April 20, 2021

Broc Champlin double at NTCS3 Northwest Carpet Nats

Last weekend saw the JConcepts NCTS3 Northwest Carpet Nationals held at the fantastic Northwest Hobbies facility located in a large shopping mall in Albany, Oregon. The level of competition was super high with Associated and TLR factory teams in attendance. In qualifying it was Schumacher driver Broc Champlin that took a fantastic clean sweep with a double TQ in the 2wd and 4wd mod classes. Champlin would go on to win both, in 2wd ahead of TLR’s Dakotah Phend in 2nd and Ryan Reavis in 3rd and in 4wd once gain ahead of Dakotah Phend, this time with Harley Yoshii completing the podium.

View the final results here

April 20, 2021

Yokomo R160 & R100 speed controllers

Yokomo have introduced two new speed controllers, the R160 and R100, ideal for both onroad and offroad categories. The R160, boasts top-class performance and has been tested in the modified category of touring cars, etc. producing overwhelming power and durability. With a wide range of throttle feeling settings, it is possible to refine the speedo to your personal feeling. The compact design of R100 makes it a great match for the stock category. The aluminium housing contributes to a lower centre of gravity with a height of approximately 12.3mm and does not impair the kinetic performance of the machine. The weight is also light at about 22g, which makes it easy to adjust the left-right balance of the machine. You can change the program with the same menu as R160. The dedicated programmer R26P to maximise the performance of both ESCs will also be released at the same time.

View more details & images here

April 20, 2021

SWorkz S35-T2/T2e lower arm stiffeners

Announcing two new lower arm stiffeners from SWorkz for their S35-T2/T2e line of vehicles. Made from 1.5mm pro-composite carbon fibre they help increase the stiffness of the lower arm. Available for both the rear as well as a pair for the rear lower arms they are a great way for fine tune your setup for different conditions. Supplied as a pair and with the mounting hardware.

View the front stiffeners here

April 19, 2021

Carten T410 aluminium steering bell-crank set

Carten have produced this optional CNC machined aluminium steering set intended for use with their T410 and T410R vehicles. This multi-piece steering bell-crank set increases durability and eliminates any flex in the stock plastic bell-crank system, providing a more precise steering feel.

Source: Carten [carten-rc.com]

April 19, 2021

MonacoRC O-ring booster & CV-joint booster

MonacoRC have added two more items to their very popular bearing oil line up, the new MonacoRC O-ring booster and CV-joint booster. The new MonacoRC O-ring Booster is a premium lubricating grease which has been carefully formulated to create dynamic lubrication between o-rings and metal parts. It is specially designed for use on rubber components and gaskets such as shock/diff orings that stop leaks immediately as well as allows smoother operations. The CV Joint Booster is a joint oil which helps maintain longer lasting function and performance for drive shafts. The oil will not last as long as grease therefore requires re-oilling more regularly, however it is much easier to apply, attracting much less dirt and also much smoother than grease. It’s formulated with a special additive which helps it to stick very well to the parts to maintain their best performance. The key point of using oil instead of grease is you don’t need to take the whole things apart, just clean them with degreaser, brake cleaner, let them dry and then re-oil the parts. It’s suitable for both carpet, asphalt as well as dirt racing.

View the different boosters here

April 18, 2021

SWorkz GT2 aluminium rear upper arm linkage holder

From SWorkz for their S35-GT2 series is this aluminium rear upper arm linkage holder. The new aluminium rear upper arm linkage holder is very unique option for the new S35-GT2 and GT2E rear knuckles. This part strengthens the link between the hubs, especially during long runs in hot conditions, perfect for use on high grip tracks. Sold as a pair they are made from black anodised high quality aluminium.

View the mounted linkage holder here

April 16, 2021

Bittydesign Vision The Car buggy body shell

Bittydesign have introduced this addition to their Vision buggy body shell line-up, for the JQ The Car Black Edition. The lid’s design will offer an easier to drive and more balanced feeling thanks to a mid-advanced cab, side pod and rear side flaps shape that optimises the aerodynamic characteristics. In addition a flap behind the engine area guides the air towards the rear wing for a smoother and more directed airflow around the shock tower and lower wing mount. The pre-cut body is moulded from high-quality 1mm Lexan polycarbonate, it comes with window masks, overspray protective film and a decal sheet.

View more images of the new body shell here