November 27, 2020

Xray SCX confirmed to be 2wd Short Course

Confirming what we already presumed, Xray have released a further teaser image for the SCX in which they confirm that this new platform will be a 2wd Short Course. Again very little information is revealed but the image Xray post on their social gives us an idea as to the profile of the kit body for this new truck. More info as we get it.

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November 27, 2020

Merlin McFly Cobra LWB light weight chassis

Coming straight from the milling machine at Merlin McFly’s factory with the design of German racer Jan Möhring is this modified Serpent Cobra GTE LWB chassis. Improving flex characteristics while reducing the weight by about 57grams, the chassis is the perfect addition for the ambitious hobby up to professional racer. More information on this product or machining services on your own chassis, contact Merlin in the link below.

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November 27, 2020

OS Speed TT02 & MT02 exhaust system

OS Engines will release a complete exhaust system that combines the TT02 (EFRA 2690) silencer and the MT02 manifold. This set is optimised for the engine characteristics of the recently released MAX-12TG Ver.4 engine. Compared to the current MT01 manifold, the new manifold combined with the pipe improves low and medium end power. The set comes with pipe, manifold, exhaust seals and mounting springs.

View the complete set here

November 27, 2020

Roche Rapide P10 WGTR pan car

Roche have released their all new Rapide P10 WGTR pan car. Featuring a 2.5mm graphite main chassis and lower pod plate, it sports a new dual upper deck design. The 7075 aluminium motor mount / rear bulkhead sports plastic axle height adjusters for fine adjustments in 0.25mm increment while a newly designed 7 step centre shock position allows for quick adjustment. Up front, a floating servo plate accepts micro and low profile servo, there is a new graphite lower arm and arm pivot, aluminium steering turnbuckle and side link mounts.  Finally there is a newly designed pod link angle adjuster, wide graphite chassis brace, new short side damper tubes and a new black colour anodised ball differential set.

View more images and details here

November 27, 2020

Ryan Lutz confirms switch to WRC

Ryan Lutz has confirmed his move from long time chassis sponsor Agama to new chassis sponsor WRC. Not just taking up the role of driver, Ryan is the person tasked with growing the Italian brand, more known in onroad, in the Americas and in a lengthy blog post linked below he explained his new position as:

As for my role, if you can name it, i’ll probably have my hand in it in one way or another. I have been assigned the role of making this brand what it will be in the America’s. Starting out that means everything from Racing, testing, and promoting on the track to the behind the scenes of working with distributors and shops to help them get set up. I will be creating educational videos to learn and showcase the platforms. I also will be the team manager for the offroad side of things as they currently offer 1/8th Nitro Buggy and Ebuggy with their SBX and SBXE.

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November 26, 2020

Samix SCX10 III & Capra brass steering combo

Continuing their releases for the Axial SCX10 III and Capra, Samix have introduced this brass knuckle & portal cover set & scale brake rotor plus 8mm hex combo set. For a combined weight gain of 315 grams, this offers a better centre or gravity and forward weight bias for climbing. Made of high quality brass and etched with L and R for ease of installation, the parts have been black coated to help prevent corrosion and given gold highlights for that factory look. The scale brake rotor & calliper complete the look.

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November 26, 2020

ProTek RC shock & differential fluid bag

The ProTek RC shock & differential fluid bag is a convenient way to haul and organise silicone fluids, adhesives, or anything else that fits inside one of the fifteen 41 x 104mm slots. The bag itself is made from heavy duty nylon material and measures 275mm wide, 160mm deep and 120mm tall. The corrugated plastic dividers are lightweight and durable, and will help the bag hold its shape over time. The lid of the bag features a large ProTek RC logo in silver, while a 250x110mm mesh zippered pocket on the inside of the lid is a great spot to stash setup sheets, tools or other small accessories that may come in handy during shock and diff maintenance.

View images of the internals here