May 24, 2018

JConcepts Spring Indoor National Series – Report

The Spring Indoor Nationals is always a special time in the Pacific Northwest as the highly anticipated race brings out the best and fastest local racers along with some of the nation’s top drivers to battle it out on a premier, high-bite indoor clay track better known as the legendary Tacoma R/C Raceway in Tacoma, Washington. This year, the layout was extremely fun featuring a radius increasing, full speed sweeper with technical jumps and rhythm sections galore. Because of the tight space, everything is even more connected putting a major emphasis on flow and rhythm while trying to maintain maximum corner speed. As the track changes and the grip increases throughout the weekend, timely setup changes will result in a faster pace and potentially increase your grid position. three rounds of qualifying are held taking best two of three to sort for mains with bump-ups to make a tightly packed 11-car field. 2WD Modified and 4WD Modified raced 6-minute triple A’s while the rest of the classes got single 8-minutes mains.

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May 18, 2018

New Pro-Line Slide Job & Pyramid 1/10th tyres

Coming from Pro-Line is a range of new 1/10th off-road tyres aimed at oval and astro turf racing. Starting with the dirt oval range, new are the Slide Job 2.2” 2WD front and 2WD/4WD rear tyre in M4 super soft compound as well as the 2.2”/3.0” M3 soft short course tyre. The Slide Job tread pattern design was inspired by the tyres found in full-size dirt oval racing to ensure realistic style and performance on buggy and SC-based rigs. To make it easy on race technical inspection during spec races, Pro-Line has moulded in compound Identifiers into the sidewall of each tyre. The Slide Job SC features rounded side tread for consistent slide action that will not catch ruts and flip your truck when you throw it up into the corner. The multi-block tread pattern creates great forward grip combined with long lasting and consistent performance.

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May 17, 2018

PowerStar PM-3015W water-proof standard-size servo

Coming from PowerStar is their new PM-3015W IPX8 standard waterproof buggy and crawler servo. The standard-sized item is 7.4V and 8.4V high-voltage compatible and it pulls up to 30kg-cm of torque at a speed of down to 0.10s. It features an all-aluminium case, an all-black receiver wire and comes including aluminium servo bushings and an aluminium clamping-style servo arm. The servo is usable for a range of applications including buggies, monster trucks, crawlers and even large scale models.

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May 15, 2018

Bennie Wilkerson wins ROAR Region 2 SCT titles

The final round of the ROAR Region 2 championship was held at Mushroom Bowl Hobbies and R/C Raceway in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania recently. Bennie Wilkerson laid down an excellent performance as he was able to take the TQ in 2WD Mod SCT and 2WD Stock SCT. On top of that he was able to double and win both A-mains and take the overall series championship titles in both classes.

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May 14, 2018

EcoPower WP110T & WP120T waterproof servos

Coming from AMain Hobbies’ EcoPower brand are two new waterproof servos. The standard voltage WP110T (0.16s/20.1kg-cm) and WP120T (0.09s/28.8kg-cm) are an ideal upgrade for ready-to-run cars, trucks and rock crawlers and they feature metal gears, dual ball bearings and lightweight upper and lower cases with aluminium centre sections. The WP110T is powered by a cored DC motor while the high-voltage compatible WP120T utilises a coreless motor. EcoPower recommends the WP110T servo for all 1/10-scale applications, while the higher power WP120T would be best suited for heavy monster trucks, 1/8-scale vehicles and crawlers.

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May 14, 2018

JConcepts 6.1 motor plate & rear ballstud mount

JConcepts have introduced two new option parts for Team Associated’s 6.1 version off-road kits. First up is a 3-gear laydown/layback motor plate that incorporates a honeycomb milling affect with placement more suited to surrounding geometry making the plate light-weight and very rigid in multiple directions. The honeycomb features add a 3D look featuring the natural aluminium while the rest is available blue or black anodised colours. The motor plate is compatible with the Team Associated B6.1 spur gear guard and remains light of weight. Slight chamfering on the 3mm thickness material allows the rather beefy plate to look quite slim and trim. The plate is usable with the B6.1, B6.1D, T6.1 and SC6.1.

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May 11, 2018

ECX Ruckus MT & SCT V4 RTR trucks

Coming soon from Horizon Hobby are the new ECX Ruckus V4 MT and SCT 1/10th scale 4WD ready-to-run trucks. The factory-assembled trucks feature permanent 4WD, full ball bearings, long-travel suspension components with fluid-filled shock absorbers as well as a quick release battery system, a high-torque 13T motor and Dynamite electronics. The latest generation also comes with new body shell designs and throttle limiter switch to ensure even entry level drivers can handle the vehicles with ease. Not included in the latest V4 generation are the needed NiMH battery and a suitable charger.

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May 11, 2018

Team Associated B6.1, T6.1 & SC6.1 chassis decals

Team Associated have introduced their new chassis protective decals for the B6.1, T6.1 and SC6.1 off-road kits. Whether raced indoor or outdoor, protecting the chassis from premature wear will improve its lifespan and help maintain performance. The Factory Team pre-cut chassis sheets are made from adhesive-backed 18-mil vinyl and offer a protective surface while looking trick with intricate details for that Factory Driver look. The sheets are printed in gloss black and include two extra tail sections to replace as they wear.

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