September 29, 2023

Xray X4 ’24

Xray has just presented its latest 1:10 Electric Touring Car, the X4’24.  With factory drivers Bruno Coelho and Alexander Hagberg officially debuting the new car at the Monaco RC Race Of Champions at Luca in Italy this weekend, the kit features new suspension arms with relocated shock positions improve lower arm flex and reduce twist under load.  Inner shock locations improve weight distribution with the shocks closer to the vehicle midline.  Lower arms use under arm anti-roll bar mounting and reduce shock height by 4.5mm for ultra-low CG while the upper arms are shaped for clearance around the new shock position while maintaining proper suspension geometry and rigidity.  The front and rear shock holders use shims to adjust shock positions in finer increments with 3 different shock holder mounting options provide chassis flex alternatives to tune responsiveness and grip while active or fixed rear shock holder configurations provide two dampening alternatives in one mount.  A simplified shock absorber installation uses a fixed set screw to secure the threaded shock mount stud and prevent movement in the mount during maintenance.  The car gets front steering plates with improved Ackermann positions integrate with the new arms and shock positions.  Rear ARS plates move the link forward for improved rotation.  An improved ECS drive shaft case uses a C-clip to secure a new aluminium sleeve that captures the coupler pins without the use of set screws for improved reliability and easy assembly.  A narrower chassis design reduces cornering drag, while additional material in the central motor area improves durability and reduces chassis fatigue.  Updated chassis layout matches the new lower arms, shock holders and motor mount attachment points, while also moving the battery holder mounting points closer to the centreline to reduce chassis width 3mm centering pins and an additional forward motor mount attachment point improve durability and expand flex adjustments to provide improved stability on high grip black carpet tracks.  Additional motor mount clearance for ESC wiring allows cleaner electronics installation.  Bulkhead anti-roll bar locations are moved lower, along with a new ARS link position on the rear bulkheads, to match the improved suspension geometry.  Rear graphite body post holder improves durability and stability, and offers 8 adjustment steps for even more precise horizontal body mount positioning.

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September 29, 2023

Axon 351mm Precision Drive Belt

New from Japanese electric touring car chassis manufacturer Axon is this 351mm Precision Drive Belt.  Not only for use on their own TC10 but also across a variety of other car brands due to the belts standard 1:10 Electric Touring Car belt size, it is designed to reduce drive friction while improving durability.

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September 28, 2023

Sanwa RX-49T FH5 receiver

Coming new from Sanwa next month is the release of the RX-49T receiver which is a budget friendly version of the Japanese company’s RX-493i FH5 model.  The waterproof unit is compatible with the M17, MT-5, and MT-R and has Ultra Response Mode (SUR) and Extreme Response Mode (SXR).  Using ‘Plug in Bind, the smallest and lightest 2.4 GHz FHSS5 Spread Spectrum System 4ch receiver in the class is compatible with Telemetry however without RPM sensor and Temperature sensor connectivity.  Measuring RPM and temperature is only possible when combined with SUPER VORTEX series while Indicator function with MT-5 is also not compatible.  Due to go on sale in Japan in October it should reach the rest of the world by January 2024.

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September 28, 2023

Blitz TCN-S 1:10 Touring Car Body

Blitz has released a new 1:10 Touring Car body shell, the TCN-S.  Based on the Blitz TCN, the TCN-S future an overall smaller size and improved details for better steering response, corner speed and reduced overall down force.  The first TCN was designed to work on the low traction track or car with modified power with the new TCN-S focused on improving the handling on the high traction tracks with open boost power and stock 13.5T class.  Compared to the TCN, the TCN-S has better low speed steering and corner speed with the high speed stability on par with the TCN.  The TCN-S standard is made from 0.7mm high quality clear polycarbonate with the light weight version 0.5mm.  Each body comes with pre cut window mask, decal and wing screws.

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September 28, 2023

Exotek Vader Pro Drag Kit

In the latest release from US Drag Racing specialists Exotek Racing, the American manufacturer unveiled its all new Vader Pro kit.  Designed from the ground up for maximum street racing performance with all pro level components for lightness, durability, ease of use and precision assembly.  Compatible with standard Street Eliminator bodies, wheels and tires, the kit features all premium design elements and components at a more reasonable kit price.  Performance features includes a 4mm thick high quality carbon fibre main chassis and 3mm carbon fibre suspension arms and shock towers.

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September 27, 2023

BRCA 2WD Onroad Nationals R6 Broxtowe – Report

The sixth & final round of this year’s BRCA British 2WD Onroad National Championship headed off to the undulating Broxtowe circuit in Nottinghamshire with both the titles still to be decided with F1 heading the way one of the Lee’s and the top three in FWD were all still in with a shot.  In F1 qualifying it was the Luke Lee who took all three rounds of qualifying with his Xray to secure pole position.  Lining up second was Michael Lee with his Schumacher courtesy of a pair of seconds, with James Greener’s Xray in third and Michael Friebel’s WRC rounding out the second row.  The finals saw Luke taking all three legs for the overall win from Michael Lee with a brace of seconds.  Michael F edged out James for third by virtue of his second place finish in the second leg.  All of which gave Luke his sixth outdoor title.

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September 27, 2023

2023 Tamiya Championship Series Finals – Report

The 2023 Tamiya Championship Series season concluded over the weekend with his year’s National Finals again hosted by Hobbytown-Hobbyplex in Omaha, Nebraska.  After a short hiatus, due to the worldwide pandemic pause, the long running Tamiya radio control car racing event returned with the master of ceremonies none other than announcing legend, and the 1996 TCS GT National 4WD Champion, Scotty Ernst.  The racing action was competitive and nerve racking with plenty of battles testing drivers nerves.   With a total of eight classes run, the next stop for the three winners from GT-2, M-Chassis, and GT-Pro-Spec will Shizuoka, Japan where the Tamiya World Championships will be held in November.  In GT-2 Daniel Ho took the victory ahead of ChrisTyler with John Brown third.   The win in M-Chassis was taken by Charlie Lydon ahead of Al Sodano and Ken McKinney while in GT-Pro-Spec Vue Vang was the winner with Tim Ski and John Incantalupo joining him on the podium.

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September 27, 2023

Serpent SRX8GTE LWB ‘23 1:8 EP

Following the release of the SRX8GTE ‘23 in July, Serpent has now added a long wheel base version kit to its electric 1:8 GT chassis line-up.  On the new SRX8GTE LWB ‘23 model, which shares all the developments seen on the SRX8GTE ‘23,  they have extended the chassis an additional 29mm for use with all true to scale related RC Bodies.  This places the wheel base at 259mm +/- 2.5mm.

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