October 10, 2017

Muchmore Fleta ZX V2 aluminium screw sets

Muchmore have introduced aluminium screw sets for their range of Fleta ZX V2 brushless motors. Including three long fasteners for the case and three short countersunk screws for the timing cap, the sets not only are about 65 percent lighter, thanks to being non-magnetic they also increase the overall RPM and performance of the motor compared to the standard steel screws. The sets are available in orange, red or gun metal anodising.

Source: Muchmore [muchmoreracing.net]

September 20, 2017

Reedy 550-SL4 sensorless brushless motor

Reedy have introduced their new 550-SL4 sensorless brushless motor for 1/10th scale 4WD RTR vehicles. Due to its sensorless 4-pole configuration, the motor operates powerfully, efficiently, and reliably in a variety of vehicles and applications. The 3500kV rating provides plenty of speed with 2S LiPo batteries but installing a 3S LiPo battery for even greater speeds is also possible. A high-strength rotor provides plenty of torque and resists overheating better than 2-pole alternatives. The motor comes pre-wired with flexible silicone wires and 3.5mm bullet connectors to reduce power-robbing resistance and heat. Triple insulated windings, a hardened 5mm steel shaft, and oversized ball bearings that enhance reliability round out the package.

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September 19, 2017

Reedy Sonic 540-FT fixed-timing 21.5 BL motor

Available now in a 21.5T fixed-timing variant is Reedy’s Sonic competition brushless motor. Commonly used in GT and Formula classes, and emerging as the entry-level option for the Touring Car class, the motor is designed for performance and value as it features a CNC-machined lightweight can, sturdy solder tabs, dual precision ball bearings, a high-strength rotor and fixed 45 degree timing. ROAR approval is pending and the motor is available now.

Source: Team Associated [teamassociated.com]

September 15, 2017

Team Powers 12.0mm sintered rotor

Coming from Team Powers and made for their line of 540-class modified brushless motors is a new 12.0×5.0x24.0mm sintered rotor. It is a direct replacement for the stock rotor and will make for smoother acceleration in modified motors which can be helpful on fast tracks or lower grip surfaces.

Source: Team Powers [team-powers.com]

September 14, 2017

Maclan Racing MRR Team Edition V2 motor

Coming from Maclan Racing is the new MRR Team Edition V2 brushless motor. The newly-developed power plant was designed with the latest stock racing rules in mind and it features an all-new design stator, sensor unit, motor case, and realigned rotor and sensor position for maximum performance. The motor will become available in 13.5T, 17.5T and 21.5T variants, it weighs in at a lightweight 150g, is 100-percent hand-built and will hit stores in late September.

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August 31, 2017

Fantom FR-1 v3 Pro Spec brushless motor

Fantom have introduced their FR-1 v3 Pro Spec brushless motors. Coming in a new, red-anodised aluminium can the motor utilises a redesigned stator that is made from premium-grade Kawasaki steel while maximum diameter allowed pure copper wire makes for the lowest resistance possible which results in more power and RPM and great fade resistance. The can is heavily machined to maximise heat dissipation and CNC-machined Billet T6 aluminium end plates ensure precision bearing alignment. The motor is rounded out by a newly designed rotor, gold-plated thick copper solder lugs and high-RPM precision bearings. The FR-1 v3 is available as v3R RPM and v3T torque variant to suit different needs and it comes in 10.5T, 13.5T, 17.5T, 17.5T Tour Spec, 21.5T and 25.5T winding options. All of them, except for the 17.5T Tour, are additionally available as Team Works or Team Works Plus motors including ABEC7 hybrid ceramic bearings and more.

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August 24, 2017

Tekin RS Pro Black Edition ESC & Spec-R BL motors

Tekin have introduced their new RS Pro Black Edition brushless speed controller and Spec-R motors. Starting with the ESC, the RS Pro Black Edition was developed with ultra low internal resistance in mind to boost the performance of 1S and 2S-powered stock motors. This was achieved by utilising both hardware and software advances in combination with the Ultra Low Resistance ULR circuit design and ULR flex wires. The controller measures 24.5x33x17.25mm, it weighs in at 35g and it has no motor limit, however Tekin recommends their RSX controller for all modified applications as these setups tend to run at higher temperatures and so the billet housing and fan shroud on the RSX will provide more sufficient cooling.

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August 24, 2017

Speedzone introduce new modified & stock BL motors

Speedzone have introduced their latest brushless motor based on months of testing and previous customer feedback. This latest motor is the most powerful, efficient, tunable and lightweight motor ever offered by Speedzone. The motor’s can was built to allow maximum air flow, keeping temperature cool and the motor efficient. The stator was designed to produce the very best resistance while being as light as possible without sacrificing performance and power. In addition, the sensor board was built with strict tolerances which now translates to evenly distributed sensor board numbers. A variety of spec and modified turns are available and they are bench tested to ensure sensor, stator and ball bearings are all functioning to a strict quality control. Optional spec and modified rotors will be available for tuning to various track surfaces and conditions.

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