the centre of gravity and increases manoeuvrability while in addition, the shape of the radio plate combines with main chassis material and weight reduction grooves, based on the Evo chassis design, to effectively use chassis roll and mechanical grip to deliver improved overall performance.

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May 10, 2017

Kyosho TF7 front belt tensioner set

Coming from Kyosho and made for the TF7 touring car is a front belt tensioner set. A direct fit to the top deck of the car, the set includes a machined and red anodised aluminium mount as well as ball bearings, shims and bushings to create a class-standard tensioner that keeps the front belt from wobbling and skipping under load.

Source: Kyosho [kyosho.com]

May 2, 2017

Kyosho Inferno GT3 1/8th nitro on-road kit

Kyosho have released first information on their forthcoming Inferno GT3 1/8th nitro on-road kit. Developed for the ever growing 1/8th GT class, the vehicle is based off of the successful Inferno MP9 TKI4 off-road platform and it is the follow-up model to the long-running and ageing GT2 kit. The kit will feature aluminium big bore shock absorbers and alloy shock stays for improved handling while significantly lighter differential make for quicker acceleration and improved mileage. The suspension components are understood to be taken over from the TKI4 as well while the proven 2-speed gearbox is a reminiscence to the GT2. Also new is a large yet light bumper assembly while the body mounts allow for forward or rearward mounting positions. All that is attached to a redesigned chassis with optimise flex characteristics and weight distribution. The car can be outfitted with select MP9-series option parts and it will hit stores in July.

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May 1, 2017

Black Fabrica EX-II/Syncro EX-6 carbon pattern wrap

Black Fabrica have introduced a carbon pattern wrap for the KO Propo EX-II and Kyosho Syncro EX-6 transmitters. Precision-cut from high-quality vinyl material and available in either textured or high-gloss finish, the stickers are easy to apply yet very durable while making for a special and unique finish. The set includes decals for the main unit, the steering wheel assembly and the pistol grip.

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April 26, 2017

JTP RB6.6 V2 carbon fibre front shock tower

JTP have introduced their latest option part for the Kyosho RB6.6 in the form of the V2 front shock tower. Designed to better suit the laydown transmission layout of the current car, the shock stay is of a lower and wider design, giving the buggy an overall lower centre of gravity and thus more stability around the track. The tower is cut from USA-made high-quality 3K weave 4mm carbon fibre and available now.

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April 25, 2017

VP-Pro MP9 CF options & exhaust retainer set

VP-Pro have introduced two new option parts for the Kyosho MP9 series of buggies as well as an exhaust retainer set for all nitro-powered vehicles. Starting with the MP9 options, available are a carbon fibre front shock tower as well as a centre diff plate for electric-powered MP9 kits. All parts are made to match the kit specifications and they are cut from high-quality carbon fibre. As for the exhaust retainer, the set includes a new mounting spring as well as a machined clamp that prevents the exhaust pipe from coming loose in long mains and when running in bumpy track conditions. The mounting set is usable with most nitro on-road and off-road kits.

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April 13, 2017

Kyosho introduce new RB6.6 option parts

Kyosho Europe have introduced new option parts for the RB6.6 2WD buggy in the form of heavy duty carbon fibre shock towers, a carbon fibre battery brace and a carbon composite rear bulkhead. Starting with the shock towers, the parts are made from 5mm carbon fibre and available are a standard front and a mid motor rear shock tower. Both include mounting hardware for a drop fit. Also new is the carbon fibre battery plate that features different mounting positions for the battery stops, allowing to easily adjust the weight balance. Last but not least comes a carbon composite rear bulkhead set that offers improved rigidity compared to the standard parts.

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