February 22, 2017

Joe Bornhorst triples at Motorama

Harrisburg in Pennsylvania played host to last weekend’s 2017 Motorama event. In the three expert classes of 1/8th E-Buggy, 1/8th E-Truggy and 1/10th 4WD Short Course Joe Bornhorst made a near sweep, TQ-ing eight of the nine qualifiers with only in E-Buggy he was having some traffic problems in Q2. The A-mains were held in a double format with motocross-style tiebreaker meaning a better finish in A2 decides the overall but that wasn’t something Joe had to care about as he made clean sweeps in all A-main legs to wrapping up the overall in all three classes he attended. In E-Buggy Spencer Heckert and Anthony Mazzara sidelined Joe on the podium while the remaining top 3 spots in E-Truggy were taken by Austin Woodyard and Spencer Heckert. As for Pro4, Jared Wiggins and Spencer Heckert, who made a triple podium at the Motorama, completed the top 3 result.

Source: Tekno RC [teknorc.com]

February 22, 2017

Richards, Due & Alex K. win Mod classes at Motorama

The 2017 Motorama was held this past weekend at the Pennsylvania Farm Show Complex. Considered to be the biggest indoor motorsport event in America, this event has it all from Arenacross, Go Kart racing, Quarter Midgets, RC 1/8th and 1/10th electric racing, RC Demolition Derby, RC Scaling, Car show, Speed show, Robot Conflict, and even a Ms. Motorama beauty pageant. On the RC side of things, this event was organized and hosted by two of the industry’s best RDs … Scotty Ernst and Charlie Suangka. With their expertise, unique style and experience, the show was amazing and both tracks were built with dedication and heart to ensure everyone would have a wonderful time. The tracks were amazing and a pleasure to drive on as the event had over 660 combined entries making it one of the largest races in the nation. The 1/10th scale track was greatly improved from the previous years with better dirt that was consistent and easy to work with. It had what many would call, the “old-school dirt” feel as it was a loamy, natural sifted dirt track. Cars would slide and drift, but traction was there as long as you were on the line.

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February 16, 2017

HRC Racing TSW dual gold connectors & reducer tubes

HRC Racing have introduced the TSW Pro Racing series 4mm and 5mm dual bullet-type connectors and 5mm to 4mm reducer tubes. Starting with the connectors, they offer both a 5mm and 4mm end as well as a centre section bore for easy soldering. The connectors are ideal to create charge harnesses that allow to be uses with the old-style 4mm and the new 5mm hardcase battery connectors and they are gold-plated and come as pair or 10-piece set. Also new are gold-plated 5mm to 4mm reducer tubes for hardcase battery packs with 5mm connectors. Using them allows to utilise both 5mm and 4mm packs without having to swap the standard 4mm connector on charge harnesses or speed controllers.

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February 15, 2017

Hadley & Munn sweep Cabin Fever 2017

Widely considered to be the official kickoff to the outdoor season in the Pacific NW, the annual Cabin Fever race was once again hosted by the RC Car Club of Lewiston, Idaho. The highly anticipated event drew 296 entries despite adverse weather conditions that closed mountain passes in the region, causing many racers to travel much longer distances than normal. Racers from Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana and Canada were all in attendance. Ironically the “outdoor kickoff” is held inside a covered arena at the Lewiston, Idaho Rodeo Grounds. The track is a bit larger than most tracks in the area, and while made to allow the smaller 1/10th scale cars to have great racing, the tracks for the Cabin Fever race tend to feature large obstacles and cater more to the 1/8 vehicles. The cold temperatures and changing track conditions made a lot of racers rethink tire choices throughout the weekend as the building was not heated. In the premier 1/8th Nitro Buggy class Keith Hadley too the TQ and win with Taylor Wonders and Jason Hunt coming in second and third respectively.

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February 15, 2017

2017 Winter Indoor National Series – Report

This past weekend kicked off the first race of the 2017 JConcepts Indoor National Series at SmacTrac. Now in it’s 7th year, tweaks were made to add more top drivers, more support, and the results were already felt at the Winter INS with over 300 entries of the region’s best drivers along with top world talent as well. Smac Trac is no stranger to hosting the Winter INS and this year’s layout was extremely challenging, technical, and a whole lot of fun. The design consisted of a full-length straightaway paired with a classic sweeper that increased in radius which all flowed very well. Next, racers had to navigate a cut back step-on, step-off pie turn that required trigger mastery and timing genius. Perhaps the most difficult section on the track was the 90-degree hill turn that flowed into a double which landed into a left turn. Many cars were crashing or losing time here, but the ones that could execute it perfectly would gain a huge advantage. The risk was entirely up to the drivers as this section clearly marked the separation of driver skill level.

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February 10, 2017

RPM XL-5 & XL-10 speed controller cages

RPM have introduced an ESC cage for the Traxxas XL-5 and XL-10 speed controllers. The design eliminates the use of the two undersized mounting tabs on the ESC in favour of a complete cage system that solidly locks the speedo in place. By completely surrounding and capturing the controller’s case, damage from broken tabs and ejection from the vehicle has been completely eliminated. The works even if one or both mounting tabs have already been broken or cut off and the cage is made of black or blue colour engineering grade nylons.

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February 9, 2017

HRC Racing exhaust pipe with smoke generator

HRC Distribution have introduced the HRC Racing exhaust pipe with smoke generator unit for electric drift cars and monster trucks. Consisting of an LED-equipped exhaust end pipe and a control unit, the system makes for a bit of scale realism for any drift car, monster or short course truck. The LED function and the amount of smoke emitted are controlled via the receiver’s throttle channel and the set includes everything needed, such as smoke fluid, mounting hardware and connection wires.

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February 8, 2017

JTP RT6 & SC6 Race Carbon shock towers

Coming from Jared Tebo’s JTP brand are carbon fibre shock towers for the Kyosho RT6 and SC6 trucks. The front shock tower was designed to dramatically change the front end geometry to improve the steering feeling. The shocks will be directly mounted to the arm, helping to taking out the twitch and over aggressive front end and giving more confidence in corners. Also new is a rear shock tower that offers the standard geometry with the inside three holes being available. The tower must be used with the RB6.6 rear bulkhead and it changes the body mounting positions. Both the front and rear shock tower are made from high-quality 4mm carbon fibre and JTP also offers a set of front and rear RT6 and SC6 arms with the front arms coming pre-drilled for the required new shock mounting location.

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