May 23, 2018

Arrowmax MT-44 3200mAh 3.7V TX battery pack

Coming from Arrowmax and made for Sanwa’s MT-44 radio is a 3.7V 3200mAh transmitter battery pack. The single cell LiPo battery measures 60x40x10mm and it comes pre-wired with a Sanwa-compatible connector. The battery is both light of weight yet offers massive capacity for long operation times.

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May 17, 2018

Sanwa M17 radio system – More images

Sanwa have released first proper images of their forthcoming M17 flagship radio system. Following a couple of images taken during last week’s Shizuoka Hobby Show a set of proper images of both the transmitter and the all-new RX-491 receiver have surfaced. The latter offers a very small footprint, telemetry functions, the new FH5 Sanwa Ultra Response mode and a standard wire antenna over the previous internal antenna design. As for the transmitter, the radio will be convertible easily for left hand users, it offers a swingable carrying handle, optional hook strap, Steering unit angle adjustment, a detachable throttle unit to adjust throttle spring tension as well as a colour LC display and a separate touch pad. Full information will become available in time for the release which is scheduled for July.

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May 10, 2018

Sanwa M17 2.4GHz competition radio system

During this week’s Shizuoka Hobby Show in Japan Sanwa are presenting their latest competition radio system, the M17. Understood to be the follow-up model to the popular M12 series, the transmitter adapts the lightweight design of the MT-4 series, doing away with the bulky appearance of the highly popular M12. In terms of specifications Sanwa’s new flagship model will sport the new telemetry-ready FH5 system, it comes with a colour LCD screen, a separate touch pad and a Micro SDHC slot. Other features include 1-cell LiPo operation and an overall lighter design that is expected to be over 20 perfect down from the M12S. The 4-channel transmitter comes including a RX-491 receiver and it should become available soon, however a definite release date is not mentioned yet.

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May 8, 2018

Sanwa M17 radio system – Teaser image

Mibosport from the Czech Republic have released a first teaser image of Sanwa’s forthcoming M17 Ultra Response System transmitter. The radio will be officially introduced on the 10th of May with the teaser giving a first taste of what to expect from Sanwa’s all-new high-end transmitter.

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April 30, 2018

Rusti Design transmitter skins

French company Rusti Design launched a range of transmitter skins for many of today’s high end and intermediate level radios. Available in metallic blue or grey as well as white, grey or black carbon fibre design the pre-cut decals are made of high quality vinyl material and the sticker sheets are available for radios such as the Sanwa M12 and MT-44, the Futaba 4PX and 4PLS as well as the Spektrum DX4 and DX3 series.

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April 24, 2018

Sanwa M17 ultra response radio system – Coming soon

Sanwa have released a first list of features of their forthcoming M17 ultra response high-end radio system. The follow-up model to the popular M12S will be about 21 percent lighter, it utilises a colour display, touch pad, it is compatible with Micro SDHC memory cards and uses a 1-cell LiPo battery as standard equipment. The transmitter will be using Sanwa’s new ultra-fast FH5 transmitting system and it is understood to make a first public appearance at the forthcoming Shizuoka Hobby Show in May as is the new FH5-supporting RX-491 receiver.

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February 11, 2018

Sanwa MX-6 entry-level FH-E radio system

Coming soon from Sanwa is the new MX-6 3-channel FH-E entry-level radio system. The transmitter uses a compact and lightweight case that houses an LCD screen and the new FH-E frequency hopping transmitting system for glitch-free operation. Standard features include dual rate, end point adjustment, exponential, anti-lock brakes, trim, sub trim, reverse and ten model memory including model name. The radio set includes the RX-391 receiver that is also available as waterproof RX-391W variant.

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January 21, 2018

Vigor RC M12 brass balance weight

Made for the Sanwa M12 series of transmitters is Vigor RC’s 90g brass balance weight. Purpose designed for the use with the M12, the weight will improve the balance of the radio when mounted in the rear part of the battery tray. The result is a more effortless and less tiring use of the transmitter even during long main finals.

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