December 15, 2017

LRP Competition Car Line 2018 LiHV batteries

LRP have introduced their 2018 Competition Car Line series of LiHV battery packs. All are made using the new Graphene-2 high-voltage 120C/60C cells for improved power output, a lower weight and improved cell life when charged to the standard 4.2V cut-off voltage. The hardcase packs utilise 5mm bullet-type connectors and they are available in several configurations including the 8000mAh TC Stock Spec, 6400mAh TC LCG Stock Spec and 6000mAh 112.5mm long Mid Shorty pack. Also new are the 5800mAh Stock Spec Shorty, the 4600mAh 25.1mm Light Shorty Stock Spec and 4200mAh 22.5mm Real Shorty batteryies. The range is rounded out by the 8000mAh 1/12th Ultra LCG 1S pack and the 6200mAh 1/12th Ultra LCG Stock Spec battery.

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November 29, 2017

LRP X22 WorksTeam optional rotors

Coming from LRP and made for the new X22 series of 540-size competition modified motors are a total of five WorksTeam optional rotors. Available as 12.1mm, 12.3mm, 12.5mm, 12.7mm and 13.0mm variant, the rotors have great influence on the overall RPM and available torque, with the smaller diameters increasing the RPM at the expense of lower torque, less powerful brakes and higher motor temperatures while the larger diameter items reduce the overall RPM but increase torque and brake performance. This means smaller diameter rotors are better suited for 2WD cars or lower grip tracks while the large rotors will excel in 4WD vehicles or on high-grip surfaces. All rotors are direct replacements and they come with laser-etched markings for easy identification.


August 7, 2017

LRP USB Bridge V3

Coming from LRP is the all-new USB Bridge V3 that allows to change firmware versions on the FlowX speed controller. The device comes including an USB cable, 200mm sensor wire as well as a manual and along with the V3 version of the USB Bridge, LRP also have the updated v2.2 firmware tool available for download to support the FlowX series speed controller. In addition to the FlowX the USB interface also supports the original Flow speedo as well as the iX8 and Spin controllers.

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July 14, 2017

LRP Pulsar Sport AC/DC charger

LRP’s Pulsar Sport AC/DC charger is the company’s latest offering out of their popular Pulsar charger line. The smaller brother of the Pulsar Pro offers up to 6A of charge current to fill up to 6S LiXX packs or up to 15 cell NiXX batteries fast and conveniently. A dedicated LiHV program allows to make use of the latest generation of Lithium-Polymer cells and an integrated power supply does away with the need for an external power source. The package is rounded out by a backlit display, a 5V/1A USB port as well as an integrated balancer with XHR port.

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July 14, 2017

LRP ZR.32X Spec.4 .32 nitro off-road engine

Available now from LRP is the ZR.32X Spec.4 5.24cc nitro off-road engine. Based on the previous ZR.32 power plant, the X Spec.4 variant features a new heavy-duty CoolDownMax cooling head and the XTEC PowerCarb 3 15S-2 carburettor. The 7+1 port short stroke engine is a universal fit for race and monster truck vehicles and it comes including a LRP Platinum/Iridium R5 glow plug.

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June 15, 2017

Antix by LRP high voltage LiHV battery packs

Coming from LRP’s Antix brand are several high-voltage LiHV hardcase battery packs for a range of applications. All batteries utilise LRP’s Graphene cell technology known from the company’s competition line of batteries and their increased nominal voltage makes them ideal for outlaw racing classes or backyard bashing. The range includes a 2S 4200mAh shorty battery pack, a 2S 9000mAh and a 2S 5400mAh standard-size pack, a 2S 5400mAh round case stick pack, as well as a 2100mAh 1/8th scale battery. The range is rounded out by a low-profile 3S 4600mAh pack, a 3S 6400mAh battery and a 4S 6400mAh 1/8th scale brick pack. All are made using high-quality 45C cells and they are available now.

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June 4, 2017

LRP X22 electric brushless motor

Following a first introduction LRP have now officially announced the new X22 540-class electric brushless motor. Based off of the long-running and very successful X20 platform the new motor will offer improved performance and efficiency thanks to its redesigned 7075-T6 aluminium motor can with additional cooling openings and a new Dark Shine Black anodising. With overall lower operation temperature the motor will run more powerful for longer which is further helped by the smaller 4x10x4mm ABEC-5 ball races, a precision-balanced sintered rotor as well as the new 14.5 degrees to 34.5 degrees timing range. Part of the package is also a water-proof PreciSensor system for precise power control with every sensored speed controller. The motor meet IFMAR, EFRA, ROAR, FEMCA, JMRCA, BRCA and DMC specifications and it is available in a full range of modified windings from 3.0T to 10.0T, as standard .5 and even .0 windings.

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May 22, 2017

LRP file insolvency & explain current situation

End of last week certain news sites have reported that German company LRP Electronic is facing financial difficulties. This had led to several rumours over the weekend regarding the current situation of the company and now forced LRP founder, Jürgen Lautenbach to clarify the situation. It is understood that LRP will try and continue with all business activities while also looking for a possible investor.

During the institution of the preliminary insolvency proceedings it is intended to continue the business activities of the LRP electronic GmbH in order to examine the possibilities of restructuring.

Read LRP’s statement in full here