October 24, 2006

John Sotiropoulos wins last round of Greek Nats

Greek Nationals Final

Serpent have a report on their site on the final round of the 1/10th Greek Nationals held last weekend at the Arena Circuit which saw John Sotiropoulos take the win.

Sotiropoulos’ Mega MF1 powered Serpent secured the TQ position and made light work of the opposition in the 30 minute final winning by a comfortable 2 lap margin from Mugen driver Kostas Sidiropoulos.

Read the full report here.

Source: Serpent [mytsn.com]

October 23, 2006

Robitronic release 1/18th electric pan car

Robitronic Scalpel

Subject of a launch teaser campaign earlier this month, the Scalpel, billed as the worlds first real 1/18th electric pan car, was eventually launched at the iHobby Expo in Chicago.

The high efficiency Drivetrain, the ultra low Point of Gravity with a GT-Style-Body with high Downforce, the ingenious Suspension and the Factory-glued Foam-Tires makes this Car into a Rocket on the Track.

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October 23, 2006

Scott Kimbrow wins 2006 Paris Memorial

Scott Kimbrow

Scott Kimbrow has won the 1/8th scale class at this years Paris Memorial race in Las Vegas. Driving his RB powered Kyosho he finished the race ahead of Kevin Jehlich who was second driving a Mugen with Sal Defazio in third, again with a Kyosho. content

October 22, 2006

2006 Paris Memorial race – Qualifying

Ron Paris

This weekend sees the annual running of the Paris Memorial race in Las Vegas. Set up after the death of engine master Ron Paris in 2001, this event has turned into a huge event stateside, even attracting racers from as far away as Europe.

This years race is no exception with over 80 racers spread over 3 classes competing to win this prestiquous event. Weather for this years event is hot an sunny as you would expect from Las Vegas and after 5 rounds of qualifying the outcome looks like this: content

October 20, 2006

Team Magic E4 displayed at iHobby Expo

Team Magic E4

Team Magic have shown their E4 1/10th electric touring car at iHobby Expo in Chicago this week. Billed as the ‘Most advanced EP car’ according to their show label in the pictures from RCForum.co.kr, it seems advanced should be replaced with the word complicated. This is one seriously complex looking car, featuring a three belt system similar to a gas on road car, it also sports a 3×3 center mounted battery configuration. In fact replace the motor with an engine and the batteries with a fuel tank and you have a 1/10th scale gas on roader. Maybe considering their success with their T4 in winning the 1/10th Euros with Dario Balestri, this could be the intention.

See this and other brands in the great coverage on the RCForum.co.kr site.

Source: RCForum.co.kr [rcforum.co.kr]

October 20, 2006

Serpent F180 launched at iHobby Expo Chicago

Serpent F180

Serpent have just announced the launch of their long awaited F180 chassis. This 1/8th scale car is a true scale F1 car with grooved rubber tires, front and rear brakes as well as inboard suspension and an F1 type exhaust system that goes out the top of the body, at the rear.

The Serpent F180 has been officially launched at the iHobby Expo in Chicago. Presented to the attending press and dealers at the Molzer Mowery Racing stand, details of the cars specifications and launch date have also been announced.

Full specs and release dates for the 2 versions were also announced.

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October 19, 2006

Plamodel Radi-con show 2006, Japan

Tamiya TRF501X

Whilst iHobby Expo takes place in Chicago this week, Japan have their Plamodel Radi-con show (directly translated name, hope its right). As you would expect from our far eastern friends they have some really cool products on display as well as some strange things too. I have supplied some links to Japanese sites that are covering the show so you can get a feel of whats coming our way in the not too distant future.

Here we have a group of photos seperated by manufacturer – Click Here.
And here we have 3 different sets of images with some text – Section 1, Section 2, Section 3

Source: RC Maniax [rcmx.net]

October 19, 2006

New electric sedan from Team Losi

Team Losi JRX-s type R

This new electric sedan, given the catchy name ‘JRX-S Type R Race Sedan Kit’ is a bit of a break from convention design wise. With its centrally mounted motor and 2 opposing side mounted belts the battery is mounted dead center which according to what you read makes for a great balanced car.

Designed for efficiency and built for performance, the JRX-S Type R is the latest sedan innovation from the experts at Team Losi. Suspension arms and carriers are molded from Team Losi’s exclusive EA3 compound for incredible durability and reduced flex. The new suspension geometry offers improved steering and drivability in high-bite situations. And the centered drivetrain layout gives this sedan the most balanced feel and solid handling in its class. With a superb assortment of precision machined aluminum, titanium, and premium composite parts, the JRX-S Type R is the most feature-packed sedan chassis ever offered for pro-class competition.

Source: Team Losi [teamlosi.com]