August 8, 2017

PR Racing 1/10th Pro buggy front & rear tyres

PR Racing have introduced their range of Pro series 1/10th buggy tyres. Available for 2WD buggies are a bar and a rib-type front tyre, the 4WD front range includes a block and a pin/bar tread while the three rear variants include a bar-type and two block type tyres. It is understood that all come in a single compound and in addition to the tyres PR Racing also offers suitable closed cell and also open cell memory foam inserts.

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July 29, 2017

Pro-Line Positron T & Prism T 2.2″ truck tyres

Pro-Line have introduced their new Positron T and Prism T 2.2″ 1/10th truck tyres. Starting with the Positron T, the tyre was designed from the ground up with a futuristic directional tread design for improved grip and corner speed on indoor clay tracks. The tread design pays homage to the Electron and ION tyre before it with the two centre pins boxed in by connected bars. From there the connected bars shoot off at angles that have been specifically designed to provide maximum forward bite combined with unmatched corner speed all while lasting longer than the competition. The Positron is directional, which adds another tuning option for the racers always looking for that extra edge since it will perform differently depending on which direction it is run. The tyre is available in M4 super soft and MC clay compounds and including blue closed cell inserts.

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July 29, 2017

Pro-Line Buck Shot 1/8th buggy & truggy tyres

Coming from Pro-Line are the new Buck Shot 1/8th buggy and truggy tyres. The new tyre tread debuted at the 2017 ROAR National Championships and it has pins that are very close in size to the popular Hole Shot 2.0 but the Buck Shot pins are stacked closer together side to side, which provides significantly longer lasting performance. Unique to the Buck Shot are also the alternating elongated bars that provide tons of forward bite. Similar to the popular SwitchBlade tyre, the Buck Shot is a directional tyre with different tread on the outside compared to the inside, allowing to mount the tyres in the direction that suits the current track conditions. One side of the tyre has standard pins, which is ideal for loose or low traction conditions where drivers want the tyre to add side grip and improve steering. When mounted in the other direction, the connected side tread reduces side traction in high-bite or edgy conditions. The buggy tyre is available in M3 soft, M4 super soft, X2 medium and X3 soft compound while the truck VTR 4.0 tyre comes in M3, M4 and X3 compound.

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July 27, 2017

JConcepts Dirt Maze 1/10th buggy rear tyre

Coming from JConcepts is the Dirt Maze 1/10th buggy rear tyre in blue compound. The big brother to the Webs, the Dirt Maze tyre is designed specifically for the outdoor conditions where the track has been treated or left dry. Starting with thicker, connected webbing, the hot outdoor tyre provides a continuous edgy contact patch needed for driving outdoors and at high-speed. The center X section delivers the comfort with the forward bite and the slightly slotted portions allow some flexibility for stability over terrain. Resting inside the hefty X patterns, horizontal and vertical pins help minimise wear and add some surface area for longer qualifiers and main events. Moving toward the outside of the tyre, the alternating bar concept, used on V2 Bar Codes, support the side-load during heavy cornering at the end of straights and sweeping corners. Breaking up the alternating bars, an added horizontal bar blends deeply into the side-wall for balancing forward to side traction considerations. The 2.2″ tyre comes including Dirt Tech closed cell foam inserts.

Source: JConcepts [jconcepts.net]

July 27, 2017

Volante 1/10th formula tyres & side wall stickers

Volante have their all-new line of pre-glued 1/10th formula tyres available. They are of a low-profile design for greatly improved overall performance and a new look and they come mounted on black multi-spoke wheels. Available are medium-soft, medium and hard compound front as well as medium-soft asphalt, soft asphalt and soft carpet rear variants. Also coming are 4-piece sets of side wall stickers in a multitude of colours.

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July 25, 2017

Duratrax Punch & Six Pack 1/8th buggy tyres

Duratrax have introduced their new Punch and Six Pack 1/8th buggy tyres. The Punch is ideal for loose, hard-packed wet and damp clay tracks while the Six Pack tread works on pavement, grass and hard-packed dry tracks. All are available unmounted or mounted on white dish, black spoke or black chrome spoke wheels in soft C2 compound and including suitable foam inserts.

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July 21, 2017

JConcepts Octagons 1/10th buggy tyres

Coming from JConcepts are the new Octagons 1/10th buggy tyres for high-bite slick tyre racing. At the appropriate time, and when less tread is an advantage, vehicles can be tough to drive and this is where the Octagons kick in as JConcepts has removed a little surface area in the geometry based pattern. The carcass is new, slightly more round than JConcepts’ slick tyres of the past and it incorporates heavy X-pattern style inner ribbing for increased support. The continuous thickness carcass is light-weight and utilises the industry standard 2.2″ mounting bead. Like the name suggests, the embossed tread which is Octagon shaped is repeated and overlapped to form a subculture of grippy surface edges for dry or abrasive surfaces. The Octagons are available as 2WD front, 4WD front and general rear tyre in green, black and indoor clay, gold compounds to match just about any racing surface. Each package includes the Dirt-Tech inserts.

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July 21, 2017

Protoform VTA front & rear tyres

Following a first teaser Protoform have officially announced their first ever tyre, the new spec tyre for US Vintage Trans Am Racing. It is fully-approved for USVTA Racing and fully-capable on any surface such as carpet, prepared asphalt or parking lots. Utilising a super long-lasting compound and moulding technology perfected by Protoform’s partners at Pro-Line Racing. On high-grip CRC carpet, the tyres have been tested to provide an easy-to-drive handling feel and comparable lap times to previous VTA tires, all without the need for superglued sidewalls while on asphalt, the tyres grip well with additives and provide realistic tyre screeching sounds for an ultra-scale effect. The tyres are sold in pairs and are a direct fit on both HPI Vintage wheels and the upcoming Protoform VTA wheels. Included with the tyres, that come as 26mm front and 31mm rear variant, are gray open-cell foam inserts.

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