May 18, 2018

Pro-Line X-Maxx Trencher 4.3” Pro-Loc tyre

Made for the Traxxas X-Maxx 1/8th scale monster truck is Pro-Line’s new Trencher 4.3” Pro-Loc all-terrain tyre. The Trencher 4.3” is wider and taller than the popular Badlands 4.3” for more aggressive looks and performance and it comes in a super soft compound for exceptional grip on loose or hard-packed dirt, sand, snow, grass or gravel. The tyre features Pro-Line’s proprietary Pro-Loc technology that creates an ultra-secure bond to Pro-Line’s Impulse Pro-Loc X-Maxx wheels while still being removable when required. The reinforced tyre bead fits into a uniquely shaped channel on the wheel and the bead-loc screws actually pass through the tire rubber before being pinched by the outer bead-loc ring to create the maximum possible mounting security. The tyre comes as part including foam inserts.

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May 18, 2018

Pro-Line Predator rock crawler tyre compound

Pro-Line have announced the release of their all-new super-soft Predator rubber compound for the Hyrax and Interco TSL SX Super Swamper XL 1.9” rock crawler and trail truck tyres. The rubber compound was designed to excel in wet or ultra-low traction conditions, giving even greater trail performance. Both the Hyrax and Interco TSL SX Super Swamper XL tyre are a direct fit for most 1.9” trail truck wheels and they come including open cell inserts.

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May 18, 2018

Pro-Line Slide Lock & Electroshot VTR pre-mounts

Pro-Line have introduced their Slide Lock 1/8th buggy and Electroshot VTR 4.0” truck tyres as ready-to-use pre-mounts. The Slide Lock was developed for smooth low-grip tracks and it will become available in X3 soft and M2 soft compounds on white Velocity V2 wheels. Over to the ElectroShot VTR tyre, it is a combination of Pro-Line’s Electron and HoleShot tread designs with connected bars in the centre where the heaviest tyre wear occurs and Holeshot pins everywhere else for maximum traction. The VTR 4.0” tyre comes in X3 soft compound on white zero off-set VTR wheels.

View the ElectroShot VTR tyre here

May 18, 2018

New Pro-Line Slide Job & Pyramid 1/10th tyres

Coming from Pro-Line is a range of new 1/10th off-road tyres aimed at oval and astro turf racing. Starting with the dirt oval range, new are the Slide Job 2.2” 2WD front and 2WD/4WD rear tyre in M4 super soft compound as well as the 2.2”/3.0” M3 soft short course tyre. The Slide Job tread pattern design was inspired by the tyres found in full-size dirt oval racing to ensure realistic style and performance on buggy and SC-based rigs. To make it easy on race technical inspection during spec races, Pro-Line has moulded in compound Identifiers into the sidewall of each tyre. The Slide Job SC features rounded side tread for consistent slide action that will not catch ruts and flip your truck when you throw it up into the corner. The multi-block tread pattern creates great forward grip combined with long lasting and consistent performance.

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May 15, 2018

DE Racing G6T short course oval tyres

DE Racing have introduced their all-new G6T and Grooved G6T short course oval tyres. Purpose-designed for dirt oval racing the tyres fit industry-standard 2.2”/3.0” short course rims and they are available in D30 and D40 compounds. No inserts are included but most 1/10th SC inserts will fit to fine-tune the tyre’s performance.

View the Grooved G6T tyre here

May 11, 2018

HPI Racing 28C & 36A Challenge-legal touring car tyres

HPI Racing have introduced their new HPI Challenge legal 28C carpet and 36A asphalt touring car tyres. Both use 0mm offset 24mm hard dish rims and the specific rubber compounds ensure long durability and exceptional traction. High-quality inserts further up the performance of the tyres that come marked for easy identification and cool looks. The tyre are sold in sets of four and they are HPI Challenge legal from now on.

View the 36A tyres here

May 9, 2018

Shepherd introduce new 1/8 & 1/10 foam tyres

Shepherd have announced their new range of foam tyres for 1/8 and 1/10 on-road cars. The new double spoke rims for 1/8th scale cars as well as the Star rims for 1/10th scale kits are made from premium-quality black composite material with a high amount of carbon making the rims very stiff, strong and ultra true running. The high quality foam ensures best performance under various track conditions and the tyres are coming in different hardnesses from 32 to 42 shore and as a special super soft “wet” variant.

View the 1/10th scale tyres here

May 9, 2018

Team Bomber on-road tyre glueing bands

Japanese company Team Bomber have introduced their new tyre glueing bands for 1/10th and 1/12th on-road tyres. The rubber bands help to put the right amount of pressure on the tyre during mounting and glueing, ensuring high-quality and reliable bonding of tyre and rim. The purple colour bands come in packs of ten and they are available now.

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