December 6, 2017

HPI Racing SCM-2S waterproof speed controller

HPI Racing’s SCM-2S WP is a small and powerful electronic brushed motor speed controller that is suitable for micro RC vehicles of all types. The speedo is also fully waterproof, making it the good choice for anyone who enjoys driving their car in wet conditions. The controller is suitable for five to six NiMH cells, as well as 2S LiPo batteries with a low voltage safety cut-off fitted to protect the battery from becoming deep discharged.

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November 8, 2017

Ultimate Racing MZ8 Pro BL motor & MX8 Race ESC

Modelix Racing from Spain have introduced their all-new Ultimate Racing MZ8 Pro brushless motor and MX8 Race brushless speed controller. Starting with the motor, the 690-size unit features a CNC-machined 3-piece 7075 aluminium case with integrated heatsink and it is of a 6-pole design for power and drivability. Strong neodymium magnets ensure high torque and an optimised stator design, dual high-quality ball bearings and pre-soldered quick-change heavy duty connectors make for high reliability. The motor is available in 1900kV and 2100kV variants and it includes pre-soldered wires.

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October 25, 2017

Yokomo BL-RS4D ESC & Zero 2 Drift Spec motor

Yokomo have introduced their new BL-RS4D brushless speed controller and Zero 2 Drift Spec brushless motor for 1/10th drift cars. The controller features a laser-etched case and a default software setting developed by Yokomo team driver Takahiro that had proven to be the best basic setup for most conditions. The controller comes with a black receiver wire and and pre-soldered connectors. The controller is available separately or as combo pack with the new 10.5T or 13.5T Zero 2 Drift Spec brushless motor.

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October 19, 2017

KO Propo VFS-FR2 Pro brushed motor speed controller

KO Propo have introduced their new VFS-FR2 Pro brushed motor speed controller. The compact device measures 32.6x20x9.4mm and it weighs in at 25.3g. Rated at 120A constant current and 1200A peak current the ESC is good even for low-turn modified motors and it is usable with 6.6V to 8.4V input. The controller comes with all-black wires, pre-installed with the Ultimate Booster 2, and including a 35V capacitor. With its adjustable drive frequency the overall throttle response can be adapted to a range of conditions, from low to high grip surfaces and it is adjustable using KO Propo’s VFS-FR Manager software.

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October 17, 2017

Muchmore Fleta M8.2 Competition 1/8th BL ESC

Muchmore have introduced the latest incarnation of their Fleta M8 brushless speed controller for 1/8th scale vehicles. The M8.2 features a machined aluminium case with Flow-Max technology for maximised cooling efficiency. The finely ripped heatsink is incorporated into the case for added cooling performance and an additional ultra high RPM cooling fan with aluminium guard further increases heat dissipation when using powerful motors or when running in high ambient temperatures. The M8.2 makes use of Muchmore’s RSS reversible switch system whose optional power switch allows to use the controller with power switch or, with the ESC being always on, switch-less. Also coming with the controller is a triple power capacitor that was designed to assist the latest LiPo technology and deliver a linear throttle feeling.

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August 29, 2017

Maclan Racing MMax Pico 100A stock racing ESC

Coming from Maclan Racing is the new MMax Pico 100A stock racing brushless speed controller. Looking similar to the MMax Pro the Pico is in fact a completely newly designed full aluminium case structure with 13AWG pre-soldered cables and redesigned power capacitor module. The new design reduces weight by 35 percent and sits 3mm lower in height compared to the MMax Pro. The controller adapts the same Microchip PIC32 platform as its big brother for exceptional performance and the ESC also has a redesigned power management control board that enhances durability and power output for extreme stock racing. The package is rounded out by the new B1.0 firmware that provides the best possible throttle and brake control. The speedo will hit stores about mid-September.

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August 24, 2017

Tekin RS Pro Black Edition ESC & Spec-R BL motors

Tekin have introduced their new RS Pro Black Edition brushless speed controller and Spec-R motors. Starting with the ESC, the RS Pro Black Edition was developed with ultra low internal resistance in mind to boost the performance of 1S and 2S-powered stock motors. This was achieved by utilising both hardware and software advances in combination with the Ultra Low Resistance ULR circuit design and ULR flex wires. The controller measures 24.5x33x17.25mm, it weighs in at 35g and it has no motor limit, however Tekin recommends their RSX controller for all modified applications as these setups tend to run at higher temperatures and so the billet housing and fan shroud on the RSX will provide more sufficient cooling.

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August 23, 2017

Castle Creations Mamba X E-Buggy Racing Editions

Coming from Castle Creations are two new Racing Editions controller and motor combos for 1/8th E-buggies. Both make use of the Mamba X sensored speed controller that features Castle Creations’s latest firmware for smooth yet powerful throttle and brake control, data logging capacities including motor and speedo temperature and it features a strong 5.25V-8.0V 8A BEC system. A waterproof aluminium housing makes for go-everywhere capabilities and it measures a compact 54.4×35.2×30.0mm while weighing in at 101g. Included in the set are either the ROAR Mod approved 1512-1800kv or ROAR Mod pending 1515-2200kv brushless 4-pole/12-slot motors.

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