December 7, 2022

New MIBO International Race announced

Mibosport is excited to announce that it is bringing a new international indoor event to the calendar in 2023 with the inaugural running of the Mibo International Race on March 3-5 in the Czech Republic.  Pre pandemic, the Mibosport Cup was well established as one of Europe’s top annual indoor race series attracting some of the biggest names in racing to the town of Hrotovice. Now following the series’ forced break, Mibosport is looking to bring back the racing in style to the Sport V Hotel with the creation of one big exciting weekend for both onroad and offroad racers.  A venue that always proved hugely popular with racers for the sheer convenience of being able to race, eat and sleep all under one roof, the Mibo International Race is also node to the past when individual international race weekends were once common and made up the indoor season.  The Mibo International Race will see separate onroad and offroad tracks provide two stages for a full weekend of racing action. Set to be a who’s who of electric racing scene, the story of the inaugural event is set to be shared with the world as it unfolds with Red RC confirming they will make a return visit to Hrotovice.  As someone who still enjoys racing himself, Mibosport founder Michal Bok and his race crew are finalising a number of exciting plans for the event, details of which be announced over the coming weeks.  So save the date, March 3-5, 2023, and get ready to be part of the next exciting new chapter in Hrotovice’s racing history.

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December 7, 2022

Hotrace Tyres announce Juan Carlos Canas signing

Italian tyre producer Hotrace has announced a major driver signing with the news that factory Sworkz star Juan Carlos Canas  is to race their rubber.  Making the announcement on the 2022 World Championship Podium finish recruitment, Hotrace said, ‘We are happy to announce a new top driver joining HotRace tyres. A big welcome to Juan Carlos Canas Carrasco, another super talented driver who chose our products for the upcoming years! Welcome in our family, and thanks to choose our products’.  Commenting on the new partnership Canas said, “I want to thank hot race and their team for trusting me to use their products! I’m so happy to have the opportunity to race with the best wheel on the market right now, it’s a very hard working brand and we will work with them to give you the best wheels”.

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December 7, 2022

Reds Racing 2113 X-One Pro pipe

Reds Racing has released a new Pro version of their off-road 2113 X-ONE Torque Pipe.  Combining REDS 2113 Pipe and M Manifold to create this one-piece ‘High Power’ exhaust, the new X-ONE PRO exhaust has been produced with a dark grey hard coated treatment to increase its strength. The new exhaust guarantees smoother power output at low RPM and higher mid range power and top speed. Reds Racing was the first company to bring this innovative and unique X-ONE system to the market and thanks to the experience of their engineers and team, they are taking it to levels never seen before. The system is an innovative and unique all-in-one pipe-manifold system. The pipe has been welded to the manifold to improve performance and fuel consumption. With this X-ONE configuration there is no need for springs or gaskets, and the one piece design creates increased reliability and improved tuning stability.

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December 7, 2022

Xray RX8 Extra Eccentric Steering Block for Aero Disc

Following the recent release of the rear upright for Aero Disc use on their RX8 1:8 Onroad kit, Xray has now released lightweight yet ultra-strong front steering blocks with 2 extra eccentric positions, making a total of 6 different roll centre positions. Additional holes allow the mounting of graphite aerodynamic disks. Molded from specially formulated graphite composite material which ensures free suspension movement. Suitable for all traction conditions. Thanks to perfect molding, bearings perfectly fit into the steering blocks without any extra play for maximum stability and steering.

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December 7, 2022

2022 Willspeed GP – Race Report

The inaugural Willspeed Grand Prix took place over the weekend at the 1066 Racing venue in Hastings, East Sussex. A 2WD only single day event, it attracted an impressive 69 drivers.  1066 Racing completed a fantastic job presenting a worlds standard 30mx18m EOS Carpet Track dressed in WS blue features, Banners and decals not only looking fantastic with challenging obstacles connecting high and low speed sections the layout a delight to drive linking the sections required to deliver a competitive lap time. Willspeed manufactured billet aluminium winners medals with event specific engraved details (dual use as camber gauges) for top 3 in all finals, it was all to race for! These medals were also presented all juniors racers whom attended the event. For the one off event the Willspeed and 1066 Racing teams developed an adapted format for the singular event.  The format consisted of 3 round by round 5-minute qualifiers with the best 2 seeding into 1 semi-final for all. The top 8 qualify directly into the A final with the remaining finals containing 10 cars with the top 2 bumping into the next final. 3 leg finals then followed for all racers.

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December 7, 2022

Hong Nor adjustable GT Clutch Set

With plenty of interest in the 1:8 GT class and a World Championship for the category to look forward in 2023, chassis manufacturer Hong Nor has just released the X3GT-61 Adjustable GT Clutch Set.  The new clutch set allows the engine power output to be changed by adjusting the tightness of the clutch spring.  It has been a busy few days for Hong Nor, who hosted their 2022 Hong Nor Master Championship in Taiwan over the weekend which attracted more than 90 entries.  Top European nitro onroad racer and Hong Nor team driver Toni Gruber made the trip over taking the TQ & win with his Ielasi Tuned powered K3 GTS.

View Gruber’s Hong Nor Master Championship win here

December 7, 2022

RC Maker Geocarbon Tweak Plate 1:10 Onroad

RC Maker has as part of its latest batch of product releases introduced this Geocarbon Tweak Plate for 1:10 Onroad.  De-tweaking your chassis is an absolutely essential, and an ongoing part of onroad racing. Having a flat chassis is crucial to balanced and consistent handling. Often a setup board is used, which requires the removal of tyres and has no access to the lower screws from underneath. This is a problem, and why we developed the GeoCarbon Tweak Plate! The beauty of the GeoCarbon Tweak Plate, is that it can be used with the tires on, and also provides access to essential bulkhead and motor-mount screws. This allows you to keep the chassis flat or pinned down with a tweak stick whilst you tighten the lower screws, ensuring no tweak is introduced on the lower screws – which has never been possible until now! The GeoCarbon Tweak Plate can also double as a car stand. It features 5mm Thick Solid Carbon Fiber, with high quality feet and anti slip rubber pads to ensure it stays in place and stands the test of time. Suits all current Touring & Front Wheel Drive Cars on the market.

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December 7, 2022

VP-Pro improved foam filter packaging

VP-Pro has improved the packaging of their popular foam air filters. Both the round and oval shape filters are now supplied cut in a foam block rather than individually for better protection, storage and to prevent any degradation.

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