March 22, 2018

Pro-Line Air Force 2 6.5″ rear wing

Coming from Pro-Line is the new Air Force 2 lightweight 6.5” 1/10th buggy rear wing with centre fin. The AF2 wing is designed with the latest in CAD technology to meet extreme performance and durability specifications. It is made from lightweight but flexible material to get maximum strength and includes aerodynamic centre fin stabilisers for improved high-speed stability. Huge radiuses on the wing corners prevent cracks from starting and allow air to flow smoothly over the wing for exceptional performance. The wing comes in a pack that includes two wings and two centre fins.

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March 22, 2018

JConcepts YZ-4 SF Aero front wing sets

Coming from JConcepts and made for the Yokomo YZ-4 SF 1/10th 4WD buggy are two new Aero front wings and a single front scoop kit. Mounted above or in front of the front shock tower on the Yokomo YZ4-SF vehicle, the Aero front wing mounts in “clean air” and is quite easy to trim, use and test without sacrificing all important track time. Coming in two widths, the driver can choose either the narrow variant for a lighter feel or wide for heavier down force. Cut lines are included for easy trimming while wing mount dimples are included for a bolt-on fit to the popular Yokomo YZ4-SF vehicle. Also new is the lower front scoop, an option to the tower mounted front wing that has shown to produce enhanced steering characteristics. The package includes a quantity of two items for additional use or to outfit multiple vehicles with one purchase. Ryan Maifield captured the 2017 IFMAR World Championship in the 4WD class using this item. Reports from the pit area revealed an increased feel and sensitivity in the larger sweeping sections and helped jumping attitude in the tricky section of the difficult Xiamen built track surface.

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March 16, 2018

Bittydesign JP8 190mm high downforce TC body shell

Italian company Bittydesign have introduced their all-new JP8 high downforce body shell for 190mm touring cars. The lid offers a modern, aggressive styling with a long, flowing front end for increased downforce and steering response while the rear end sports two fins that span from the rear window over to the rear wing, ensuring improved stability at high speeds while still granting lots of rotation going into corners. The EFRA, ROAR and IFMAR homologated body was developed for both asphalt and carpet tracks and it is usable for Modified and Stock racing alike. A special moulding process ensures an excellent weight to durability ratio and the body comes clear, including window masks, decal sheets and lightweight wing mounting hardware. For now the body is available in an un-cut lightweight version.

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March 14, 2018

Arena 0.5mm carbon fibre touring car wing endplates

Arena RC Racing have released a 4-piece set of 0.5mm carbon fibre touring car wing endplates. While adding visual impact the plates add stability to the outer portion of the wing while still being very light of weight. The endplates are made from high-quality carbon fibre and measure 20x40mm, meeting most governing bodies’ requirements in terms of dimensions, however they may not be actually race legal in your area due to being considered a risk to other cars as well as marshals or the track surface because of their thin and rigid nature. The 4-piece set equips two standard touring car rear wings and it is available now.

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March 14, 2018

Exotek EB410 Edge lightweight body shell

Coming from Exotek and made for the Tekno RC EB410 buggy is the new Edge lightweight body shell. The body was designed to sit 8mm lower than the kit shell to lower the overall centre of gravity while offering a new look. Exotek have also taken great care to still allow the mounting of the fan above the motor and still allow normal height or low profile servo use. Clean lines are used throughout for a clean “aero” downforce package yet allows easy custom painting thanks to the smooth and rounded corners. The Edge body weighs in at a svelte 27g unpainted versus the 37g stock unpainted body thanks to a premium lightweight thickness polycarbonate that is a proprietary custom produced material only for Exotek that is much stronger and longer lasting. Included with the body come window masks but no wing.

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March 13, 2018

JConcepts F2 body for Yokomo YZ4-SF

JConcepts have introduced the F2 body shell for the Yokomo YZ4-SF 4WD buggy. Designed with aspects learned from the original Finnisher bodies, the F2 provides an even more aggressive look with included details which remain crucial to performance. Increased windshield angle provides a steady force upfront during mid-flight wind gusts on large jumps while the forward cab placement changes the performance and visible bias which help steering rotation in low traction corners. The side-pods have been simplified to remove unwanted changes in height to neutralise the at-speed handling and the rear of the pods have a dual step, scoop treatment which give a first in class look to the F2 body. The rear of the cab has the Finnisher step feature which allows the placement of a secondary side window and also several louver options off the rear. In addition to the newly designed body, JConcepts has included two of the latest Aero S-type rear wings used by Ryan Maifield to win the IFMAR World Championships.

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March 13, 2018

Xtreme Aerodynamics Diablo 1/8th body

After releasing a teaser last year, Xtreme Aerodynamics have finally introduced their latest 1/8th creation, the Diablo. After a long development carried out with some of the best drivers in the World, the Italian factory is now releasing a body that has already proven itself as highly performant in the hands of Simon Kurzbuch at the Guan You Sunpadow GP, and has received an EFRA homologation last month. The body will be available in the light (1mm) and ultra-light (.75mm) versions, and in pre-cut versions for several chassis.

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March 6, 2018

Protoform TS18 1/10th touring car wing

Protoform have introduced the TS18 rear wing for 1/19th 190mm touring car body shells. The wing takes its design from the Type-S race body, but adds extra thickness. The medium weight polycarbonate provides a neutral feeling for 190mm touring cars, great for almost any track surface. Conveniently pre-cut, the TS18 also includes pre-cut 40mm x 20mm endplates, double-sided tape, and mounting hardware.

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