June 15, 2017

Team Corally Cerix Pro 160 Black Edition ESC

Coming from Team Corally is the Cerix Pro 160 Racing Factory Black Edition brushless speed controller. The 2S to 3S LiPo compatible 1/10th scale speedo offers the same features and specifications and the standard, red case Cerix Pro 160 with the all-black alloy case making it better suited for all vehicles whose anodising colours clash with the original Team Corally red. The controller is widely adjustable in terms of throttle and brake control, boost and turbo functions and it offers a 7.4V/6.0V BEC system, ten programmable profiles and it comes including an optional add-on cooling fan.

Source: Team Corally [corally.com]

June 7, 2017

Reedy Blackbox 600Z Competition ESC

Reedy’s all-new Blackbox 600Z Zero-Timing Sensored Brushless Competition ESC claims to be the perfect entry-level spec class ESC thanks to its economical price, versatility and race-proven performance. Excellent throttle and brake feel, a wide range of adjustability and robust hardware make the Blackbox 600Z suitable for a variety of spec racing applications, including entry level and cost-controlled spec race programs that mandate a specific ESC.

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June 2, 2017

RPM Castle Mamba X ESC cage

Coming from RPM and made for most Traxxas 1/10th off-road vehicles is an ESC cage for the Castle Creations Mamba X speed controller. The design allows to securely fasten the speedo in the chassis while also holding the on/off switch neatly. The cage uses the original mounting pattern of the chassis, doing away with the need to use double sided tape while also allowing to easily remove the controller for cleaning and maintenance. The cage for the Castle Mamba X ESC fits in the stock location on the Traxxas Slash 2WD, Slash 2WD LCG, Slash 4×4, Slash 4×4 LCG, Stampede 4×4 and Rally, while also working on other Traxxas 1/10th scale vehicles as well. The cage is available in black or blue colour and it is made of RPM’s renown nylon material for long lasting performance.

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May 11, 2017

Nosram HD StockSpec brushless speed control

UK Nosram distributors Schumacher have introduced the new HD StockSpec brushless speed control. The HD Stock Spec comes pre-installed with the all-new v5.1 software. This software is adapted to the new hardware and new vital features have been added to make it best possible for today’s need in Stock racing. Initial Drive Feel Compensation (IDFC) has been developed especially with Stock racing in mind to maximise the comfort of initial drive feel over the whole race. Activating IDFC will provide initial drive increments depending on the temperature of the motor. This innovative feature will help to match the same power feeling on throttle over the whole race. Users can either select no compensation or adjust more IDFC to match the desired feeling on throttle after the motor gets hotter and battery weaker. Newly developed Stock parameters for the timing allow to unleash the full power potential in all boosted classes. The new BDX-S break rounds off the package for Stock drivers. Four different brake types including BDX-S are now included, enabling maximum braking power with increased response for pin-point accuracy when entering tight corners. By the time of release, Nosram continues to use its well-known system for trackside adjustments with push buttons, with no need to use a separate programming unit. The Nosram HD speed control series however is designed to support external programming device which is planned to be offered later on.

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April 28, 2017

LRP FlowX Stock Spec brushless speed controller

LRP have introduced their new FlowX Stock Spec speed controller. Based off of the standard FlowX speedo the Stock Spec variant features the optimised V5.1 firmware to get the most out of today’s brushless stock motors. The Initial Drive Feel Compensation function for example adapts the throttle curve throughout the run to compensate motor fade and to ensure a constant throttle feeling till the end of a run. Also new is the BDX-S brake purpose designed for on-road and off-road stock racing classes. Other features include a blue anodised all-aluminium case, a black 175mm long receiver wire, a set of lightweight fan mount screws and all-black power wires.

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April 27, 2017

7075.it Hobbywing XR10 brass lower case

Coming from Italian company 7075.it is a brass lower case for the Hobbywing XR10 Stock Spec speed controller. The part adds about 20 gram of weight to the speedo by simply swapping the original lower case with the optional brass part, helping to gain weight without using additional brass or lead weights in an already crowded touring car chassis.

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April 19, 2017

Team Powers M-Radon ESC & MBX sensored BL motor

Team Powers have released first information on their forthcoming M-Radon sensored brushless speed controller and sensored MBX brushless motor. Aimed towards the use in 1/27th mini-size cars, 1/10th motorcycles and other applications, the speed controller makes use of hardware and software ideas taken over from the Radon V2 1/10th speed controller to create a powerful yet widely adjustable ESC that allows for adjustable drive and brake frequencies, power band control and even data recording functions. The controller is adjustable using a simple LED programming card or an optional PC interface and it is usable with 2S LiPo packs and up to 10,000kv brushless motors. As for the motor, the MBX is of a sensored design for improved low-RPM start up without cogging issues, it measures 16x27mm and is available in a 7200kv or 8400kv variant.

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March 29, 2017

Rusti Design carbon fibre fan guards

Available now from French brand Rusti Design are two carbon fibre ESC fan guards. Cut from 1mm high-quality carbon fibre and thus in most cases usable with the original fan mount hardware, the guards not only look good but they can also prevent damage to the fan’s blades by shielding them from larger debris or the speedo’s wires. The guards are available for 25mm or 30mm fans.

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