Nitrosisters Xray X10 235mm conversion kit

Nitrosisters Xray X10 235mm conversion kit

Nitrosisters have released this 235mm conversion kit for the Xray X10 200mm chassis. Supplied with lightweight hub extensions and made of 7075-T6 aluminium, they key into the hubs for a precise, wobble free fit every time and also have a locating ring for the wheel to centre on. Each hub extension is 15mm wide, bringing your stock Xray X10 to 230mm which allows the driver to tune the rear track width with shims to get just the right width for the body of choice. The wide front end plate included two sets of front end holes, the inner set is for 200mm bodies while the outer set is for bodies with wheelbase from 220mm till 225mm. The included adjustable turnbuckles are made of titanium.

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Friday, January 7, 2011

VIP Performance S100 235mm conversion

VIP Performance S100 235mm conversion

New from VIP Performance is the first in a new line of products specifically for the pan car market, this S100 235mm conversion set. Converting the standard 200mm World GT car to the wider format, the kit includes a 3mm carbon front plate that enables the front track width to be mounted wider. The other changes are at the rear of the car and include a lightweight wheel hub and wheel hub spaces as well as a D-Drive graphite axle to complete the conversion.

View the rear end here

Friday, October 1, 2010

Corally 10SL 200/235mm ‘Side Links’ chassis

Corally 10SL 230/235mm 'Side Links' chassis

Corally have released information about their latest release, the 10SL ‘Side Links’. Shown in prototype form, it is available in a 200mm and 235mm champions kit, in full graphite and undergoes the same transformation as their 12SL chassis, to allow the mounting of LiPo packs. By going from a T-bar to a link, or as Corally are calling it ‘Side Links’, this allows the right amount of space to mount a 1S 3.2V LiPo pack up to a 7.4V stick pack LiPo. The car also features an updated front end and stiffer rear end, compared to its predecessor, that can easily accommodate brushless motors, while a new ‘top deck’ supports to centre shock and also adds extra stiffness to the chassis.

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Monday, June 14, 2010

CRC Gen-X 10 235mm Expansion Kit

CRC Gen-X 10 235mm Expansion Kit

Calandra Racing Concepts have released this 235mm expansion set for their popular 200mm Gen-X 10 chassis. Supplied with lightweight hub extensions, they key into the hubs for a precision, wobble free fit every time and also have a locating ring for the wheel to centre on. Each hub extension is 15mm wide, bringing your stock 200mm Gen-X 10 out to 230mm and this allows the driver to tune the rear track width with shims to get just the right width for the body of your choice. The wide front end plates included in set feature two sets of front end holes, the inner set is for most of the popular 1/10 pan car GTP bodies that taper in at the front, while the outer set is for wider “nitro car” bodies such as the 235mm Lola from Parma.

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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Heremans wins Belgian 235mm opener

Heremans wins Belgian 235mm opener

The Belgian 235mm National Championships got underway recently at the small and technical Houthalen circuit, where drivers spent Saturday testing on a dry track only to arrive on race day to find a wet circuit. With the rain having stopped, the track was completely dry for start of the final but on the very first lap it started to rain lightly and everyone pitted to change tyres, then 5 minutes later the heavens opened up and another tyre stop was required. With the cars running around more like submarines, and drivers struggling to keep their engines running it was Leo Heremans, who took the win after 30 minutes of racing being the only driver to complete the full race distance. Willy Wuyts took second despite being unable to get his engine restarted in the dying minutes of the race with Luc Steylaerts claiming third for an all Serpent 835 podium.

Source: Serpent []

Monday, April 21, 2008

Nougier wins Euro 40+, Beal 235mm

Eric Nougier wins Euro 40+ title

This weekend has seen the European 1/8th scale Championships for drivers aged 40 and over, run at the AMC Hildesheim track in Germany, alongside the European 1/10th 235mm Championship. In the 1/8th scale class qualifying it was French Kyosho driver Eric Nougier that took the pole position from Serpent driver Karl Heinz Meister in 2nd, while in the 235mm class it was Belgian racer Eric D’hondt that claimed the top qualifying spot ahead of current European title holder Alain Levy in 2nd. The 1/8th scale race saw an easy win for the French driver, after Meister claimed the lead after 10 minutes and then immediately went out with a rear belt failure allowing Nougier back in front and able to pull out a 2 lap cushion ahead of eventual 2nd placed finisher Christoph Pietsch with Austrian driver Peter Grandinger claiming 3rd spot at the end of the 45 minute race. In the 235mm final a problem for pole man D’hondt saw him sidelined after only 7 minutes which made it easier for Glyn Beal from the UK to work his way to the front where he eventually finished, despite the German racer Jens Stark in 2nd keeping him honest for the entire race, local driver Thomas Plöger rounded out the podium in 3rd.

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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Serpent tool bag

Serpent have released his strong tool bag featuring quality Serpent graphics. The bag can carry your full range of tools, all of which are secured neatly through the use of elastics loops. Sized at 287mm x 235mm x 45mm it features a high quality zipper and padded carrying handle.

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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Toy Fair 2012 – Serpent

Starting the first day of the toy fair at the Serpent stand, we were shown around the huge number of new products in their booth. First up is the new 747 1/10th scale 200mm chase which features new geometry front and rear as well as a front flex system that through the use of two tie rods connecting the front blocks to the radio plate can help adjust the chassis flex. A new radio plate retains the configuration of the 733 but with the radio box removed. A nice feature of the car is the new symmetrical chassis plate that sports an area for mounting weight to the centre line of the chassis which can be moved forward or rearward to influence the cars balance. Other new features include new RCM shock absorbers that now feature membranes again instead of the foam inserts.

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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Pedro Rombouts wins Dutch NK Rd2

Pedro Rombouts wins Dutch NK Rd2

The 2nd round of the Dutch Nationals for 1/10th 200mm was run last weekend at the RAC02000 track in Utrecht. Qualifying for the NK class saw Belgian racer and Euro B finalist Maxim Claes take the pole position with his Xray ahead of Serpent driver Daan Jacobs in 2nd, with current champion Pedro Rombouts in 3rd and Remy Moller in 4th. Making a comeback for the weekend was Julius Kolff, the former European 235mm champion showing he has lost none of his speed qualifying in 5th. Following a damp but drying semi final, the main final got underway with everyone wondering who would be pitting for tires due to the high tire wear. The final was exciting seeing Julius hit troubles, clipping the inside of a curb and damaging his light rims. Pole man Claes also hit trouble, making a mistake and clipping the pit exit, taking him out of the running at the 15 minute mark. Daan Jacobs led for most part of the race, but a small mistake in the final 2 laps let Pedro into the lead. Pedro took the win by 2 seconds ahead of Daan with Remy just behind in 3rd spot. In the Nomac class, Janwillem Gons took the win from pole ahead of Arne Schober in 2nd and Jos Pjilippus in 3rd. In the 1/8th Promo class Mario Gerssen took the win, also from the pole, ahead of Marc Meijer in 2nd and Ruud Knoester in 3rd spot.

View the other podiums here

Monday, June 7, 2010

Baldes brothers join Mugen Team Germany

Baldes brothers join Mugen Team Germany

Joerg and Uwe Baldes will race for Mugen Team Germany in the 2010 season. With the successful and established chassis of the Japanese manufacturer Mugen Seiki the brothers will enter the 1/8 as well as the 1/10 scale nitro class. Both will mainly compete in races in Western Germany and also at the German Nationals in both categories. Furthermore they are looking forward to international races with the World Championship 1/10 in Houston/Texas as an expected seasonal highlight. “We are delighted about this new challenge and the opportunity to enter both classes with Mugen“ said Joerg and Uwe Baldes. “We especially look forward to the new MRX5, a real innovation on the 1/8 scale market.”

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Tuesday, March 16, 2010


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