February 24, 2017

Pro-Line X-Maxx Ford F-150 Raptor bodyshell

Coming from Pro-Line and made for the Traxxas X-Maxx monster truck is the pre-cut Ford F-150 Raptor bodyshell. Resembling the 2017 variant of the popular pick-up truck the body is a direct fit to Traxxas’ big gun monster truck and it comes clear, including window masks and decal sheet. On top of this the body will be delivered pre-cut, minimising preparation time.

Source: Pro-Line [prolineracing.com]

February 22, 2017

Serpent SDX4 0 degree C-hubs & HD front wing

Serpent have introduced new optional parts for the SDX4 1/10th 4WD buggy in the form of 0 degree C-hubs and a high downforce front wing. Starting with the suspension parts, the castor hubs are machined from 7075-T6 aluminium and they come with a silver finish and laser-etched markings for easy identification. The hubs add stiffness and durability to the front end while allowing to adjust the steering characteristics for specific track conditions. Also new is the high downforce front wing. Designed to be mounted behind the front shock tower the wing will add extra front end downforce when needed. The wing comes made from clear polycarbonate and it will also fit other the buggies of other brands.

View the front wing here

February 21, 2017

JConcepts Strike 3 RC8B3 buggy bodyshell

JConcepts have introduced the Strike 3 bodyshell for the Team Associated RC8B3 buggy. Sampling elements from the Finnisher, Silencer and Striker bodies it packs a slightly refined image. The base enhancements to the design come from the parallel to chassis side-pods, that look traditional with 1/8th buggies of the past. A large rear-end winglet has been added to aid in the rear traction stability as well as stopping force. The offset of the race-proven shell provides a compact fit for the fuel tank, linkage and air filter assembly and the heavy channelling on the front windshield keeps the Strike 3 aligned at high speeds while the sidepods have multiple hard-edge angles that spill off neatly into 90 degree side panels. Just behind the engine head, a sleek up-rising flows from the body like running water and a sharp rise in the rear wicker blocks flow to the rear tower and redirects to the rear wing area. The clear body set includes window templates and a decal sheet.

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February 20, 2017

Team Titan Blitz TS035 pre-cut bodyshell

Team Titan’s Blitz TS035 1/8th scale bodyshell is now also available in a pre-cut variant. Coming in a regular 0.8mm and a lightweight 0.7mm variant the body shows up factory-cut and pre-drilled for the ARC R8.0 and R8.1, which means preparation time is greatly reduces while also guaranteeing perfectly cut wheel wells, engine and fuel tank openings. The EFRA homologated body is available now.

Source: Team Titan [team-titan.com.tw]

February 20, 2017

Team Bomber Type Ketter 1/12th scale pan car bodyshell

Japanese company Team Bomber have introduced the Type Ketter bodyshell for 1/12th scale pan cars. Designed to offer a sharp low-speed handling the body received a new nose section and front fender design for improved rotation while the cabin design and rear end shape still allow for good balance and rear traction when needed. The body is available moulded from lightweight 0.5mm polycarbonate and including window masks.

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February 18, 2017

CRC World GT-R body mounts & Formula wings

CRC have introduced adjustable aluminium body mounts for World GT-R cars as well as new formula wings. Starting with the body mounts, the parts feature a stiff delrin inner piece that slides and locks with a set screw. They also use the “flapper” rotating body rest piece for less body damage and a perfect fit. The aluminium base and machined delrin post make for a stiff rigid mount perfect for the scale World GT-R bodies.

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February 17, 2017

Team Azarashi Magna 1/10th buggy rear wing

Team Azarashi have introduced their new Magna 1/10th buggy rear wing. Designed for high-speed tracks the wing is of a unique shape that allows the wing to sit closer to the rear axle than most wings while the added ribs on the main element improve aerodynamic drag and durability without sacrificing downforce. The wing fits most of today’s 2WD and 4WD buggies and it is made of high-quality polycarbonate.

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February 9, 2017

Leadfinger Racing Hammer smoke grey 1/8th buggy wing

Available soon from Leadfinger Racing is the smoke grey variant of the Hammer 1/8th buggy rear wing. The 1-piece wing comes pre-cut for quick and easy installation and includes an optional inner stabiliser segment for improved high speed stability when needed. The smoke grey colour does away with the need to scrub the wing with sandpaper in order to improve visibility and visual appearance. The wing is available separately or as 2-wing set.

Source: Leadfinger Racing [leadfingerrc.com]