December 19, 2016

Teamsaxo introduce new Formula bodyshell

Asian company Teamsaxo have announced the release of their latest Formula class bodyshell. Made from clear polycarbonate and fitting most of today’s formula pan cars, the body’s design is aimed towards the use on medium to high-bite tracks and according to Teamsaxo it is tuneable in terms of downforce and aerodynamic drag to fine-tune the car’s behaviour.

Source: Teamsaxo [saxoracing.com]

December 14, 2016

Protoform DB16 200mm touring car wing kit

New from Protoform comes the DB16 wing kit for 200mm touring cars. In combination with the PF SRS-N race body, this wing was used by Dario Balestri at the 2016 1/10 IC World Championship to TQ and set the pace for most of the event. Then, at the 2016 ROAR Fuel National Championships, JJ Wang took the overall TQ and win with the DB16 mounted on his P37-N. On the track it has been shown to add more traction and make 200mm sedans easier drive through high-speed corners. The wing fits all IFMAR/ROAR/EFRA specs and is formed from genuine 0.7mm Lexan. Included with the wing are two 50x35mm Lexan endplates and mounting hardware.

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December 13, 2016

Bittydesign MP9 TKI4 Force buggy bodyshell

Italian company Bittydesign have introduced their new Force bodyshell for the Kyosho MP9 TKI4 buggy. Developed in cooperation with Kyosho team drivers the body sports a cab forward design, large side flaps for downforce and improved traction and the overall design also optimises the airflow towards the rear wing. The body is made from genuine 1mm Lexan material and it comes clear, including window masks and a decal sheet. Also available and sold separately are optional mud guards to protect the rear driveshafts and wishbones from collection too much dirt. Like the body, the mud guards come made from clear polycarbonate.

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December 9, 2016

Xtreme Aerodynamics New Generation body stiffeners

Xtreme Aerodynamics have released information on their New Generation body stiffener set. Developed in cooperation with top drivers such as Robert Pietsch and Simon Kurzbuch and made from genuine Lexan material, the newly designed stiffeners are specifically moulded to perfectly match all Xtreme Aerodynamics 1/8th scale body shells. The parts come laser-cut meaning they are usable instantly and plastic rivets are supplied in the set so that the only work required is to drill a couple of 3mm holes in both the body and the stiffener, and to snap the rivets in place. As an add-on the set also includes an adjustable wing with plastic screws and nuts.

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December 8, 2016

Serpent lightweight 1/8th off-road wing

Lightweight Polycarbonate wings are the latest craze in 1/8th off-road racing and now Serpent is jumping on the weight saving train with the introduction of their own featherweight wing. The multi-piece part was designed by Billy Easton and it is made from strong 1mm material. It offers large side flaps, a 7-fin design for stability and lowered outer sections to guide the air towards the side dams and rear gurney. Included comes a separate inner section for added stability and downforce which bolts onto the main wing using a pair of fasteners. The wing comes pre-cut, including mounting hardware, a composite gurney and it is ready for painting or leaving it clear.

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