July 2, 2020

Yeah Racing Capra stainless steel diff skid plate

Yeah Racing have announced the release of their new differential skid plate for the Axial Capra trail truck. Made of high-quality and very durable stainless steel the skid plate will protect the axle housing from hard landings or hitting a rock whilst crashing. The protector plate is usable with the front or rear axles and it sports a machined YR logo for looks.

Source: Yeah Racing [yeahracing.com]

July 2, 2020

RudeBits multi-functional pliers

RudeBits’ multi-functional pliers are the latest addition to the company’s Rude not to! brand. The pliers allow to hold or assemble shock shafts, shock top and bottom caps as well as measure screws, holes, and pins, assemble ball cups and many more. The tool is machined from high-quality aluminium, it comes black anodised for looks and wear resistance and it features white laser-engraved markings.

Source: RudeBits [rudebits.net]

July 2, 2020

Arena IF14-2 2mm carbon fibre upper deck

Coming from Arena and made for the Infinity IF14-2 is a 2.0mm carbon fibre upper deck. The top deck is about ten percent stiffer than the standard part, improving car response in certain track conditions. The part is machined from high-quality carbon fibre and it is available now.

Source: Arena RC Racing [facebook.com]

July 2, 2020

Daniel Lima wins at Trofeu Interpistas Onroad Rd2

The Radiomodelismo do Porto club held the second round of the Trofeu Interpistas Onroad Series last weekend. In 1/8th GT it was Adalberto Pinto with the overall TQ, however he was tie on points with Nuno Branco and Daniel Lima. The 30-minute main final then saw an entertaining fight for the win with Daniel and Nuno both being in the mix. Ultimately it was Daniel who would hold the upper hand by one about 1.1 seconds with Nuno Branco coming in 2nd overall. Nuno Pinto would round out the top 3 result some two laps down with TQ Adalberto being the best of the rest, another two laps behind.

Image: Trofeu Interpistas Onroad [facebook.com]

July 2, 2020

T-Works MBX8 93.5mm CV-style drive shaft set

T-Works have announced the release of their new 93.5mm CV-style driveshaft set for the Mugen MBX8 buggy. The driveshafts are made of high-quality steel material and they sport a black surface coating for wear and corrosion protection. The driveshafts are usable on the front and rear and beside the MBX8 they also fit the older MBX7 models.

Source: T-Works [rc-tworks.com]

July 1, 2020

Exotek F1Ultra 1/10th formula car kit

Exotek have introduced their first ever full car kit, the F1Ultra formula pan car. After years of adding innovation to other F1 kits Exotek figured it was time to release their own kit incorporating cutting edge patented chassis technology combined with high quality components and features. The car isn’t just a redesigned 1/12 chassis, but an all-new design that was created to maximise rubber tyre grip as well as add extra durability that these very unique cars require. The features list starts with the patent pending floating rear pod suspension system that provides unmatched rear traction needed for rubber tyre F1 racing. Because the rear suspension generates so much rear traction drivers are able to use more aggressive front tyres which translates to greatly improved lap times and full race length consistency.

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