July 5, 2022

BMT 802GTX 1/8 GT chassis

BMT have announced their new 1/8 GT car, called the 802GTX. Following months of development, the Italian brand came up with an all new design to replace the 801GTX Pro. All is new starting with the main chassis, new geometry, steering assembly, central supports from aluminium and a lot more. This is an initial introduction so we will expect more details coming soon.

View more images of the 802GX here

July 5, 2022

Sagami RC Fab A12 front lower arm

Sagami RC Fab has released a new front lower arm, with a shorter wheelbase, for the Awesomatix A12. By using this lower arm the wheelbase will be shortened by 6mm, the turning ability of the car will be improved and cornering will become more agile. By revising the shape and material, the rigidity is slightly lower than the genuine Awesomatix product, so the car can follow the road surface more flexibly. There are also holes for additional servo posts, which allows the rigidity of the suspension arm to be adjusted. Finally, as there are specific mounting holes for Sanwa and KO servos you can set the optimum Ackerman for each. Servos made by other manufacturers can also be installed using two long holes. When using a knuckle arm with zero-trail, the wheelbase will be 3mm shorter than standard, so the Ackerman will also change.

View an image of the arm set here

July 1, 2022

Exotek lightweight F1 spool set

From Exotek comes this extra lightweight carbon fibre and 7075 alloy clamping spool set for F1 cars with a 1/4 rear axle design such as for the F1Ultra, X1 and Roche. An F1 spool helps eliminate ‘diffing out’ of the rear pod on extra high grip black carpet conditions and gives your F1 more corner exit speeds. This spool also greatly reduces the weight compared to a gear diff or standard ball diff for a cooler running motor and increased acceleration. The sturdy design eliminates any holes in the shaft for increased shaft durability. The spur mount keys directly into the supplied right side wheel clamp and makes for easier gear swaps as well. Also the right side wheel clamp uses 2 screws style clamping which requires less force on the screws for better clamping force.

View more images of the spool set here

June 30, 2022

Mark Stiles joins Awesomatix️

Awesomatix have announced the addition of UK Pancar ace Mark Stiles to their Factory Team. The 10x EFRA 1/12 EC A-Finalist brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the Team. Together with James Stewart and their UK distributor they aim to further extend and improve support for racers and Mark is a great addition to those future plans. Mark will attend all major events in the UK as well as the European & World Champs. Mark had this to about joining the team:

I’m excited to join Awesomatix and drive the A12 as part of a team being assembled in the UK. It is refreshing to see a manufacturer taking an innovative approach to chassis design in the 1/12 category and so far I have been impressed with the level of quality and precision in the car. As a team our aim is to compete at the sharp end of the club, national and international races we attend whilst sharing our collective passion and experience in a fun environment. We will work to develop the A12 platform whilst supporting other drivers using the car in the hope that competitors at all levels can enjoy racing it.

Source: Awesomatix [facebook.com]

June 30, 2022

Associated belted drag slick tires

Team Associated have introduced new belted drag slick tires. Featuring a soft rubber compound for No-Prep RC drag racing, they have overmoulded polyester belting for better dimensional stability meaning the tires will not balloon during your runs. They have a lightweight carcass design and use a standard 2.2″/3.0″ bead.

Source: Associated [associatedelectrics.com]

June 29, 2022

1up Racing Cruz Missile outdoor tire additive

Introducing the new 1up Racing Cruz Missile outdoor tire additive.. 1up have tested extensively with 1up Racing Factory driver Jacob Cruz to find the best outdoor tire additive across a range of surfaces, temperatures and grip levels. Cruz Missile tackles them all and is capable of setting the fastest laps with feel and grip that remain consistent over a full run. Supplied in a handy bottle with foam applicator.

Source: 1up Racing [1upracing.com]

June 27, 2022

2022 Speed King Tour Rd3 – Report

The third round of Speed King Tour 2022 was held at New Next Rush Circuit in Chiba prefecture recently. The track was built near to Narita international airport which means easy to visit for not only domestic racers but also overseas entrants. The race catered to three different electric touring car classes, TC0 class cars using modified motor, TC1 with boosted stock motor and only GForce ESC and motor can be used in the TC2 class. In the TC0 class, Yugo Nagashima took TQ with his brand-new Serpent X20’23 and past electric touring car national champion Souta Goto driving the new Yokomo BD11 got second. Infinity driver Jin Sawada was third. Kazuma Murai became top qualifier in the TC1 class and Yoshiharu Tanaka took TQ in TC2.

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