September 21, 2021

JConcepts Tusk & Hunk Class 1 tires

JConcepts continues to muscle new scale off-road items into the market with the introduction of the Tusk 1.9” tire. After successful class 1 tires such as the Landmines and Bounty Hunters, the team focused on a new design with learned information by driving, crawling, and important input from a heap of development time by the JConcepts team. The team retained the 4.19” sizing making it an approved and scale-based tire, but the tread layout went under the scope for changes. The Tusk has an animal like instinct while it makes its way over terrain with hefty lugs and sidewall support. The centre of the tire starts with a V-shaped lug with multiple steps to the sides for additional grip while the green compound rubber flexes and contours to the landscape. The design team added large, staggered traction bars off the side continuing the V-shape pattern and while the shorter version steps in conjunction with the centre lug, the longer version fills a void underneath and meets up near the centre line of the tire.

View more information on the Tusk & Hunk tire here

September 20, 2021

RDRP B6.3 +3mm LCG 7075 aluminium chassis

The Revolution Design Racing Products +3mm chassis has been updated for the ultra-popular Team Associated B6.3 2wd buggy. As before, it mirrors the optimised length of the original B6.2 and B6.3 chassis to improve handling in high-bite track conditions such as carpet and Astroturf, making the car easier and faster to drive at the same time. Of course, the new chassis is prepared to accommodate new-generation servo mounts such as the B6.3 kit item or the RDRP LCG servo mount set. Machined from aircraft-grade 7075 aluminium for strength and optimised flex characteristics, the black anodised surface is the perfect basis for a stealthy looking high-performance model race car. As with the B6.2 version, the chassis comes with a low centre of gravity 7075-T6 motor plate that puts your motor as low as possible into the chassis cut out.

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September 20, 2021

T-Works B6.3 steel chassis skid protectors

T-Works have release their stainless steel chassis skid protector sets for the Team Associated RC10 B6.3/B6.2 buggy. The skid plates will provide additional chassis protection in the rear of the car, something that comes in handy especially when running on highly abrasive surfaces or on track with large jumps. The protector plates are made of high-quality stainless steel material for durability and corrosion resistance and come in a set of two.

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September 15, 2021

36Mood MBX8 aluminium rear hubs

New from 36Mood, brand of 2012 World Champion Robert Batlle, is this aluminium rear hubs for your Mugen MBX7, MBX7R or MBX8 kits. With these hubs you have an extra option on your rear roll centre, having a higher hole position and you can change your rear toe in with the three different long life inserts (kit comes with insert no.1). The design also has the standard up and down position if you need more traction or less traction in your track. These hubs come with all mounting hardware.

View more images of the uprights here

September 14, 2021

T-Works B74.1 ECS driveshafts

T-Works have released ECS driveshafts for the Team Associated RC10 B74.1 & B74. Made from high-quality spring steel for maximum durability, the dual coupling shafts reduce the chattering of the front suspension in corners and are a direct replacement for the stock parts. Featuring a 68.5mm shaft length they come as a pair and are supplied with bearings.

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September 13, 2021

Exotek Racing Cougar & Cat HD wing mount set

New from Exotek Racing is this heavy duty 7075 alloy machined wing mount for the Schumacher series of 2wd and 4wd buggies such as LD, LD2, K1, L1 EVO etc. Weighing only 9 grams it keeps your wing aligned, pointed straight and looking good while doing it with its glossy black design. Works with the stock wing button and wing hardware.

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September 10, 2021

SWorkz S35 series pro-titanium pivot ball turnbuckle

The brand new SWorkz optional pivot ball turnbuckles are made from high quality Pro-Titanium. The Pro-Titanium has the quality of 6AI-4V titanium which is lightweight, strong and durable as well as corrosion resistant. Connected with the aluminium 14mm knuckle pivot ball and the whole unit is only 6.4g which is 8.2g lighter than the original steel part. This reduction of unsprung mass, makes your steering more precise and your car faster in all track conditions.

View the turnbuckle here