December 3, 2021

Contact RC foam tire truer

Introducing the new Contact RC foam tire truer. This is a manually operated unit aimed at the mid range market that is made from robust materials including an excellent carbide cutting bit usually found on much higher priced truers. A special ‘Quick Skim’ feature allows fast surface refresh of the tyres, achieved by moving the cutter by hand rather than turning the wheel. Available with or without the carry bag, it is suitable for 1/8th down to 1/12th sizes and while not included there is a range of arbors available.

View more images of the truer here

December 3, 2021

Awesomatix A800MMX motor mount & 2.2mm chassis

Some new items for the A800MMX from Awesomatix, the first of which is a new motor mount made from high grade 7075 T6 alloy. The new version features an increased slot for the ESC wire to allow an easier electronics installation and has the belt anti skip unit integrated. There is also the new 2.2mm carbon chassis that has are more narrow shape in the back for less chassis rub. Holes for the ‘short’ suspension arms have been removed as a result.

View more images of the new items here

December 3, 2021

Hong Nor X3 aluminium servo saver set

For the X3 Series, Hong Nor have produced this aluminium servo saver set. The new set can effectively reduce tire vibration and also keeps the vehicle stable when cornering at high speed. The set includes the servo saver assembly, servo saver plate turnbuckles and bearings with the servo save plate also available separately as an option for the X3S-44 AL.

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December 3, 2021

T-Works X4 caster bushings

T-Works have produced a range of caster bushings for the new Xray X4. The bushings are machined from aluminium and black anodised, with 3 different versions available offering 6 alternative settings. The 1 dot offers 2.5, 3.5 & 5.0 degrees, the 2 dot version 1.5, 4.0 & 4.5 degrees and the 3 dot version 0.5, 3 & 5.5 degrees.

View the other bushings here

December 3, 2021

Power HD S15-X servo for X4

Having recently released a specific MTC2 servo, Power HD has today announced the release of their Xray X4 specific servo called the S15-X. With the integrated mount and reverse receiver wire output, this S15-X could perfectly mount to the X4 directly. Having lower gravity centre and neater wiring, S15-X is superior in performance to the PGB-S15, and can be programmed with the Power HD program box to set your favourite parameters according to different tracks.

View more details of the S15-X here

December 1, 2021

BRCA British GP 2021 – Report

The BRCA 1/12th section British Grand Prix was held recently in Eastbourne. The event was a celebration of return to racing following the disruption caused by the COVID pandemic. The Grand Prix was a different format to typical national meetings and had two classes, LMP12 and GT12 racing at the same event over two days. Saturday would see controlled practise and four rounds of qualifying before a further two rounds of qualifying and three finals for all drivers on the Sunday. An entry of 44 LMP12 drivers and 25 GT12 drivers gave a great atmosphere and competitive racing throughout the field. The Eastbourne club laid out a large track using the carpet which had been previously run at the 2020 World Championships. A large technical track provided a challenge for the drivers and the extra space allowed for great racing.

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