October 2, 2017

Reds Racing WR5 Black Diamond LTD engine

Reds Racing have introduced their new WR5 Black Diamond LTD engine. The Limited Edition engine utilises 5-ports, with special features based on the famous R5T Team Edition engine that has been a staple in the Reds lineup for 6 years. Available in two different models, the WR5 Black Diamond and WR5 Black Diamond HE High Efficiency, the latter version features low fuel consumption and smooth power band for high drivability. Reds have also improved the engine with a Black Diamond DLC Coated crankshaft which can last approximately 3-4 times more than a standard crankshaft thanks to the extreme hardness and low friction of the diamond coating. Even the conrod life is increased by about 50%. Supplied with an improved HCX carburettor featuring a new Flow Improved low speed needle and new 7075 aluminium fuel intake for improved tuning stability in extreme temperatures. Finally, the WR5 comes with a brand new black gloss cooling head which features an innovative design for improved air flow in order to increase the cooling and guarantee a low centre of gravity. The new cooling head is 10% lighter than the previous 5 ports generation.

Source: Reds Racing [reds-racing.com]

July 19, 2017

Reds Racing Gen2 1/8th brushless motors

Italian company Reds Racing have introduced their new Gen2 1/8th electric brushless motors. Developed with the help of factory drivers such as Elliott Boots the power plants feature a new stator for increased heat dissipation, a redesigned rotor makes for improved throttle control and an all-new heatsink can increases heat dissipation. The features list is rounded out by dual sensor ports, pre-shaped heavy duty solder tabs and high-RPM ball bearings. The motor will become available in a range of winding options including 1900kv and 2100kv variants.

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June 1, 2017

Reds Racing introduce new exhaust manifolds

Italian company Reds Racing have introduced new exhaust manifolds for .21 rear exhaust outlet engines. The new design connects the manifold to the engine with a much better fit. The end result improves the strength and durability of the spring retainers. The new design also provides improved cooling in the exhaust area to guarantee longer life for the gasket, equalling lower maintenance costs. The manifold is available in three sizes; the medium variant is recommended for short tracks where more bottom torque is required, but top speed will be lower. The second is the short manifold that is recommended for medium or standard-size  tracks. It is a good compromise between torque and top speed. Last but not least comes the XS extra short variant that is recommended for tracks with long main straights and to achieve the highest top speed but lower bottom torque.

Source: Reds Racing [reds-racing.com]

May 17, 2017

Reds Racing M7 WCS Diamond Edition on-road engine

Italian company Reds Racing have introduced their new M7 WCS Diamond Edition 1/8th nitro on-road engine. The 7-port extra long stroke engine is based on the M7 WCS 3.0 power plant and it features a new DLC-coated crankshaft, a new carburettor, a new cooling head and Reds Racing’s anti-dirt sealing system. The DLC-coated crankshaft and backplate will make for improved engine durability while the on-road specific carburettor provides greater idling stability, more precise tuning and improved power delivery. Furthermore the engine comes with a brand new cooling head which features an new design for improved airflow, resulting in increased cooling and a lower centre of gravity. The new cooling head is also lighter than the standard ones. Finally the cooling head’s anti-dirt sealing system keeps the engine clean in a critical area between the cooling head and crankcase. The redesigned crankcase also provides easier maintenance and a cleaner engine for longer life.

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May 9, 2017

Reds Racing sign Wataru Takashiro

Reds Racing have announced the signing of top Japanese driver, Wataru Takashiro to their team for 2017 and 2018. Wataru will use Reds Racing nitro engines throughout his campaign that will see appearances at all major races.

Source: Reds Racing [reds-racing.com]

May 9, 2017

Reds Racing VX 540 17.5T high torque brushless motor

Coming from Reds Racing is the new VX540 17.5T high torque electric brushless motor. Complementing the already existing 13.5T and 21.5T high torque variants, the motor offers a precision-machined 6061-T6 high airflow can, a balanced sintered rotor as well as low resistance solder tabs. The specially tuned motor will offer increased low-RPM torque while maintaining unchanged top speed, making it ideal for tracks that requires both lots of bottom end power and speed.

Source: Reds Racing [reds-racing.com]

April 21, 2017

Reds WR7 Diamond 3.5cc nitro off-road engine

Italian company Reds Racing have introduced their new WR7 Diamond 3.5cc nitro off-road engine. Based off of the popular R7 World Edition engine, the new power plant is of a high-torque design and it features a DLC-coated crankshaft and backplate for reduced internal friction and improved durability while utilising a redesigned crankcase, cooling head and combustion camber insert to further improve performance and durability. Of a high-power 7-port design the power plant features an exhaust port with boosters to improve mileage and to provide a smooth yet powerful power delivery. Part of the engine package are also the renown HCX carburettor with Gen 2 venturi insert, anew lightweight and low centre of gravity cooling head and each engine comes with a hand-tuned, silicone-filled, balanced and tuned crankshaft, a work that is carried out by Reds’ own M. Rossi. The engine is available separately, pre-broken-in by M. Rossi, as Elliott Boots Race Ready edition, including the Reds 2143+S exhaust or as all-out combo package including the 2143+S exhaust and Reds’s own Quattro clutch.

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March 17, 2017

Reds Racing sign Borja Hernandez

Reds Racing have welcomed Spain’s Borja Hernandez to their team. The Spanish top driver off-road will use Reds Racing nitro engines in his campaign that will include the Spanish national championship beside other major races.

Source: Reds Racing [reds-racing.com]