September 21, 2017

Team Powers TP-DS1305 low-profile digital servo

Team Powers have introduced their TP-DS1305 low-profile digital servo. Featuring a coreless motor it pulls up to 15kg-cm of torque at a speed of down to 0.05s and thanks to its lightweight construction with titanium metal gears it weighs in at only 42g. The high-voltage compatible servo comes with a black receiver wire for a factory look, a machined middle heatsink section for lower operation temperatures and it will become available very soon.

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September 15, 2017

Team Powers 12.0mm sintered rotor

Coming from Team Powers and made for their line of 540-class modified brushless motors is a new 12.0×5.0x24.0mm sintered rotor. It is a direct replacement for the stock rotor and will make for smoother acceleration in modified motors which can be helpful on fast tracks or lower grip surfaces.

Source: Team Powers [team-powers.com]

July 14, 2017

Team Powers Radon Pro V3 brushless speed controller

Team Powers have introduced the new Radon Pro V3 brushless speed controller. The all-new ESC is substantially smaller and about ten percent lighter than the Pro V2 controller, it features a 6V/7.4V BEC system and a 180A rating. Softer 12AWG wires, a new internal on/off switch, a black receiver lead and the ability to use 25mm or 30mm cooling fans round out the hardware package. On the software side of things the speedo features 1kHZ to 16kHz throttle and brake frequency selection, it sports an RPM lock function to vary the overall powerband of the motor and a more linear boost and turbo function makes for improved drivability.

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April 27, 2017

Team Powers 7.6V 8300mAh 110C LIHV battery pack

Team Powers are busy adding new high-performance LiPo batteries to their line-up with the 7.6V 2S 8300mAh Graphene LiHV pack being the latest offering. Built from 110C cells the high-voltage and high-capacity Lithium-Polymer battery is designed for power-hungry classes such as Touring Modified, Touring Stock and also 1/8th scale racing. The standard-size pack is 24.8mm tall, it weighs in at 330g and utilises 5mm connector tubes.

Source: Team Powers [team-powers.com]

April 19, 2017

Team Powers M-Radon ESC & MBX sensored BL motor

Team Powers have released first information on their forthcoming M-Radon sensored brushless speed controller and sensored MBX brushless motor. Aimed towards the use in 1/27th mini-size cars, 1/10th motorcycles and other applications, the speed controller makes use of hardware and software ideas taken over from the Radon V2 1/10th speed controller to create a powerful yet widely adjustable ESC that allows for adjustable drive and brake frequencies, power band control and even data recording functions. The controller is adjustable using a simple LED programming card or an optional PC interface and it is usable with 2S LiPo packs and up to 10,000kv brushless motors. As for the motor, the MBX is of a sensored design for improved low-RPM start up without cogging issues, it measures 16x27mm and is available in a 7200kv or 8400kv variant.

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April 6, 2017

Team Powers 6500mAh 7.6V LiHV battery pack

Coming from Team Powers is the new 6500mAh 7.6V LiHV battery pack. Offering standard dimensions and a reduced height of 22.5mm, the low centre of gravity pack is built using of high-quality 110C cells that were made using additional Graphene material which is meant to improve performance and durability. The battery weighs in at 272g and it is usable for Modified and Stock class racing alike.

Source: Team Powers [team-powers.com]

December 21, 2016

Team Powers digital coreless low profile servo

Team Powers have introduced their new design coreless low profile aluminium case servo. The servo features a new direct drive gear system that can provide more torque and speed with better efficiency. The titanium gears sport a hard coating that will extend durability and on top of this the servo is usable in a wide voltage range of 4.8V up to 8.4V. The high torque the servo provides makes it ideal for touring car and 4WD buggy applications.

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October 19, 2016

Team Powers Actinium V2 brushless motors

Team Powers Actinium V2 brushless motors

Team Powers have introduced the Actinium V2 brushless motors. The version 2 features a redesigned stator with lower resistance and improved power efficiency, which reduces the motor’s running temperature. The new case design incorporates an air flow convection system to keep motor temperatures down by 10 to 15 degrees. On top of this the new neodymium rotors produce a stronger magnetic field than the previous Actinium, by almost 10 percent, and they fade less at the end of a run for more power in the decisive moments of a main. The motor is rounded out by a new endbell design that has a greater range of timing, this gives the racer the ability to tailor the motor to his gearing and also changing track conditions. The V2 will become available in a range of modified and stock windings very soon.

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