January 20, 2022

Pro-Line 1/7 Toyo Proxes R888R tires

Pro-Line is proud to announce a partnership with one of the leading performance tire manufacturers, Toyo Tires. This collaboration begins with their first tire for the popular Arrma 1/7 Street Bash line of vehicles, the Toyo Proxes R888R. All the details from the full-size high-performance competition tire have been recreated to give your Infraction or Limitless the ultimate in scale looks, street performance and long-lasting wear. The Proxes R888R is known for extreme grip, cornering, and braking stability in the full-scale world on track, and it’s no different in the RC world as these tires will transform the handling of your car or truck. The large tread blocks on the outside tread maximise lateral grip while the wide centre rib improves directional stability for all-out speed runs. A High-Performance herringbone weave pattern Belt reinforces the inside of the Proxes for high-speed runs, while their S3 compound provides long-lasting tire wear. They come pre-mounted on Black 5-Spoke Arrma wheels so you don’t have to worry about gluing your tires or waiting for them to dry.

View the 42/100 front/rear tires here

January 20, 2022

Infinity IF18-2 rear carbon body mount

For the Infinity IF18-2, Creation Model have released this rear carbon body mount. Compared to the standard plastic rear body mount, this new carbon mount increases the height of the body by 3mm. In addition, the cross-sectional shape of the carbon plate and A7075 adapter matches the latest body shapes such as EXTREME’s Diablo and Protoform’s R19 without any gaps. This allows the downforce to be transferred to the tires without loss and improving rear grip. The left and right carbon plates can be fine-tuned with set screws to accommodate individual body shapes. The connection to the car body can be made in three step width directions and also absorbs the twisting of the mounting part when toe-in is applied.

View the complete set here

January 20, 2022

Announcing new touring car project – IRIS

Ruddog have announced that they are entering the touring car market with a new brand called Iris. ‘A completely new and innovative touring car’, it has been designed by Andreas Myrberg and will be released in autumn of 2022. No information has been made available as of yet but you can follow along with their progress on the dedicated Iris Facebook page.

January 19, 2022

Xray X4 nickel coated brass weights

From Xray come these CNC-machined nickel coated brass weights specially designed for the X4. Mounted straight onto the motor mount in 3 spots, adding the weights to the motor mount wont compromise chassis space or flex. The weights are secured using 2.5x8mm screws and are added to the middle of the car which ensures no effect on the front to rear weight bias.

Source: Xray [teamxray.com]

January 19, 2022

Kendrick Fong joins Arrowmax

Arrowmax have welcomed Kendrick Fong, one of the top drivers from Hong Kong, to their factory team from 2022 and beyond. Kendrick will now use the signature golden black tools to race and represent in the best possible way. He had the following to say, ‘Thank you Mr Lau for providing a great opportunity for me to join the factory team as a team driver and staff. I will keep pushing in the coming races and promote Arrowmax professionally. See you at the track soon!’

Source: Arrowmax [arrowmax-rc.com]

January 18, 2022

Branson wins at EWS Rd3

The 2021/22 Essex Winter Series reached its midway point with Round 3 taking place last weekend. The Christmas break had seen a number of drivers changing teams and in the Scorpion Modified Class it was Kyle Branson, now leading the Xray charge in the UK, who set the fastest time in the opening qualifier. Kyle was just over two seconds ahead of Alex Thurston’s Capricorn and Xray designer Martin Hudy, who had made the trip over from Slovakia to support his newly-signed drivers. Harley Eldridge, another new recruit to the Xray team, was fourth ahead of Stefan Chodzynski and his semi-privateer Yokomo.

Continue reading the race report here

January 18, 2022

Rêve D SPM titanium shock shafts & screws

Rêve D have produced this new set of shock shafts in the popular SPM (Super Precision Machine Cut) titanium. Constructed from a lightweight high-rigidity titanium material with high-precision machining improves the dynamic performance of the damper and demonstrates smooth road surface tracking performance. The shaft surface has been micro polished using a special treatment that not only makes them ultra-smooth but also easier on O-rings and can help maintain the damper condition for longer periods of time. In addition to the E-ring for mounting the pistons, the set also comes with a gap adjustment shim that can be used when using thinner pistons. Additionally the M3 x 5mm FH screw joins their popular SPM titanium screw series. As with the conventional screw series, it offers weight reductions and more accurate machining.

View the new SPM screws here