December 4, 2017

SpeedMerchant RoadKill Carpet 1/10th 235mm kit

…Coming from SpeedMerchant is the RoadKill Carpet Competition 1/10th 235mm Pro10 pan car kit. The car was specially designed for carpet racing and it features the original link and spring Speed-Tune racing suspension, the exclusive SpeedMerchant New School front suspension and it is constructed from aero space grade carbon fibre components. Other features include stainless steel hardware throughout, it comes with black anodised aluminium steering blocks, titanium front axles, as well as a Team IRS large D-ring Pro axle and differential set. Features: 1/10th scale 235mm RoadKill carpet racing chassis The Original Link & Spring Speed-Tune Racing Suspension…

November 29, 2017

Pan Car Masters 2018 – Announcement

…The MRTM track in Lostallo, Switzerland will play host to the 2018 Pan Car Masters & 1/8th Electric Track GP on the weekend of the 20th of May. Dubbed the unofficial Pro10 World Championship, the event will be held in several 1/10th 235mm Pan Car classes including Modified, 10.5T Stock and 13.5T Classic while also offering Swiss GT 13.5T and Formula 21.5T categories. In addition 1/8th E-Onroad Modified 4S/6S and 1/8th E-Onroad Stock 4S “Buri” classes will be run. The event will be organised by DownforceRC and VIP Performance and more information can be found here….

November 14, 2017

Ed & Michael Clark win at Australian EP On-road Nats

…The West Coast Model RC track in Perth, Western Australia, played host to the 2017 Australian Electric On-road Nationals. The WCMRC track, located in the industrial suburb of Bayswater in Perth, was originally built for 235mm 2WD IC cars in the 1980’s, with the track providing a challenging mix of flowing, high speed corners with a high grip undulating surface and an exciting banked corner at the end of the main straight. In 1/12th Modified Ed Clark set a fast pace during the early rounds of qualifying but suffered some reliability issues later in the day which allowed…

October 28, 2017

Roche Pro10 carbon fibre 6.34mm rear axle set

…Roche have introduced a new carbon fibre rear axle set for 1/10th 235mm Pro10 cars that use US-style rear axle shafts. Made from high-quality carbon fibre and being precision-ground to 6.34mm diameter the shaft is usable with all cars that use standard 1/4″ x 3/8″ rear axle bearings and it comes with a lightweight, black-anodised inner diff plate. Source: Roche []…

September 12, 2017

Fenix new version 235mm pan car gear differential

…Fenix have introduced a new version of their popular gear differential for 1/10th scale 235mm pan cars. Now coming with a 7mm Grade 5 titanium rear axle shaft the gear diff can be used in Pro10 cars such as the VIP Performance and Corally kits that use 7mm rear axles from standard. The diff and axle set comes including a sturdy 48 pitch 84T spur gear and it is available now. Source: Fenix []…

June 5, 2017

Pan Car Masters 2017 – Report

…about Timo and Roger with Timo’s 235mm wide car having much better traction while Roger had a clear speed advantage on the straights with his 200mm car. In A2 Roger was able to pass Timo in the closing stages while Rainer again had to settle for 3rd overall. The deciding third final was highly expected and the top 2 drivers should deliver. Unfortunately Roger ran out of battery on the last lap which allowed Timo to bring home the leg and overall win. Roger came in 2nd overall from Rainer in 3rd. Due to the rain shower during the Formula…

May 9, 2017

Fenix introduces new touring & pan car CF options

…traction and handling. Also new are two 2.5mm quasi isotropic carbon fibre chassis for the Xray X1 and Fenix Mistral kits. Both sport excessive machining for improved torsional flex which can be beneficial in a variety of track conditions. The Xray variant weighs in at 52g while the Fenix Mistral chassis is slightly lighter at 49g. Finally comes a special front end plate for the VBC Lightning 10-235mm Pro10 car. Three different mounting positions for the front suspension allows to adjust the overall width in a 216mm to 224mm range with the in-between setting is 220mm. Source: Fenix []…

May 5, 2017

New Protoform Pro-Lite & regular weight pan car bodies

…Protoform have introduced new Pro-Lite variants of their successful AMR-12, Strakka-12, BMR-12 and BMR-12.1 1/12th scale body shells as well as a regular weight variant of the Swift-235 Pro10 lid. The 1/12th bodies are made of genuine Lexan polycarbonate material and due to they very low weight they are recommended for the expert racer who is in search of the very last bit of performance. The Swift-235 body for 235mm wide Pro10 cars is moulded from 0.030″ Lexan and due to its higher stiffness and weight it is recommended for outdoor modified racing. Source: Protoform []…

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