October 17, 2016

JConcepts Dirt Maze 1/10th buggy rear tyre

jcdirtmJConcepts Dirt Maze 1/10th buggy rear tyreazetyre

JConcepts have introduced the Dirt Maze 1/10th buggy rear tyre. The big brother to the Webs, the Dirt Maze is designed specifically for the outdoor conditions where the track has been treated or left dry. The tyre has some depth and girth built into the design. Starting with thicker, connected webbing, the hot outdoor tire provides a continuous edgy contact patch needed for driving outdoors and at high-speed. The center X section delivers the comfort with the forward bite and the slightly slotted portions allow some flexibility for stability over terrain. Resting inside the hefty X patterns, horizontal and vertical pins help minimize wear and add some surface area for longer qualifiers and main events. Moving toward the outside of the tyre, the alternating bar concept, used on V2 Bar Codes work their magic to support the side-load during heavy cornering at the end of straight-aways and sweeping corners. Breaking up the alternating bars, an added horizontal bar blends deeply into the side-wall for balancing forward to side traction considerations. The tyre comes including Dirt Tech closed cell inserts and it is available in a range of compounds including the new long wear Y2, O2 and R2 rubber.

Source: JConcepts [jconcepts.net]

October 15, 2016

JConcepts introduce 2.6″ monster truck tires & wheels

JConcepts introduce 2.6" monster truck tyres & wheels

JConcepts have introduced their all-new 2.6″ monster truck tires and wheels. First up is the Renegades tire, a low-profile carcass and cut-tread offering. The chevron style lugs has been created with specially designed back-cut tread and shaved carcass areas imitating the real thing. At rotation, the tread still stands tall and provides a hefty edge of forward grip in a variety of conditions. The back-cut section provides a small transition during high-speed corning which conform to changing terrain and obstacles. The side-walls have been treated with wording, designs and descriptions consistent with full-scale tires during that generation of performance. The low-profile stance of the Renegades stays very flat during race course competition, speed-runs or general use. The tire carcass profile holds the weight extremely low while the design of the tire beads allows just the right amount of contact patch for gluing and application. The Renegades is available in sticky soft blue compound for dirt, grass and asphalt while the gold compound feels harder to the touch and excels on carpet, astroturf and polished concrete surfaces. It also expands less during high-speeds. Renegades tires are complete and include open cell React inserts to support the grippy tires.

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October 12, 2016

AKA Double Down 1/8th buggy tyre

AKA Double Down 1/8th buggy tyre

AKA’s 2016 IFMAR World Championship winning Double Down tyre will soon become available for the public. Seen for the first time during last week’s worlds and designed to fit between the Impact and the Zipp in the AKA tyre line the tyre is best used when having a slightly dusty track and when better wear characteristics are needed. The pin size and spacing has been designed to give more room for dust to clear the tread pattern yet still have the pin density across the carcass to give it great wear characteristics. The Double Down will be available in standard soft and super soft compound as well as long wear medium and super soft variants including red inserts or as pre-mounts on white or yellow disc wheels.

Source: AKA [raceaka.com]

October 10, 2016

DMS 1/14th Trim2Tune foam tyre inserts

DMS 1/14th Trim2Tune foam tyre inserts

X-Factory UK have introduced the DMS Trim2Tune tyre inserts for 1/14th scale micro off-road cars. The idea behind the inserts was that micro racers were always requesting different width inserts to fine-tune the grip levels on their micro buggies to differing tracks. Unlike many other classes the ranges of inserts on offer were quite minimal, so options were greatly reduced. DMS’s open cell inserts come very specifically as 50mm wide as the most popular width in use is still 25mm and for those racers happy with this width, they can simply cut them straight down the middle. For those who wish to create their own width specific to their requirements, they can be trimmed with conventional scissors to any width desired. The inserts come as pair, allowing to cut at least four inserts from a pack and they are available in a soft, medium and firm variant.

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October 6, 2016

DMS Racing 1/10th short course truck tyre inserts

DMS 1/10th short course truck tyre inserts

X-Factory UK have introduced the new DMS 1/10th short course truck tyre inserts. Of an open cell construction and available in the colour-coded hardnesses of firm, medium and soft, the inserts were tested by national and local level drivers and they are meant to offer exceptional durability and consistency. The foam inserts come in packs of two and including a DMS Insertz decal sheet.

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September 28, 2016

Schumacher Mini Dart 1/10th carpet & astro turf tyre

Schumacher Mini Dart 1/10th carpet & astro turf tyre

Schumacher have introduced the all-new Mini Dart 1/10th buggy tyre for carpet and astro turf tracks. The tyre features a new low-profile design to improve bump handling and reduce traction rolling tendencies on high-grip tracks. Midway in terms of the Mini Pin and Mini Spike the tread offers great versatility on both carpet and astro tracks while offering exceptional tread life and a BRCA legal width. The Mini Dart is available as 2WD front, 4WD front and general rear tyre in blue long life, yellow dry and silver wet compound and also as yellow compound pre-mounts.

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