May 18, 2017

Schumacher announce new Cactus EOS control tyres

Schumacher Racing and the Euro Offroad Series have extended their partnership for the 2017/18 season. After two successful seasons using the Schumacher Minipin, the EOS, and also the Mibosport Cup, will move to a new Schumacher tyre, called the Cactus, for next season. The Cactus has been specially developed for EOS style carpet and offers improved driving feel, faster lap times, and longer life. It has been extensively tested on both new and well worn carpets and should be a popular control tyre choice for 1/10th off road carpet racing next winter. The tyre will become available in August and more details will follow soon.

View the part numbers here

May 15, 2017

JConcepts 25mm offset Tribute hex wheel adapter

Made for JConcepts’ Tribute monster truck wheels are the new 25mm offset hex wheel adapters. One of the key features of the wheels involves having replaceable adaptors which can alter the vehicle width. For the high-power crowd, JConcepts now offer the 25mm offset adaptors as a machined aluminium option. With the aluminium adapters, racers can now power up and race worry free with the widest track width available by JConcepts. The precision machined hexes are designed for 12mm hex hubs, they are light-weight and feature black anodising with laser engraved offset markings. The hex adaptors bolt-up just as the production units, utilising the stock hardware in a beefy 6-lug pattern.

Source: JConcepts [jconcepts.net]

May 10, 2017

TPro Looper 1/8th buggy tyre

MW RC Cars have introduced the TPro Looper tyre for 1/8th off-road buggies. A responsive tyre the Looper offers fast steering characteristics thanks to its staggered 3-row square pin tread design that makes it usable in clean, dusty and even loose track conditions. While provide loads of steering the tyre will also offer good acceleration and longer run times.

Source: MW RC Cars [mwrccars.at]

May 5, 2017

Traxxas pre-glued paddle tyres

Traxxas makes tackling sand and snow, or even hydroplaning on water easy with the introduction of a range of pre-glued paddle tyres. The all-new lineup features strong scoops combined with strengthening ribs and TSM-rated glue joints to provide a whole new dimension in traction and off road fun. All tyres are sold in pairs and are pre-glued on genuine Traxxas wheels to make it fast and easy to get going. They are available for X-Maxx, Revo and Maxx trucks, Slash, Rustler, and Stampede models.

View the other wheels here

May 3, 2017

Team Magic 1/10th truck on-road tyres

Team Magic have released a set of street style on-road tyre for 1/10th monster trucks such as the E5 and E5HX. Sporting a hard-wearing on-road tread the tyres are mounted on black 6-spoke rims and they come in sets of four. The pre-glued wheels are usable on Team Magic’s own E5-series trucks and also select other 1/10th vehicles.

Source: HRC Distribution [hrcdistribution.com]

April 24, 2017

Raw Speed Rip Tide 1/10th buggy rear tyre

Coming from Raw Speed is the all-new Rip Tide 1/10th buggy rear tyre. Utilising an entirely new carcass to create a uniform contact patch as the vehicle’s chassis leans while cornering, the tyre also breaks in more quickly, getting on race pace earlier for big events. The bar-type tread also generates a lot of forward traction with plenty of side bite so racers can trust their car in every corner. The tyre comes including closed cell inserts and in clay, soft or super soft compound.

Source: Raw Speed [rawspeedrc.com]