April 23, 2018

Arrowmax Graphene Pro 8200 & 6200mAh LiPo packs

Arrowmax have introduced two new Graphene Pro series competition LiPo battery packs in the form of the 8200mAh TC and 6200mAh TC low-profile battery. Both are made from high-quality 65C/130C cells with the 8200mAh variant being 25.1mm high at a weight of 320g while the 6200mAh low-profile pack offers a lower height of 22.5mm at a weight of 288g. The standard voltage 7.4V batteries both offer an extremely low internal resistance for maximised voltage output and they are available now.

View the 6200mAh battery here

April 19, 2018

1up Racing Pro Pit iron

1up Racing have introduced their all-new Pro Pit iron that is available for pre-order now. With its included 24V power source, the Pro Pit iron heats and is ready to use in under ten seconds. An easy-to-read LCD display offers accurate adjustment of the 100-400°C (200-750°F) temperature range. The 1up Boost mode offers a nearly instant temperature increase to 450°C (850°F) at the press of a button, making easy work of thick gauge wires. The iron automatically cools to 200°C after two minutes of inactivity to prolong the life of the tip, and shuts down completely after ten minutes of inactivity.

View lists of the features and included items here

April 19, 2018

SkyRC B6 Nano 320W DC micro charger

Coming soon from SkyRC is the B6 Nano 320W DC micro multi-chemistry charger. It measures a compact 76x85x37mm and weighs in at only 130g but packs a bunch of features such as a 50×37.5mm black screen display, touch buttons, up to 15A charging current, and 6S LiPo-compatibility. A LiHV mode allows to use the device with the latest generation of high-voltage LiPo batteries and thanks to Bluetooth connectivity the charger can controlled, monitored and upgraded using iOS or Android mobile device apps.

View a list of the specifications and more images here

April 19, 2018

Muchmore Fleta Euro V2 aluminium capacitor mount

Made for Muchmore’s Fleta Euro V2 speed controller is a dedicated aluminium capacitor mount. The item is machined from high-quality aluminium and it was designed to conveniently hold the single capacitor of the Euro V2 speedo. The capacitor can be attached using thing double-sided tape of glue and with the increased contact patch it is much easier and more secure to hold the capacitor in place. The mount weighs in at 1g and it is available in black, red or gold anodising.

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April 19, 2018

Arrowmax Graphene Pro 6200mAh LP LiPo battery

Arrowmax have introduced their new Graphene Pro series 6200mAh 7.4V low-profile touring car LiPo battery pack. It is made using high-quality 65C/130C cells for a super-low internal resistance and a high average voltage, making it ideal especially for stock racing classes. The hardcase battery weighs in at 288g and it is available from now on.

Source: Arrowmax [arrowmax-rc.com]

April 18, 2018

Reds Racing TX2 1/10th speed controller

Reds Racing have announced the soon release of their new TX2 1/10th scale brushless speed controller. The 160A-rated ESC will be usable for Modified and Stock racing alike, it is 2S LiPo-compatible, measures 31x40x19.5mm and will feature a switchable 6V/7.4V 6A BEC system. A build-in on/off switch and black receiver wire round out the package. Full information on the features and specifications will become available in time for the release.

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April 17, 2018

HRC Racing 3S 6000mAh softcase LiPo pack

Coming from HRC Distribution is the new HRC Racing 3S 6000mAh softcase LiPo battery pack. The battery is usable in all applications that require increased voltage, such as monster or outlaw short course trucks. The pack measures a compact 133x43x27mm, weighs in at 335g and fits most 2S LiPo battery compartments. It is built from 50C/100C cells, offers 11.1V output and it is available with T-type or XT90 connectors.

Source: HRC Distribution [hrcdistribution.com]

April 17, 2018

Muchmore Impact LCG HV FD3 3800mAh shorty

Muchmore have introduced their new Impact LCG HV FD3 3800mAh competition shorty LiPo battery pack. The power source measures 95.8×46.8×22.5mm and the battery’s low-profile design makes for an overall lower centre of gravity while the somewhat high capacity of 3800mAh gives ample running time even for power-hungry classes. The high voltage battery is built from high-grade 120C cells, it weighs in at a lightweight 186g and will hit stores soon.

Source: Muchmore [muchmoreracing.net]