April 27, 2018

Sweep Racing 2018 Team T-shirt

Sweep have introduced their new 2018 Team t-shirt. The merchandise is made of 100 percent cotton material, to comes in black and with multi-colour prints on the front and the back. It is available in M to XXXL sizes from now on.

Source: Sweep [sweepracing.com]

April 25, 2018

Sweep Carbides & Indigo for Truggy

New for Truggy from Sweep come these Carbides-T tires developed using the same pattern as their 1/8th buggy Carbides tires which is the company’s most popular pattern. In order to get longer life, centre pins has extended and all pins are little bit bigger than the buggy version. A newly redesigned V2 carcass will provide easy driving and less ballooning on all kinds of track surfaces and will come available in regular compounds (Y,S,B,R,W) and long life compounds (YX,SX,BX,RX) as well. Also for Truggy come these all new Indigo inserts which have been redesigned to be more durable while the softness of the new material provides less bounce and smooth driving, especially with the new Carbides-T tires.

View the Indigo inserts here

April 6, 2018

Sweep Racing Black Carpet Formula tyres

Sweep Racing have recently revamped their 1/10th Formula tyre line and has now added the new “Black Carpet” tyres for the U.S. market. They were developed to perform right out of the package and from the first lap on thanks to Sweep’s own stable temperature rubber technic. The tyres were tested at tracks all over North America, they come as a complete 4-piece set including front and rear rubber and they are available now.

Source: Sweep Racing [weepracingusa.com]

March 12, 2018

Sweep Racing EXP-SX touring car inserts

Sweep Racing have introduced their newest 1/10 touring car inserts, called the EXP-SX. Developed for high performance racing tires to provide extremely high traction and forward bite with stable feeling around corners, the EXP-SX inserts stay securely positioned inside the tire and on the wheel thanks to its profile. Only available in soft pink.

Source: Sweep [sweepracing.com]

February 1, 2018

Sweep Racing V4 formula tyres

Sweep Racing have introduced their all-new V4 tyres for 1/10th formula cars. Available as full slick or grooved pattern variant, the full slick is best used on high grip tracks were it allows for smooth cornering and provides an overall easier driving feel while being also usable on damp asphalt surfaces. The grooved tyres however are meant to excel in low grip asphalt conditions as well as on standing water or very wet tracks but also in dusty and greasy conditions. The tyres are available in both carpet and asphalt compounds on black colour wheels and they fit most of today’s formula pan cars.

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January 25, 2018

Sweep Racing introduce new off-road tyre compound

Sweep Racing have introduced the new Super Extreme Soft tyre compound for their range of off-road tyres. The softest in the line of now seven rubber mixtures, the Super Extreme Soft is marked with a gold-colour dot for easy identification and it is best used in low-traction and cold racing conditions as it provided increased traction and an easier driving feeling. The new compound is available for Sweep’s full line of off-road tyres.

Source: Sweep Racing [sweepracing.com]

January 11, 2018

Sweep Racing V5 1/8th buggy rim

Sweep Racing have announced the release of their new V5 1/8th buggy rim. It is of a -0.6mm offset design compared to the previous V4 rim and also features 1mm lower inner ribs for an overall softer wheel that provides improved traction on bumpy surfaces while also making the inserts slightly softer. The V5 wheel is made of high-quality nylon material and it is available in white or yellow colour.

View the yellow rim here

August 21, 2017

Sweep Racing STC-8 190mm touring car body shell

Sweep Racing have introduced their all-new STC-8 190mm touring car body shell. Developed for high-traction conditions the body will offer a smooth corner-exit feeling while also providing loads of high speed steering, thus filling the gap between the STC-4 and STC-6. The body will become available in the four different thickness variants of standard 1.0mm, lightweight 0.8mm and 0.65mm as well as ultra-lightweight 0.5mm, all of which include a high downforce wing and window masks.

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