June 24, 2017

VP-Pro SRX8 buggy body shell

VP-Pro have introduced their new body shell for the Serpent SRX8 buggy. The lid offers a high-downforce design with sculptured side pods, a roof top shark fin and increased airflow around the engine head. The body is best suited for small to medium size tracks and it comes made from clear 1mm high-quality polycarbonate and includes window masks.

Source: VP-Pro [vp-racing.com]

June 20, 2017

JConcepts TLR 22 4.0 S2 buggy body shell

Coming from JConcepts and made for the TLR 22 4.0 is the S2 body shell. It sports the popular S2 design and is tailor-made to fit TLR’s latest 2WD racing buggy. A slammed overall height allows the S2 to whisk through the turns with a low centre of mass while the progressive cab design provides plenty of front-end force for balance and steering. A channeled roof directs the flow through the centre of the body while also increasing the rigidity of cockpit. The dual side-window design that has become famous on the JConcepts bodies remains to bring a traditional feel to the layout. The upper side-pods feature distinct vents used to help relieve hot air build-up inside the body for those high-powered runs or hot days at the track. Carved and detailed side-pods edge the body giving the highly aero unit a stylish look with a tight fit and finish. Cut-lines are included on the body to accommodate stand-up and lay-down transmission layouts giving all out versatility. Includes with the body come window masks, a decal sheet and two Aero rear wings.

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June 19, 2017

Xray GTX8 1/8th scale GT body shell

Xray have released an 1/8th scale GT body shell for on-road cars such as the GTX8. Made from high-quality Lexan polycarbonate material the low-profile body is of a highly aerodynamic design for improved top speed and overall stability. The body comes clear, including rear wing, decal sheet and window masks and it fits Xray’s own GTX8 as well as all GT cars of the same dimensions and a 318mm to 326mm wheelbase.

Source: Xray [teamxray.com]

June 16, 2017

Protoform RT-C lightweight rubber tyre oval body shell

Protoform’s latest oval racing lid is the RT-C lightweight rubber tyre body shell. The XFINITY Series continues to provide full scale stock car fans with close exciting racing in 2017. Protoform now presents an oval body inspired by the newest generation of these cars. The RT-C has a bit of a twist though, as it is configured to fit perfectly over the taller rubber and capped tyres. Rubber tyres on carpet oval cars have put driving skill and a new element of fun into the oval scene. The longer lasting rubber tyre format saves time and money as well, eliminating the tyre truing process. The RT-C offers a large rear spoiler to aid in tuning – for that perfect front to rear balance, while the left side of the body is bumped out for extra battery clearance. The RT-C is produced in high-quality .025″ polycarbonate and includes spoiler mounting hardware, protective film, window masks and a decal sheet. This body will also fit most popular 200mm sedan chassis.

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June 16, 2017

Protoform P47-N 1/10th 200mm nitro touring body shell

Protoform have introduced the next evolution of the IFMAR World title-winning P37 body shell, the P47-N. Featuring all-new aero concepts and some design cues never before seen in the class, the P47 was exhaustively tested by Protoform’s team to find a body that offers more precise and smooth steering, increased corner speed and forward bite, and additional top speed on long straights. A raised section of the left side window can be cut out to scoop air into the body for additional engine cooling, and a large high-downforce/low-drag wing complete the design. The body meets all EFRA (#2058), IFMAR and ROAR body rule requirements and is available as .025″ light weight and .030″ regular weight variant. Included with the P47 is a decal sheet, paint-then-peel overspray film, window masks and durable nylon wing mounting hardware.

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June 16, 2017

Pro-Line Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 1/24 scale body shell

Made for the Ambush 4×4 or other 1/24 scale mini crawlers is Pro-Line’s new Jeep Wrangler Rubicon body shell with interior set. The officially licensed body will transform mini trucks into ultra scale rigs with the details from the full-size Jeep have been faithfully recreated in miniature size. The body comes with a separate interior piece that features fully detailed seats, dashboard and driver body and doubles as the rear body mount. Window masks, paint-then-peel overspray film and fully licensed detailed stickers are included to finish off the look.

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June 8, 2017

JConcepts 1988 Chevy Silverado extended cab MT body

JConcepts is on top of the best monster truck body styles in the business with the release of the 1988 Chevy Silverado. The 1988 styling is very clean, updated, refined and didn’t display the boxy looks from the early 80’s. The fleetside, extended cab design is spot-on featuring slight curvature to the main shape, new headlights, grille treatment and form-fitting wheel wells. The slight flare to the tire openings give just a little wrinkle to the bed-sides and front fenders to accommodate different sized tires for maximum versatility. The body includes a decal sheet that makes detailing out the headlights, taillights and grille a breeze while window mask allows the user to quickly get the body into paint. The extended cab body has an 13” wheelbase and fits retro and race monster trucks as a drop-on giving the all important clearance and functionality.

View the rear of the truck here

June 5, 2017

Protoform MS7 190mm touring car body shell – Teaser

This past weekend round 4 of the California Touring Series was held and it was Yokomo’s Ronald Völker who took the overall win using Protoform’s forthcoming all-new MS7 body shell. The code is understood to stand for MazdaSpeed7 meaning the new lid will replace or complement the iconic MazdaSpeed6, one of Protoform’s most successful 190mm touring car body shells. The MS7 is in development for some time now and we bring you more information as soon as they surface.

Image: Steve Burgess