January 19, 2021

Blitz Spider 1/8th onroad bodyshell

Blitz have introduced their latest 1/8th on-road body shell, the Spider. Tested and developed over several months, the Spider fits all modern 1/8th on-road racing chassis. Designed to deliver more overall downforce than before, the Spider features excellent stability to ensure your car is easy to drive in both low and high traction conditions. The body comes moulded with multiple alignment markings, making longitudinal body positioning a simple task to achieve with most cars on the market. Available in both lightweight 0.7mm and standard version 1.0mm polycarbonate it includes window masks and light decals and as an added bonus, the 6-piece body stiffener is also included.

View an image of the mounted stiffener set here

January 19, 2021

Pilot RC B74.1 lightweight ring gear set

Pilot RC have unveiled their latest offering, this B74 series lightweight ring gear set. Having begun working on this product back in June 2020, after overcoming several design and production challenges, they managed create a super light, durable, true spinning ring gear for the B74.1. Designed for the 13.5 spec class racing on a dirt surface, the gear set deletes 18.6 grams of rotational mass. Benefits of the gear set include faster acceleration, cooler motor temperatures, better handling on the track and more. Already showing results on the track at the 2021 CRCRC Winter Midwest Championships in the car of TQ and race winner Matthew Gonzales

Source: Pilot RC [pilotrcproducts.com]

January 19, 2021

Jacob Cruz joins Mugen Seiki Racing

Mugen Seiki Racing have announced that Jacob Cruz has joined their team. Jacob will be focusing on the new MTC2 1/10th electric touring car as well as the World Champion MRX6X platforms for 2021 and beyond. Mugen Seiki Racing is excited to be working with Jacob and his father Marc Cruz, with Jacob saying ‘I would like to thank Mugen Seiki USA for this great opportunity to be part of their racing family. Special thanks to Kris Moore, Adam Drake and On Road Team Manager Brian Thomas for believing in me. I’m looking forward to this year and beyond to represent Mugen Seiki and hopefully add to their winning culture. Excited to run the new MTC2 platform and World Champion MRX6X. See you all at the track!’

Source: Mugen [mugenracing.com]

January 18, 2021

Monaco RC MC-482RX Sanwa compatible receiver

Monaco RC have released this new MC-482RX, Sanwa compatible receiver. This 4 channel receiver has a very small footprint (23.6×18.4×28.4mm) and weighs only 7.3grams. Compatible with practically all Sanwa radios including the new M17, thanks to its technical features it is able to communicate with the transmitter in real time to monitor you car’s voltage. It supports 1-2S LiPo power.

View another angle of the RX here

January 18, 2021

Samix SCX24 brass differential cover

From Samix for the Axial SCX24 is this brass differential cover. Machined from solid brass, and black coated, the part adds 9 grams of total weight to each axle. Suitable for the front and rear axle, the parts also adds strength to this area and increases durability.

Source: Samix [rcsamix.com]

January 18, 2021

RC Maker Hex-Lite premium tools

RC Maker have released their new line of Hex-Lite premium tools for wrenching on your ride. Looking to make tools that were stealth for all pits, comfortable in the hand and most importantly with durable tips to stand the test of time and with over a year of durability testing and development this is the result. The tool handles are made from 6061 aluminium and feature a durable black anodised coating with laser engraved RC Maker Logo and Size on both the handle and end, making it easy to identify when sitting flat on your bench or vertical in a tool stand. The tips are steel with a titanium coating which we have found to last well over a year of solid racing. They are true to size and fit snug in all popular screws tested, with replacement tips available if you happen to wear them out. The set features only standard tips, with ball drivers also being available soon. Available in 1.5mm Hex, 2mm Hex, 2.5mm Hex, 3mm Hex, 5.5mm Nut and 7mm Nut and there is also a complete set with stand also available.

View more images of the tools here

January 18, 2021

Koswork foldable tool bag

Koswork have introduced their latest product, a foldable tool bag. Coming supplied with a small parts box (88x63x21mm) the bag features elasticated tool loops in various formats to be able to hold the majority of your tools. The case (285×180×45mm) is made from a durable black material, sports the Koswork logo in white and comes with a handy carrying handle.

View more images of the tool bag here