September 23, 2020

Xray X12’21 1/12th scale – Coming soon

Xray continue to tease new kits for the 2021 season with the latest being next year‘s variant of their World Championship winning X12 1/12th scale platform. As the image suggests, we can expect this to be an all new platform, however what changes there will be remains to be seen. Complete information, specifications and features should become available soon.

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September 23, 2020

T-Works flywheel & wheel nut tool

T-Works have produced this new combination flywheel and wheel nut tool in two versions, one for buggy and one for truggy. While the function remains the same and they can be both used on both styles of cars, the truggy version has an extension for the 17mm wheel nut wrench. The entire tool has been made from 7075 aluminium and has been black hard anodised for increased durability.

View the buggy version here

September 23, 2020

Willspeed RF74 billet aluminium tub chassis kit

Willspeed have introduced their new RF74 billet aluminium tub chassis kit for the Team Associated B74 series. Continuing on from their proven ultimate chassis design as used in their RF2 line of buggy conversions the RF74 brings some spice and style to the 4wd market. Machined from a single piece of T6 aircraft grade aluminium the RF74 design replaces the original multipart chassis with a sturdy tweak free integral platform which will allow you to get the suspension geometry working uninfluenced by not only removing tweak but unpredictable chassis flex. Comes supplied with their o-ring battery fastener and also inbuilt fan mount, the weight is comparable to stock multipart B74 chassis.

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September 22, 2020

Reds Racing tease Limited Edition engine

Reds Racing have been knocking it out of the park in the last 12 months with their cooling head colourways and this limited edition engine that they are teasing is no exception. No information on the motor itself was given, although it appears to be a 721 Scuderia, but with this green, white and black cooling head it’s already a winner. More information when we get it.

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September 22, 2020

Mon-Tech Racing polycarbonate cockpit kits

New items from Mon-Tech Racing who have released these clear polycarbonate cockpits for a variety of car types. The kit includes the 0.75mm polycarbonate moulded cockpit, one or two helmets with visor and fixing screws, dashboard decal and seat belts and notes for the co-driver. Cockpit A (above) is for crawler and scalers, or vehicles with small cabin such as PickUp ‘T’, cockpit B is for Rally/Touring car, GT or vehicles with large cabin such as RS GT3 and finally cockpit C for crawler, scaler, rally or vehicles with medium cockpit such as Mont-Rock.

View the other cockpits here

September 22, 2020

Max Gotzl is double 2020 Czech National Champion

The 3rd and 4th round of 2020 1/8 Czech Nationals took a place last weekend at the home track of Max Gotzl in Horni Jeleni. The nice weather forecast promised a good racing weekend, which it was. On the 3rd round on Saturday Gotzl was able to set the overall TQ with Ebuggy straight after Q1 and Q2, Ales Bidovsky lined up 2nd and Mirek Koutek 3rd on the A main grid. With Nitro Martin Bayer took Q1, but Max managed to win Q2 and Q3 to take the overall TQ in Nitro as well. In the finals Xray driver Gotzl was able to win all three A mains in Ebuggy with at least one lap gap over 2nd placed Ales and Martin Milowsky who took the last step on the podium overall.

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September 22, 2020

Awesomatix A12 1/12th scale chassis

Having previously shown you prototype photos of Awesomatix’ radical new A12 1/12th scale chassis, today the Russian company have released final details & photos of their soon to be available car. The first thing you notice about the A12 is simply how low it sits. A low centre of gravity is a critical element in racing performance for any class, and this is further exemplified by the A12 pan car on an entirely new level. Much like the Awesomatix A800MMX touring car, the A12 far surpasses all existing 12th scales by providing a much lower centre of gravity.

View more details & images of the A12 here