July 23, 2021

Exotek Racing 22S pro steering set & slipper eliminator

Exotek Racing have produced two new items for the Losi 22S drag racer. First up is this precision pro style steering set, designed with a beefier structure and engineered to have the most precision. This is down to the robust 7075 alloy design that incorporates an additional 4 bearings to connect the steering drag link, instead of the nylon cup, which now eliminates all flex and slop. The set also includes crush sleeves that goes between the bearings which help prolong the bearings life and maintains precise fit and operation of the rack. The second new item is their ultra-light direct spur gear mount which is a machined alloy unit that weighs only 3.6gr with the screws. Using a wider range of available spur gear sizes by Exotek, Kimbrough, etc., it allows for easy switching between a locked spur or the stock slipper as track conditions warrant.

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July 22, 2021

Pro-Line 1972 Ford Pinto clear body

Pro-Line have introduced the first subcompact car that Ford ever produced that went on to become an iconic Pro Stock car from the ’70s in full-size racing, the 1972 Ford Pinto. To make the Pinto as scale as possible relative to Pro-Line’s other Drag Bodies, Pro-Line is launching a new subcompact drag class using the Bandit, AE SR10, or other 11.25″ wheelbase 2wd Buggies fitted with drag racing wheels and tires. This new size opens the door to bring new people into the world of drag racing using a chassis platform that many people already own. All the iconic details from the original 1972 Pinto have been faithfully recreated in 1/10 size that looks incredible with big drag tires. The front end of the body features massive undercut details including the classic hexagon-shaped headlight bezel just like the full-size car, which is only made possible with Pro-Line’s proprietary moulding technology. The body comes clear giving you the option to paint the body however you desire.

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July 22, 2021

STRC DR10 0° toe-in rear hub carriers

These new CNC machined aluminium 0° toe-in rear hub carriers from STRC are designed for the Associated DR10 dragster. They allow racers to trim-out the rear toe-in for more straight-line top speed. Machined from high quality aluminium, the bearing holes on these hubs are drilled post-anodising to ensure the best possible fit of the hub bearings. Available in anodised black, gun metal, blue and orange.

Source: STRC [teamstrc.com]

July 22, 2021

BRCA 1/8 Circuit Halifax Rd3 – Report

The newly resurfaced Halifax circuit hosted round 3 of the BRCA 1/8 Circuit series, the new surface and facilities providing the UK with a circuit up there with the best in Europe thanks to all the hard work of John Russell and club members. Many drivers had arrived before the weekend to test on the new surface with a mixed forecast due, Saturday morning saw downpours resulting in controlled practice being turned into open practice as it began to dry mid-way through the afternoon. Drivers managed to all get a few dry runs in later on and it was usual guys at the front with many different chassis being used in the Nitro class such as Serpent, Capricorn, Shepherd, Mugen, ARC and Xray. The Electric class is still being dominated by Capricorn and Serpent but was good to see Bob Harley running Xray. Around 40 drivers were competing at this event.

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July 21, 2021

Hudy 1/8th GT aluminium setup wheels

Hudy’s popular aluminium setup wheels are now also available for 1/8th GT vehicles. Ideal for setup and tweak correction duties, the wheels bolt on just like normal wheels, however due to their high precision they help when adjusting suspension camber, toe setting and for tweaking the car. The wheels are machined from aluminium, they come black anodised and with white, laser-etched markings and they fit all standard GT axles.

Source: Hudy [hudy.net]

July 20, 2021

Völker wins big as ETS heads into season #14

The ETS started into season 14 last weekend at Arena33 in Andernach, Germany where last season ended in September 2020. With 200 entries it was a great turnout for the ETS as there are still some countries with very strict Covid-19 restrictions limiting people traveling to races. The free practice day (Thursday) started with a wet track at Arena33 but after the asphalt dried out, the weather stayed in good conditions during the whole weekend. The Matrix Modified class saw a dominant Ronald Völker winning all four rounds of qualifying ahead of Antoine Brunet who had a flawless weekend showing excellent driving and pace. Behind them, Lucas Urbain and Marc Rheinard lined up third and fourth with Christopher Krapp also in the mix starting from the fifth position.

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July 20, 2021

O.S. R21 Hasi Tuned nitro GT engine

Coming from Hasi Tuned is a new O.S. R21 GT based nitro engine intended for use in 1/8th GT cars. The power plant is professionally tuned and offers a differently timed crankshaft as well as modified case and sleeve. The specifications aim to increase top speed while giving extra power over the whole RPM range, with a special focus on fuel consumption. Optionally the motor can be pre-run-in in order to offer instant and exceptional performance on the track. The engine is also available separately or as combo including the T-2060SC and MB01-70 (M2003SC) exhaust system.

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July 19, 2021

Rêve D UL12 competition wheel in gun metallic grey

Rêve D have introduced this luxurious gun metallic colour to their UL12 competition wheel which is popular thanks to its stylish design, lightweight and high traction. While the new colour is the big change, the wheel itself maintains it 6mm offset, and the adoption of a large inner diameter & thin rim that avoids interference with the suspension is the same as the current UL12.

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