November 25, 2022

Coratec officially announce Ronnefalk as team driver

Having already extensively mentioned his involvement with the new start-up when they officially announced themselves to the world on Monday, Corsatec has today issued a press release specifically announcing David Ronnefalk as ‘their star driver in this newly formed team’.  The announcement read, “Having collected already numerous titles in a very short time, EFRA European Champion, 2nd at the IFMAR World Championship, a win at the DNC to name a few, CORSATEC is delighted to make it official announcing David Ronnefalk as their star driver in this newly formed team.  Having proved the excellent quality and performance of our products we are looking forward to more success and great moments with David”.  In the release Ronnefalk said, “It’s well known by now that I partnered up with CORSATEC from the start.  Having worked with the people behind the newly established company for a long time already, the relationship has always been great and there was no doubt I wanted to be a part of this new journey. During the year we have been working hard to bring you quality products and I’m confident to say that we have achieved this. It’s been a long process, but the wait has been worth it, trust me! Looking forward to see and hear about what people have to say when they get to test the products for themselves.”

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November 25, 2022

Maifield signs for Tekno RC

Confirmation of Ryan Maifield’s much anticipated switch to Tekno RC has just been confirmed with the American manufacturer  announcing they are,  “pleased to welcome Ryan Maifield to the factory team. Ryan is well known in RC racing as his long list of achievements speaks for itself. From the many world and national championships, to the dozens and dozens of major event wins, he has proven time and again why he is considered to be one of the best drivers to ever compete in RC.  Ryan has incredible talent, vast knowledge of RC cars, and a large network of sponsors and fans who support him. Combined with his unique approach to racing, he has a competitive edge that fuels his strong desire to win. Like many of the greats, he is well-versed in 1/8th and 1/10th scale off-road racing disciplines. We’ll be working closely with him to refine our current products and to develop new vehicles for our valued customers to enjoy.  We can’t help but be excited for the 2023 racing season!!” On the announcement Maifield said, “I’m excited to be a part of the Tekno program!! I have driven the vehicles and have been very impressed with the speed, adjustability, and quality of the products. After spending some time with the crew behind the scenes, I was able to see how much commitment and passion goes into these vehicles.”

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November 25, 2022

MIBO Touch Duo Racing Charger

MIBO introduces it latest product, the Touch Duo Racing Charger. This AC/DC 400W unit is a dual-channel charger and discharger with a touchscreen display. It has built-in balancers with up to 200 W per channel for all battery types (NiMH, NiCd, LiPo, LiHV, Li-ion, LiFe and lead-acid). The charger is designed to be powered from a 100–240 V/50–60 Hz mains supply, a 12 V lead-acid battery (traction or car battery), or a suitable stabilised power supply. The charger is equipped with XT60 sockets in both channels and is shipped with 2 JST-XH service connector adapters allowing direct connection of power cables and JST-XH connectors of 2–6S LiPo packs. If you use packs with XT60 and JST-XH connectors, you don’t need any charging cables. You can use common Sky RC or RC System adapters to connect service connectors from other systems.

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November 24, 2022

Hobbywing Tunalyzer Motor Tuner

Describing it as ‘The next-generation tool for motor testing and tuning’ Hobbywing has unveiled the Tunalyzer Motor Tuner.  It is used to test the brushless DC motor and its internal components and can measure the Kv value, rpm, current, end-bell timing and sensor elements of the brushless motor.  These parameters can be is played on the LCD in real time, so that you can have an intuitive and full understanding of the motor used.  In addition, the built-in Bluetooth of the Tunalyzer can establish communication with the esc through the mobile phone app to realise the parameter setting and firmware updating of the esc.

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November 24, 2022

SWORKz S35-4E EC Conversion Kit

SWORKz has released a European Champion Edition Conversion Kit for its S35-4E 1:8 Electric title winning buggy.  It includes the Arched-Bridge-System which was a big step for S35-4E and the high capacity shock system that made the car go faster and be more stable. In the package we also include a new special BBS piston and oil sealing parts that the Euros team drivers tested during the race. They are made by a high Precision Plastic mold machine. Also included are specially made durable material parts for the the suspension (inserts) which our team drivers used and felt immediately more confident. These are the options included in this S35-4E ECE that Juan Carlos Canas drove to win the 2022 EFRA European Championships in Slovakia.

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November 24, 2022

SWORKz Sport Cabin Bag 2.0

SWORKz Sport Cabin Bag is available again in a new SWORKz Design.  Thhe Sport Cabin Bag 2.0 is light and easy to carry. It is ideal for your 1:8 off road buggy and your buggy with the wing and tires fits into it.  The size of this cabin bag can fit as handluggage at most airlines. (You should always check you airline company rules). With a smart trolley hand bar and 2 ball bearing wheels, traveling becomes super easy.

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November 24, 2022

JConcepts INS13 | NCTS5 date announcements

The JConcepts 1/10th scale off-road series are back in 2023 with the INS13 and NCTS5 dirt and carpet/turf series. The schedule should look familiar with the addition of RC One Raceway with their new carpet surface on the NCTS calendar to start the year. The NCTS Series will remain a 4-race shootout with the INS series staying with 5 races. The JConcepts events provide drivers with an array of classes to choose from to compete nationally or on a race-by-race basis. How the racer choses to participate is up to them. However, rest assured, knowing the locations, dates, and facilities have been carefully selected for the ultimate 1/10th off-road experience.

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November 23, 2022

SWORKz ZEUS II 1:8 Pro Truck Brushless Kit

SWORKz has announced its new generation ZEUS II 1:8 Pro Truck Brushless Kit.  The ZEUS II project is the result of SWORKz passion for improvement.  Combining every detail into a more balanced and improved truck called the “ZEUS II”.  The truck incorporates many of the race-inspired features from the S35-T2E and S35-4E Pro Kits. This Truck provides precise feedback, a nimble and balance feeling that will suit drivers of all levels. The design team put their efforts into proper weight distribution for the ZEUS II EP Monster Truck. Proper weight distribution proved to be instrumental to the setup during the testing phase of the ZEUS II EP Monster Truck.  It comes standard with many high quality parts like a T7075 aluminium chassis (same S35-4E chassis hard coating process), front and rear shock towers. It also has S35-T2E Pro Kit’s 16mm BBS Racing Shocks, High Performance Crown and Pinion Gears and oil filled differentials provide traction and balance to the truck on different off-road surfaces. It uses the S35-T2e newly designed centre motor mount that makes it possible to easily change the motor or adjust the free play of the gears. The pivot ball steering system gives the driver sharp and accurate turning feedbacks.

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