March 22, 2017

VBC Racing Lighting10M-235 Pro10 chassis kit

…VBC Racing have introduced the Lightning10M-235 Pro10 chassis kit. Taking design features of the Lightning12M and LightningFXM chassis, the 235mm wide car features a redesigned chassis that is narrower than the one used in the previous kit. It still allows for standard inline, shorty inline as well as transverse shorty battery positions but does away with the numerous side cutouts for optional weights, meaning an overall stiffer chassis construction. Also part of the package are new composite X Silver front upper and lower arms, a hardened steel diff axle, the True Big Bore centre shock as well as…

February 13, 2017

Capricorn P1-235 Pro10 chassis kit

…Italian company Capricorn have introduced the new P1-235 Pro10 chassis kit. Sharing most parts with the 200mm wide P1 car the 235mm Pro10 features a centre point bellcrank steering system with an in-line servo position, the kit comes with adjustable side links, an aluminium front stiffing rod and the chassis can accommodate optional tungsten weights to alter the weight bias and thus steering and overall traction. On top of this the motor pod allows to mount the speed controller in the motor area for even more weight distribution options. Source: Capricorn [capricornrc.com] Facebook Twitter Google+ Pin It…

February 10, 2017

VIP Performance VTE 235mm Pro10 kit

…German brand VIP Performance has released first images of their forthcoming VTE 235mm Pro10 kit. Based off of the championship-winning Vorlon, the VTE will feature a new thinner main chassis plate with side rails, it will utilise a 4mm lower V-link geometry and 2mm lower side links. To this add a new upper damper plate, a floating servo mount, a redesigned top deck for less tweak as well as new side wings. The car is meant to be lighter, it offers improved cornerspeed due to the optimised chassis stiffness and it will generate more traction for low grip…

February 10, 2017

Wynn & Ishioka win at 2017 Snowbird Nationals

…the upper hand by taking the TQ and A-main win from team mate Jeff Dayger in second and Cory Parsons in third while Kosuke had to settle for fourth overall. The old 235mm wide Pro10 cars are making a minor comeback racing outdoors at many tracks in Europe and Western USA and the 2017 Snowbirds also saw them raced indoors and in the A-main a small issue with the TQ machine allowed 2nd qualifier Hayato Ishioka to take the win from Dave Vera in second while Hayato’s teammate Takeshi Shinomiya took 3rd. Source: CRC [teamcrc.com] Facebook Twitter Google+ Pin It…

January 23, 2017

2017 Pan Car Masters – Announcement

…The 2017 Pan Car Masters and 1/8th Electric Track GP will be held from the 2nd to 4th of June at the world-famous Lostallo track in Switzerland. Classes run are 235mm Pro10 Modified, 235mm Pro10 Stock, Swiss GT 200mm, Formula 21.5 as well as 1/8th Electric On-road Modified and Stock. Sign-up for the event is available here and more information about the event, rules and a hotel list are available here. Facebook Twitter Google+ Pin It…

October 12, 2016

Blaze Racing X10 2015 235mm conversion kit

…Coming from Blaze Racing is the 235mm conversion kit for the Xray X10 2017 pan car kit. The conversion widens the track width to 235mm while also extending the wheelbase by 7mm. Included with the set comes a genuine IRS rear axle to achieve the greater track width without the need to alter the motor pod plates or motor mounts while up front a wider suspension plate is used to achieve proper dimensions. Beside the carbon fibre rear axle and the 3mm front suspension plate the kit also includes a 3.5mm rear plate, wide left and right aluminium…

October 6, 2016

Fenix Racing 235mm gear differential kit

…Fenix Racing have introduced the 235mm Pro10 variant of their popular 1/10th formula gear differential kit. Compared to a standard ball differential the gear diff will improve traction on high-bite surfaces significantly. Available in two versions, with a 77T 48 pitch and a 92T 64 pitch main gear, the diff fits most of today’s 235mm pan cars and it is shortly also available as a 1/12th scale variant. Source: Fenix Racing [fenix-racing.com] Facebook Twitter Google+ Pin It…

September 1, 2016

New Protoform pan car bodies & Formula wings

…24h of Le Mans. The officially-licensed body comes with distinctive side wings that are add-on pieces that can be secured with the included hardware, shoo-goo or high-strength double-sided tape. Each body also includes injection molded nylon wing struts, a unique rear wing, an extensive decal sheet, window masks, and overspray film an a 190mm version is coming soon. Next up is the Swift-235 body for 235mm Pro10 pan cars. To celebrate the Pro10’s return to prominence, Protoform created a low and sleek body with a few styling cues from modern full-scale LMP cars. It’s made to suit a variety of…

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