February 24, 2017

Nikos Georgiadis joins Xray factory team

Xray have announced the signing of multiple Greek national champion, Nikos Georgiadis to their factory team for the 2017 season. Nikos has been a long time Xray privateer and for the 2017 season he will be enjoying full factory support. Nikos is focused on 1/10th on-road racing and will compete at all the major national and international races and he had the following to say:

I have only the best experience with Xray as a private driver and thanks to the performance and reliability I was able to achieve all my current wins and victories. Signing my contract as an Xray factory driver is an excellent moment in my racing career that will hopefully boost my experience and knowledge further. I will continue to share the knowledge and experience with local RC drivers and will continue to support this sport. Big thanks to Xray for this opportunity and a new challenge for me to be part of a truly high-end international RC car racing family and the best team on planet. I’m looking forward to the 2017 season with Xray.

Source: Xray [teamxray.com]

February 24, 2017

LRP welcome Dani Batlle

LRP have announced the signing of Spanish up and coming driver, Dani Batlle. Brother of record national and former IFMAR World Champion, Robert Batlle, Dani will use LRP electronics in his upcoming 1/8th nitro and electric campaign and he has the following to say about the deal:

I am really happy about the collaboration with LRP. I think LRP is one of the best brands in RC with high-quality products and exceptional service and that’s why I have chosen to run for Blue is Better. I hope I can celebrate many victories with them both in nitro and electric racing.

Source: LRP [lrp.cc]

February 23, 2017

HB Racing officially announce Cody King deal

HB Racing have announced the addition of 2010 IFMAR 1/8 Nitro Buggy World Champion, Cody King to their team. The former long-time Kyosho driver was linked to HB Racing for some time now but it took until the week of the 2017 The Dirt Nitro Challenge to officially announce the deal. Cody has the following to say:

It’s exciting to join the HB Racing team, and be reunited with Philippe Neidhart, Adrien Bertin, and David Ronnefalk. Clearly the platform has potential after winning 3 of the last 5 Worlds, including the last 2 in a row. The Team Orion engines have only improved over the last few years, and I won the Pattaya Worlds with Team Orion power. It feels like a fresh start with a great team, and I’m looking forward to 2017 and beyond.

Source: HB Racing [hbracing.com]

February 21, 2017

Joey Sorber returns to Ielasi Tuned

Ielasi Tuned have announced the return of Dutch top driver, Joey Sorber, to their factory team. Joey will use the company’s latest Nitro.21-9WCE on-road engine in the upcoming season at national and international races while also giving track-side technical support to Ielasi Tuned customers.

Source: Ielasi Tuned [ielasituned.com]

February 20, 2017

LRP welcome Juan Carlos Canas

LRP have announced the signing of Spain’s Juan Carlos Canas to their factory team. The EFRA 1/8th Buggy European B Champion will use LPR brushless motors, speed controllers, batteries, chargers and accessories for his 1/8th E-Buggy and nitro campaign and he has the following to say about the deal:

I want to thank LRP for this chance. I am very happy and exited and all products work perfectly together while the technical support is incredible. LRP is extremely helpful in every manner and I can really concentrate on my driving. I will give everything this season to achieve the best results possible. I am really grateful and I am looking forward to a very successful time together.

Source: LRP [lrp.cc]

February 17, 2017

Xray sign Nico Catelani

Xray have announced the signing of Italian National Stock Champion, Nico Catelani to their factory team. AMSCI and UISP champ as well as multiple ETS finalist, Nico will be attending at the Italian Nationals, the EFRA European Championships and the ETS and he had the following to say:

I am very happy and honored to be a part of the factory Xray team for the next season. The Xray development, quality and performance of their cars as well the best team support is what I have admired and now I am happy to enjoy. I will do my best to continue to improve my racing skills and results and I am more than proud for this for this opportunity. I’m looking forward to the next season with my new team!

Source: Xray [teamxray.com]

February 17, 2017

LRP welcome Alexandre Duchet

LRP have announced the signing of Alexandre Duchet to their factory team trough to 2019. The 2016 EFRA Touring Stock vice European Champion and 2016 French 1/8th E-Buggy National Champion will run the full line of LRP products in his 1/10th scale campaign that will see appearances at national and international touring car and off-road races. The former ETS Stock class A-main winner had the following to say:

I am very happy about the collaboration with LRP. It is a great chance for me and I have chosen LRP products because of their high quality and they give me a very good feeling. I am sure I can improve my racing and results even more and I thank the whole LRP team for their support and the trust in me.

Source: LRP [lrp.cc]

February 16, 2017

Rheinard excited to begin new chapter in career with Infinity

Marc Rheinard has announced that he has signed to race for electric touring car newcomers Infinity with the 4-time World Champion ‘excited by the new challenge’ of a 2-year contract with the Japanese manufacturer. Electric touring car’s most successful driver, winning its top prize three times, the German established himself as one of the sport’s all time greats through a driver/manufacturer relationship that spanned an impressive 22-years. Cutting his teeth in racing at the controls of a Tamiya, Rheinard and the iconic R/C brand became a formidable force starting out with a first World title together in 2004 and two further back to back titles in 2008 and 2010. This golden era however was to come to an unexpected end in December when Tamiya shocked the racing world with the news they were calling time on their TRF race team. Through his admirable loyalty to Tamiya, he had never been available before to rival Touring Car manufacturers so one positive of the news was that it presented the opportunity to other manufacturers to try and secure the services of the 30-year-old. Receiving a number of offers, and taking his time to carefully consider each of them, it was to be the ambitious plans of Infinity that would secure Rheinard’s signature marking the beginning of a brand new chapter in his career. The deal also comes as a major boost to Infinity as they embark on their first foray in EP touring car with them also announcing the signing two of Rheinard’s former TRF team-mates, 2014 World Champion Naoto Matsukura and Akio Sobue, will all three making their Infinity debut at the TITC in Bangkok this weekend.

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