September 29, 2017

Protoform premounted VTA tires

Protoform have announced that their range of VTA tires now come premounted on white or black rims. Utilising a super long-lasting compound and moulding technology perfected by Protoform’s partners at Pro-Line Racing. On high-grip CRC carpet, the tyres have been tested to provide an easy-to-drive handling feel and comparable lap times to previous VTA tires, all without the need for superglued sidewalls while on asphalt, the tyres grip well with additives and provide realistic tyre screeching sounds for an ultra-scale effect.

Source: Protoform [racepf.com]

September 29, 2017

Pro-Line Hyrax tires, Precut Raptor & 1:5 Fugitive tires

Pro-Line have a number of new items beginning with a pair of Class 1 Hyrax 1.9″ Rock Crawling Tires. Designed from the ground up for maximum grip on the toughest terrain, the Class 1 legal Hyrax tire is ready for anything your Scale Adventure might throw at you. Featuring an aggressive and open tread pattern with each tread block containing multiple Sipes for incredible tread flex while still looking great on a Scale Rig. The highly detailed connected tread on the sidewall of the Hyrax extends out for unmatched side-hilling performance and the futuristic stepped tread blocks create even more forward gripping edges that dig into slick rock.

View the other new products here

September 28, 2017

JConcepts Swaggers & Pin Downs SCT tyres

JConcepts have introduced their line of Swaggers and Pin Downs for the Short Course class. The Swagger SCT front tire has a multitude of heights and angular ribs for cornering speed, consistency and straight-line tracking ability and has shown to produce ultra fast lap times while also being easier to drive than other options on the market. The front tires work best on Carpet and Astroturf tracks where the racing line requires an aggressive style front tire. The Pin Downs feature a pin spiked tread, which is directional for added performance and stability. The directional nature of the pins were positioned to allow broken-in type pins to grip the surface in one direction, while the pins are more upright when oriented in the opposite direction. The bottoms of the pins have heavy radiuses which allow the pins to wear more consistently and not tear or rip off the carcass prematurely. Both tires are designed for industry standard SCT wheels.

View the Pin Downs here

September 25, 2017

Super Touring 1/10th onroad rubber racing tire

Super Touring, a new brand from ProjectRC, have released their all new high traction 1/10th onroad rubber racing tire. The tire, which has been produced by one of the large tire brands, claims to offer superior traction levels and long life compared to its competitor. Using a new rubber compound to gain maximum traction these tire are designed for use on all surfaces and in all touring classes.

Source: FVSS [fvsssshop.it]

September 21, 2017

Axon moulded touring car tyre inserts

Axon have introduced two new moulded inserts for touring car tyres. Available in soft/yellow and medium/black hardness the inserts will improve overall traction and side bite, while being very durable at the same time. The inserts fit most of today’s touring car tyres and will hit stores in October.

Source: Axon [team-axon.com]

September 6, 2017

VP-Pro VP-815 1/8th buggy tyre

Coming from VP-Pro is the new VP-815 1/8th buggy tyre. Packed with over 2000 pins the tyre was developed for the use on abrasive surfaces and in dusty, bumpy as well as wet or dry track conditions. The tyre is available separately including orange closed cell inserts and also pre-mounted on white or yellow disc wheels.

Source: VP-Pro [vp-racing.com]

September 5, 2017

WRC P-One P01.1 Formula tyres

Italian company WRC have introduced their new P-One P01.1 1/10th formula tyres. Of the popular low sidewall height design the tyres come in a new rubber compound that will increase both performance and durability. The tyres come glued to black multi-spoke rims that fit most of today’s 1/10th formula cars.

Source: WRC [wrc-racing.com]

September 1, 2017

Schumacher Cactus 1/10th buggy carpet tyres

Schumacher have introduced their all-new Cactus 1/10th buggy tyre. The tread has been specially developed for EOS style carpet and offers improved driving feel, faster lap times, and longer life. It has been extensively tested on both new and well worn carpets and the long life design with high density pin pattern and famous stagger edge design will greatly minimise grip roll. The tyre becomes available as 2.2″ rear and 2.2″ 4WD front variant in silver, yellow and blue compound and also as yellow compound pre-mounts. The Cactus was also chosen as the new control tyre for the 2017/18 EOS season and this winter’s Mibosport Cup. Part numbers will be U6839 for 4WD/2WD rear and U6841 for 4WD front while the 2WD class will rely on the proven U6801 (Cut Stagger Low Profile) as the front tyre.

View the rear tyre here