January 14, 2021

STRC DR10 aluminium suspension parts

From STRC comes these aluminium suspension option parts for the popular Associated DR10. CNC machined front suspension components like steering knuckles and caster blocks brings precision to the front suspension, adds great looks and a bit more weight to the front of your DR10 dragster. Bearing holes for the front steering knuckles are drilled after anodising to preserve the best tolerance. The one degree toe-in rear hub carriers can help with your DR10 dragster track straight and improve rear traction especially under low traction conditions, and just like the front steering knuckles the bearing holes are drilled after anodising to preserve the best tolerance. Available in anodised black, blue, gun metal, limited edition orange.

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January 13, 2021

JConcepts 1963 Ford Falcon Street Eliminator body

This new 1963 Ford Falcon from JConcepts is intended for street racing and drops to the popular Team Associated DR10 and SCT conversions as well as drag racing builds currently in the market. During the design, it was important to maintain a narrow width to match track widths of popular vehicles and to slip through the air at a high rate of speed. Also, a lower trim line on the sides and front chin-spoiler minimises draft inside the body shell. The round and beady headlights create the feel for this legendary vehicle and the bar grille separates a broad front-end. The front bumper is moulded in position along with an additional and lower trim-line for racing purposes. The hood-scoop buries into the windshield providing that racy look while the cab itself looks strong with chiseled window framing and mock trim package. The rear fender torpedoes back to create the base for rear taillights and a drop-down through the rear bumper to complete some of the futuristic styling. The side panels of the body are quite recessed and with included decals, the arrow shaped body trim can be mocked into position for a more ‘Falcon-ized’ appearance.

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January 13, 2021

BMT 984 1/8th scale onroad chassis

BMT have announced the latest version of their 984 1/8th scale Nitro onroad chassis. Following many months of work, in collaboration with Italian designer Andrea Contarini, BMT are pleased to introduce this latest product. The car is completely new, with several new solutions such as new suspensions geometry, easy access to change belts, optional adjustable weights and a new lighter transmission. Other changes include updated Ackermann, as well as new plastic parts, such as the arms and the front bumper.

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January 13, 2021

Xray T4F’21 170g bumper weight

New from Xray for the T4F’21 is this front 170g bumper weight, developed and suggested for low to medium conditions on asphalt. A direct replacement for the kit 30g weight and bumper, thanks to extra weight in front the car generates more traction and stability in these particular conditions. The set includes a new foam bumper with space cut out for the weight to fit seamlessly.

Source: Xray [teamxray.com]

January 12, 2021

Schumacher tease their Eclipse 4 1/12th scale

Schumacher are teasing the upcoming release of the Eclipse 4, the follow up to the car that Marc Rheinard used to win the 2020 1/12th scale World Championships. The British company saying ‘We are pleased to announce the new Eclipse 4 LMP12 car is coming soon. Improving on the 2 x IFMAR World Championship Winning chassis with further innovation.’ More details to follow.

Source: Schumacher [racing-cars.com]

January 12, 2021

Oliver Mack returns to Team Shepherd

Team Shepherd have announced the return of former 1/8 On-Road European Champion and multiple German champion Oliver Mack. Back in 2015 Oliver took his maiden European Championship A title running for Shepherd and now he is eager to restart the cooperation with the German manufacturer. Oliver plans to attend local races as well selected international events like the European Championship and ENS races. Oliver had the following to say:

I’m very excited to return to Shepherd and I’m looking forward to cooperate again with such a professional team. Thanks to Patrick and the whole Shepherd family for this opportunity.

Source: Shepherd [team-shepherd.com]

January 11, 2021

Serpent Viper 989E 1/8th scale EP chassis

Serpent have released their new Viper 989E, the latest electric version of their 989 1/8th scale chassis. Electric racing has developed big time and the 989E is designed to take care of that power and put it down as effectively as possible. Based on the successful 989 gas racer and sharing it’s suspension, shocks and quite a lot of other features like the chassis plate and drivetrain, there are many EP specific parts on this car as well. They have made room for serious power with the batteries mounted on a 2.5mm thick carbon plate, the variety of packs can be mounted in 3 different positions, changing the CG to alter the cars behaviour. The elevated speedo mounting plate gives stiffness for the battery plates and creates also room for oversized speedos with even 1/5th scale speedos possible. A large range of motors can also be accommodated and the area around the motor has been stiffened to remove any unwanted flex. Other features include a wider 10mm rear belt and module 1 steel gears for durable power delivery.

View more images of the car here

January 11, 2021

Infinity IF14-2 double joint CVD shaft set

For the Infinity IF14-2, Creation Model have released this Double Joint CVD shaft set. This set uses the short type (41mm) front drive shaft rather than the kit standard front drive shaft (42mm). The result is a more linear steering feel, making the car easier to drive when used in high traction or oversteer situations. The shorter shaft is also available separately.

Source: Creation Model [creationmodel.net]