January 20, 2017

Reedy introduce new Zappers LiHV battery packs

Coming from Reedy are three new Zappers LiHV battery packs for a range of applications. All are made using high-voltage LiPo cells with a nominal voltage of 3.8V, which is 0.1V higher than standard LiPo cells, resulting in more overall power. Also the cells can be charged safely to up to 4.35V per cell over the standard 4.2V. While all this only applies to outlaw racing classes the Zappers high-voltage packs can also be charged to the standard 4.2V per cell for sanctioned racing where the packs show a flatter discharge curve compared to standard voltage cells. Available now are 6000mAh standard-size and 3600mAh shorty-style 2S packs. The standard-size pack is of 23mm low-profile specifications while the shorty pack is only 18.5mm high. They weigh in at 276g and 156g respectively, and thus offer great power to weight ratio. Also new is a 8000mAh 1S pack of 18.5mm height. The 1/12th scale specific battery weighs in at 153g.

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January 11, 2017

GForce 2600mAh 6.6V LiFe shorty battery

GForce have introduced their new 2600mAh 6.6V 2S LiFe shorty battery pack. Built using high-performance yet very durable 65C/110C Lithium-Ferrite cells the pack is ideal for sanctioned club racing and it comes in a protective hardcase with 4mm bullet-type connectors.

Source: GForce [gforce-hobby.jp]

January 5, 2017

Muchmore Impact Linear FD2 6500mAh 4S LiPo battery

Available soon from Muchmore is the Impact Linear FD2 6500mA 14.8V 4S LiPo battery pack. Built from high-performance 100C cells the battery offers a high capacity and it is ideal for demanding 1/8th electric buggy and truggy racing. The hardcase pack measures 138x47x47.5mm, it weighs in at 545g and comes pre-wired with 10AWG wires, a genuine Deans connector, and an XH-type balancer port.

Source: Muchmore [muchmoreracing.net]

December 27, 2016

Motiv 2017 Defy LiPo battery line up

Coming from Motiv are the 2017 Defy LiPo battery packs for a range of applications. First up is the Defy V6000 2-cell pack, especially made for stock racing the chemistry will hold higher voltage at the top of the discharge curve, equalling more power at the end of the run. The pack weighs in at about 306g, making it also ideal for modified applications. Also new is the V4000 Shorty, a 2-cell offering that weighs in at 206g and that is intended for both stock and modified racing. Last but not least come two 1-cell batteries of 6000mAh (150g) and 7800mAh (155g) with the first being ideal for stock racing thanks to its special high voltage stock racing chemistry while the latter is intended for demanding modified racing with its high capacity of 7800mAh.

Source: Motiv [motivrc.com]

December 12, 2016

EZPower Graphene 6600mAh LiHV battery pack

Coming from EZPower is the new Graphene 6600mAh LiHV battery pack. Made from high-voltage Lithium-Polymer cells the 7.6V battery weighs in at only 275g while offering exceptional capacity. The high-quality 140C/70C rated cells are of a special chemistry that provides high durability and the battery, that utilises 4mm bullet-type connectors, is available with red or orange stickers to match your personal colour preferences.

Source: Italtrading [italtradingstore.it]

December 9, 2016

Team Orion Battery Protection Box

Coming from Team Orion is the Battery Protection box. The military-style steel box is equipped with inner foam padding to protect LiPo battery packs during storage and transportation while rubber seals making the box air-tight, reducing harm and external damage in the unlikely event of a battery going boom. Carry handles allow for easy transportation and Team Orion prints give the storage box a cool racing look. The protection box is available in the three sizes of small, medium and large.

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December 7, 2016

ProTek Silicon Graphene HV LiPo batteries

ProTek have introduced their new Silicon Graphene HV LiPo battery packs. Made from 100C LiHV cells the packs offer a lower internal resistance and improved efficiency which results in lower operation temperatures, better runtimes, increased voltage and doubled charge cycles. Ideal for 17.5 racers the batteries are lighter and can be charged at rates up to 10C and they available are ten different configurations to support all popular forms of electric R/C racing. There are three shorty packs, a new low CG touring car pack, as well as several 4S and 2S stick packs.

Source: ProTek [protekrc.com]

December 6, 2016

RC Prostyle LiPo battery packs

RC Prostyle LiPo battery packs

RC Prostyle from Spain have introduced their latest competition LiPo battery range. The line-up includes two 5800mAh/110C and 5300mAh/110C Stock Spec standard-size packs, a 6000mAh/110C, 6400mAh/110C and 7500mAh/120C standard pack as well as two 5000mAh/110C and a 4500mAh/100C shorty-size batteries. All are made using high-quality low internal resistance cells for maximum performance in both modified and stock racing.

Source: RC Prostyle [rcprostyle.com]