May 23, 2018

Yuki Model Samurai 3250kV B4 limited edition combo

Yuki Model from Germany have introduced their new limited edition 3200kV B4 motor and controller combo set. The 60A rated power pack consists of a water-resistant 3S LiPo-compatible controller and a 3200kV sensorless motor. Both come pre-wired with a T-type battery connector and bullet-style motor plugs and the controller is programmable using Yuki Model’s optional programming box.

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May 21, 2018

Hobbywing XeRun Axe brushless power system

Hobbywing have introduced their new XeRun series Axe brushless power system for crawlers and trail trucks. Featuring the new FOC Field-oriented Control technology, that is understood to match the motor RPM with the throttle position, the system allows for greatly improved car control especially on downhill sections while making the system more silent, higher performing and more reliable. The motor, with a newly developed staggered pole design, ensures consistent deceleration, smoother power supply, smoother brake control and an overall greatly improved throttle feeling. The whole system is IP-67 waterproof for go-everywhere capabilities right out of the package and the controller is programmable using Hobbywing’s iOS or Android apps and using the speedo’s build-in Bluetooth module.

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May 11, 2018

2018 Shizuoka Hobby Show – O.S. Engines

During this week’s 2018 Shizuoka Hobby Show in Japan O.S. Engines are presenting their new O.S. Speed branded sensored brushless motors and speed controller. The sensored competition motors are housed in a nicely machined 2-tone aluminium can with large cooling openings, heavy duty solder tabs and all-aluminium timing end cap. It is understood that the motors will become available in all popular modified and stock windings. Over to the O.S. Speed brushless speed controller, the device comes in an all-black design with a machined alloy case as well as black power, capacitor and receiver wires for a stealthy factory look. An external programming box allows to fine-tune the speed’s software and a large fan keeps the operation temperatures down. On the nitro side of things the iconic Japanese manufacturer shows off its new 4-shoe nitro off-road clutch that is tuneable with a total of three different hardness springs and two alloy clutch shoe types.

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May 10, 2018

Dash Ultra 30mm black golden ESC fan

Arrowmax have introduced their new Dash 30mm aluminium fan for the use with their range of brushless speed controllers. The fan unit is housed in a machined aluminium case for high durability and professional looks and it features Dash’s signature black and golden anodising. The high-speed fan greatly improves heat dissipation with the fan’s alloy case further improving the cooling effect, it is a direct fit for Dash’s BL speedos and many other speed controllers and it comes including four gold colour mounting screws.

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May 10, 2018

2018 Shizuoka Hobby Show – Futaba

During this week’s Shizuoka Hobby Show Futaba are presenting several forthcoming new items such as the T7XC competition stick radio and the S-Bus compatible MC970CR brushless speed controller. As for the radio, Futaba’s new flagship stick transmitter is understood to offer similar features as the T7PX pistol-grip radio and it is usable with T-FHSS SR Super Response, T-FHSS, S-FHSS and FASST compatible receivers. A huge LC display dominates the front side of the transmitter that is customisable with a rear carbon fibre strap for easier handling. More information will become available in time for the release, however no official date is mentioned yet.

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May 2, 2018

RPM Traxxas VXL-3S ESC cage

RPM have introduced a new ESC cage for the #3355R version of the Traxxas VXL-3S speed controller. The mounting tabs have been reported to RPM as weak and this is why the RPM part eliminates the use of the two mounting tabs on the ESC in favour of a complete cage system that solidly locks the ESC in place. By completely surrounding and capturing the VXL-3S speedo, damage from broken tabs and ejection from the vehicle has been completely eliminated and the cage works perfectly even if one or both mounting tabs on the ESC have already been broken or cut off. Each RPM ESC cage, that is available in black or blue colour, is made from a strong, ultra lightweight blend of engineering grade nylons for exceptional durability.

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April 28, 2018

Castle Creations B-Link Bluetooth adapter

Castle Creations have introduced their new B-Link Bluetooth adapter for the use with their range of speed controllers. The Castle Link ESC tuning is an essential component for customising vehicle performance. While the controllers are plug and play, optimising a Castle ESC through the Castle Link Programming Suite unlocks the full range of capabilities. Users enjoy the ability to adjust many variables to enhance their experience including throttle, braking curve, drag brake, reverse type and more. The Bluetooth adapter enables users to wirelessly program settings on current Castle Creations ESCs, many older models and the BEC 2.0/BEC Pro on Apple iOS devices. The free Castle Link app for iOS is available on the Apple App Store for use with iPhones and iPads, and once downloaded, it does not require a data connection and can be used anywhere, including remote areas. For Android users, a version of the app will be released at a future date, and the B-Link adapter will be compatible.

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April 19, 2018

Muchmore Fleta Euro V2 aluminium capacitor mount

Made for Muchmore’s Fleta Euro V2 speed controller is a dedicated aluminium capacitor mount. The item is machined from high-quality aluminium and it was designed to conveniently hold the single capacitor of the Euro V2 speedo. The capacitor can be attached using thing double-sided tape of glue and with the increased contact patch it is much easier and more secure to hold the capacitor in place. The mount weighs in at 1g and it is available in black, red or gold anodising.

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