April 20, 2021

Broc Champlin double at NTCS3 Northwest Carpet Nats

Last weekend saw the JConcepts NCTS3 Northwest Carpet Nationals held at the fantastic Northwest Hobbies facility located in a large shopping mall in Albany, Oregon. The level of competition was super high with Associated and TLR factory teams in attendance. In qualifying it was Schumacher driver Broc Champlin that took a fantastic clean sweep with a double TQ in the 2wd and 4wd mod classes. Champlin would go on to win both, in 2wd ahead of TLR’s Dakotah Phend in 2nd and Ryan Reavis in 3rd and in 4wd once gain ahead of Dakotah Phend, this time with Harley Yoshii completing the podium.

View the final results here

April 20, 2021

SWorkz S35-T2/T2e lower arm stiffeners

Announcing two new lower arm stiffeners from SWorkz for their S35-T2/T2e line of vehicles. Made from 1.5mm pro-composite carbon fibre they help increase the stiffness of the lower arm. Available for both the rear as well as a pair for the rear lower arms they are a great way for fine tune your setup for different conditions. Supplied as a pair and with the mounting hardware.

View the front stiffeners here

April 16, 2021

Bittydesign Vision The Car buggy body shell

Bittydesign have introduced this addition to their Vision buggy body shell line-up, for the JQ The Car Black Edition. The lid’s design will offer an easier to drive and more balanced feeling thanks to a mid-advanced cab, side pod and rear side flaps shape that optimises the aerodynamic characteristics. In addition a flap behind the engine area guides the air towards the rear wing for a smoother and more directed airflow around the shock tower and lower wing mount. The pre-cut body is moulded from high-quality 1mm Lexan polycarbonate, it comes with window masks, overspray protective film and a decal sheet.

View more images of the new body shell here

April 15, 2021

Factory Team carbon fibre composite option parts

From Team Associated’s Factory Team brand is a new line of carbon fibre composite option parts for the RC10B6.3, RC10B74.1, RC10T6.2 and RC10SC6.2, including previous generation models. Impregnated with rigid and light carbon fibres inside the injection moulded materials, these Factory Team parts are the ultimate in high performance. The new parts include front gullwing suspension arms and new side rails. Look for future Factory Team releases as Team Associated plans to produce several more moulded parts in this amazing material.

View the other new items here

April 14, 2021

Xray XB8, GTX & XT8 aluminium C-hubs

Xray have released optional aluminium C-hubs for their XB8, GTX & XT8 platforms. Machined from Swiss 7075 T6 aluminium and black anodised, this material is ultra strong, increases stability and gives the car more precise handling. Available in 18° and 6° versions, they are each sold separately.

View the 6° blocks here

April 14, 2021

Tessmann & Rivkin take Pro classes at Psycho Nitro Blast

This past weekend saw the world famous Psycho Nitro Blast in White Pine, Tennessee at the Walters State Expo Center. A very unique event put on every year by the Racetime Entertainment crew, this year’s event was again a spectacle to behold as well as an endurance test with a huge number of entries and practice being run over a continuous 24 period meaning racers got little rest as they dialled their cars in. The large hard packed track featured a joker lane that could be used up to 3 times in the main, making for an exciting and somewhat confusing option for the racers. In the Pro Buggy class it was Xray’s Ty Tessmann that was the class of the field and locked up the TQ after two of the 3 rounds of qualifying. Tessmann would do the double by also taking the TQ for eBuggy, while in the Pro Truggy class it was Spencer Rivkin that was the man to beat as he took his Associated to the top spot. The first. Truggy was the first main up and with the track drying out, tire choice was critical. Spencer got the best of the field from his pole starting spot and would win from TLR’s Dakotah Phend in 2nd and Spencer Heckert impressing in 3rd. Pro Buggy was up next and it with a number of drivers taking their joker lanes early pole man Ty Tessmann saw himself down the order but with joker lanes in his pocket he worked at pulling in the field. With just Phend and Jones ahead in the closing stages, the Xray driver took his final joker lap and emerged out in the lead where he stayed to the end. Tekno driver Tyler Jones put in a great run to take the runner up spot with the TLR driver Ryan Cavalieri completing the top 3. Up last for the Pros it was eBuggy which was won by Rivkin who had his life made easier when Tessmann rolled early. The Canadian would recover to take 2nd with Mason Fuller bringing his TLR home 3rd.

View the other Pro podiums here

April 13, 2021

JConcepts Fuzz Bite & Pin Swag carpet tires

JConcepts have introduced two new carpet tires, the Fuzz Bite and the Pin Swag. The Fuzz Bite lands on a low-profile carcass carried over from tires such as the Twin Pin. The low stance provides quick transition at high-speed and minimises side-wall deflection and roll. The pin is specially built in a reverse ‘water tower’ shape planting the larger base at the bottom and narrowing at the top for precision. The pins are placed in a radius and repeated about for a healthy nest of pins to dig deep into matting in office carpet or tight knit CRC carpeting. The alternating rows of pins provides side-bite, and the tightness gives forward traction. The arrangement of the pins promotes good wear characteristics and traction longevity. The Fuzz Bite incorporates a small radial rib on the outside with angular cross to give consistent cornering but also forward mid-corner launch grip. Available in for the rear as well as in 2wd and 4wd front varieties.

View the other tires here

April 13, 2021

Reedy Radon 2 Crawler 550 brushed motors

Reedy have introduced their all-new Radon 2 Crawler 550 brushed motors. The Crawler 550 can easily be recognised by its extended length can which houses a longer armature and magnets, resulting in more torque than a typical shorter 540 can. An increase in torque makes the Crawler 550 ideal for heavier rigs or when encountering higher grip or steeper terrain. Thanks to the Crawler 550’s 5-slot design, it still is capable of delivering precision throttle control, which is ideal for traversing the varying and changing terrain encountered on the trail. Dual ball bearings improve performance and reliability while adjustable timing allows for adjustments to compensate for different drivetrain configurations that require reverse motor rotation, and for fine-tuning power output. The Radon 2 Crawler 550 motor is available in 10, 12, 14, 16, and 20-turn versions to suit a variety of applications and speed requirements.

Source: Reedy [associatedelectrics.com]