March 27, 2010

F1 RCGP 2010 Round 2 report

F1 RCGP 2010 Round 2 report

The 2nd round of the F1RCGP was held in the well known Yatabe Arena Circuit at Ibaraki last month. The world’s biggest indoor RC circuit attracted big names like multiple World and National Champion RC legend Masami Hirosaka, National Champion Shinnosuke Adachi and National finalist Takashi Kato, Kazuki Endo and Takao Mizumizo.

F1 RCGP 2010 Round 2 report

Practise day:
All the eyes were on Masami Hirosaka (Team YM) who was driving a Tamiya F103 borrowed from Hideo Kitazawa who didn’t show up for practice. Apparently most of the drivers were struggling to find the top gear with the 17.5T brushless motor and Life battery regulation. However, defending champion Hiroshi Kamibayashi (Alex Racing Winners) seems to have an extra gear in the straight showing everyone that he is still the man to beat with his Fantom powered Fushion Tamiya.

F1 GP Class:

F1 RCGP 2010 Round 2 report

The track was full in the stands to see Masami Hirosaka driving the first time since he retired 15months ago. Hiroshi Kamibayashi (Alex Racing Winners) maintained his superb form, setting the pace for the 1st qualify with a 22L4:06.075 followed by Takashi Kato (Team Bomber) driving his own brand F104 conversion and Masami Hirosaka (Team YM) who was pushing his car, that was suffering from lack of speed and traction, to the limit. In the 2nd Qualify Hiroshi Kamibayashi set another 22L to secure his pole position while 4 seconds behind him was in form Tsutomu Hashimoto (Zen) and Akihiro Yokoi (Alex Racing Winners).

Hiroshi Kamibayashi (Alex Racing Winners) took the lead followed by team mate Akihiro Yokoi and Tsutomu Hashimoto (Zen). Masami Hirosaka (Team YM) started from 7th, jumped up to 4th position. This formation doesn’t last long as Tsutomu Hashimoto and Masami Hirosaka passed Akihiro Yokoi to take 2nd and 3rd position respectively. Takashi Kato(Team Bomber) also passed Akihiro Yokoi to take the 4th position and was ready to put pressure on multi Masami Hirosaka. Obviously Masami’s car doesn’t have enough top speed but his superb driving technique meant he was able to keep Takashi Kato behind for more than 10 laps until his car started to slow down. Takashi Kato took 2nd place and Tsutomu Hashimoto also passed Masami to take 3rd. This formation last till the end and Hiroshi Kamibayashi maintained his 100% TQ win with having two TQ win in a roll out of 2 races.

F1GP Class Final Result:
1. Hiroshi Kamibayashi (Alex Racing Winners) : Fusion F103 conversion
2. Takashi Kato (Zen) : Zen F104 conversion
3. Tsutomu Hashimoto (Team Bomber) : Bomber F104 conversion
4. Shinnosuke Adachi (Team Bomber) : Bomber F104 conversion
5. Kazuki Endo (Zen) : Zen F104 conversion
6. Masami Hirosaka (Team YM) : Tamiya F103
7. Akihiro Yokoi (Alex Racing Winners) : Fusion F103 conversion
8. Mifuyu Toki (Team Castrol Lotus) : Tamiya F103
9. Takatoshi Morita (Futable F-1 Racing) : Tech F125
10.Shouzi Kitou (Alex Racing) : Fusion F103 conversion

F1 Class:

Jirou Ozaki took the lead of the 1st qualify with a 20L4:07.691 followed by Ryoichi Yamaguchi 20L4:10.660 and Akio Sobue. In the 2nd qualifier Jirou Ozaki improved his lap times to secure the pole position with a 20L4:06.150, 3 secs behind was Ryoichi Yamaguchi followed by Takayuki Sakai 20L4:08.198.

F1 RCGP 2010 Round 2 report

Jirou Ozaki, starting from pole position, took the lead followed by Kazushi Suzuki who started from 5th and Takayuki Sakai maintained his 3rd position. This formation lasted for almost 4mins until Akio Sobue and Ryoichi Yamaguchi made their move to 2nd and 3rd respectively. Race leader Jirou Ozaki made a mistake in approaching the straight and Ryoichi Yamaguchi took the lead followed by Akio Sobue. This formation didn’t last long as Ryoichi Yamaguchi made mistake on the infield in the last minute and Akio Sobue took the lead to seal his first victory followed by Jirou Ozaki and Ryoichi Yamaguchi.

F1 Class Final Result:
1. Akio Sobue : Square F103 conversion
2. Jirou Ozaki : Tamiya F103
3. Ryoichi Yamaguchi. TRG 109

F1 RCGP 2010 Round 2 report

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