October 23, 2020

Bittydesign Seven65 1/8th GT bodyshell

Bittydesign have released their first body for the 1/8th GT class with the unveiling of the Seven65 which takes inspiration from British GT3 super cars. The lowered front nose generates excellent steering while the lowered cab and the shape of the sides stabilise the air flow that flows onto the large rear wing making it easy to drive, the body being very well balanced. Meeting all the specifications needed to participate in any 1/8 GT race in the world, nitro & electric, it has been made with high quality polycarbonate 1mm thick Lexan. Able to fit all chassis’ on the market with a 321-325mm wheelbase, it is sold clear with protective film outside and comes with a pre-cut decal sheet and windows masks and the kit includes a complete set of screws, nuts and large plastic washers to properly fix the rear wing.

View more image of the Seven65 here

October 23, 2020

Mon-Tech Racing 308 TCR 2.0 FWD body

Mon-Tech Racing have produced a V2 version of their 308 TCR 1/10th scale FWD body. Compared the previous iteration, the 2.0 has a newly designed front end, new sides and they have taken the rear wing directly from the recently released GTI Vision body shell. These changes, together with making the overall body lower, make for better performance. Moulded from lightweight 0.75mm high-quality polycarbonate, it comes with window masks as well as a large decal sheet with grille and light details as well as the graphic elements visible in the images above and below.

View more images of the 308 here

October 23, 2020

SWorkz S12-2 Synthesis rear hub set

SWorkz have designed a new S12-2 rear wheel hub system called the ‘Synthesis’ rear hub set. This optional part is made from high quality aluminium with a redesigned geometry for the rear upper linkage that can be changed between 6 positions. You can also adjust the upper linkage ball positions using different thickness washers. With this new system it is very easy to change the rear hub positions to suit all different kinds of tracks. The set includes a pair of hubs, upper linkage mounting points and plastic inserts.

Source: MW RC Cars [mwrccars.at]

October 23, 2020

T-Works MP10E steel centre CVDs

For the Kyosho MP10E, T-Works have produced these pairs of steel centre CVDs. Made from a high-quality steel, both the shaft and coupling feature a black surface coating for wear resistance. The rear centre CVD shaft is 113mm long, with the front centre shaft coming in at 86mm. T-Works also have a full set of gold plated steel screws, UFO titanium screws and a full precision bearing set  available for the car.

View the rear CVD here

October 22, 2020

Arrowmax 4200mah Super Shorty battery

The new 4200mAh super shorty from Arrowmax pushes the limit of LiPo battery technology providing competitive capacity, power and is lightweight. It is ideal for modified touring cars and offroad buggy on small to medium sized tracks. Replacing the previous 4000mAh model, this battery will gain additional runtime and provide consistent power. At only 18.8mm high, racers can now add additional brass or steel weights to keep gravity as low as possible and maximise the car balance on track.

Source: Arrowmax [arrowmax-rc.com]

October 22, 2020

JConcepts B74 aluminium clamping servo horn

Similar in concept and structure to the JConcepts clamping servo horns released yesterday, these new versions are specifically for the Associated B74. A clamping style servo horn, it is great for high-torque situations providing additional security and relieving some load to the servo splines themselves. The broad base of the horn tapers to the connection area where the steering takes place. The boss on the top surrounds the ball-end and provides a hefty surface for steering direction. Small ribs have been added on the sides to help strengthen the unit in a twisting fashion and a deep pocket hides the 3mm standard mounting screw. The entire horn has been retouched with chamfer highlight edging and laser etched with JC and the tooth count for high-end looks and authenticity.

View more images of the servo horn here