October 26, 2020

SWorkz S12-2 aluminium steering options

SWorkz release their latest S12-2 options with new CNC machined aluminium servo saver arms and steering plate. These 2 option parts provide the S12-2 steering with faster response and, due to their material and construction, improved reliability.

Source: MW RC Cars [mwrccars.at]

October 26, 2020

Factory Team RC8T3.2 carbon fibre inserts

New from Team Associated’s Factory Team brand are these optional carbon fibre inserts for the RC8T3.2 suspension arms. These 1.2mm thick carbon fibre inserts replace the stock plastic inserts and offer improved stiffness and a clean factory team look. When switching to the new inserts, it is recommended to use a shorter M3x6mm BHCS for the two inner hinge pin locations and a M3x6mm FHCS for the others. Fits the RC8T3.2 and T3.2e suspension arms

View the other inserts here

October 26, 2020

Double win for Adam Izsay at RcProf Cup Rd2

Round 2 of the Hungarian RcProf Cup was held on last weekend close to Budapest. In the hotly contested 4wd buggy class it was Adam Izsay that took the TQ after qualifying, just ahead of Zsolt Bajusz in 2nd. In the finals, Adam could convert his TQ spot into wins in all the finals with Gabor Forrai finishing runner up and Szabolcs Konya in 3rd. In 2wd buggy class Izsay also took the TQ and win in all finals, with Janos Pittman coming home 2nd and Karoly Izsay, father of Adam, in 3rd.

View the other podium here

October 23, 2020

SWorkz S12-2 Synthesis rear hub set

SWorkz have designed a new S12-2 rear wheel hub system called the ‘Synthesis’ rear hub set. This optional part is made from high quality aluminium with a redesigned geometry for the rear upper linkage that can be changed between 6 positions. You can also adjust the upper linkage ball positions using different thickness washers. With this new system it is very easy to change the rear hub positions to suit all different kinds of tracks. The set includes a pair of hubs, upper linkage mounting points and plastic inserts.

Source: MW RC Cars [mwrccars.at]

October 23, 2020

T-Works MP10E steel centre CVDs

For the Kyosho MP10E, T-Works have produced these pairs of steel centre CVDs. Made from a high-quality steel, both the shaft and coupling feature a black surface coating for wear resistance. The rear centre CVD shaft is 113mm long, with the front centre shaft coming in at 86mm. T-Works also have a full set of gold plated steel screws, UFO titanium screws and a full precision bearing set  available for the car.

View the rear CVD here

October 22, 2020

JConcepts B74 aluminium clamping servo horn

Similar in concept and structure to the JConcepts clamping servo horns released yesterday, these new versions are specifically for the Associated B74. A clamping style servo horn, it is great for high-torque situations providing additional security and relieving some load to the servo splines themselves. The broad base of the horn tapers to the connection area where the steering takes place. The boss on the top surrounds the ball-end and provides a hefty surface for steering direction. Small ribs have been added on the sides to help strengthen the unit in a twisting fashion and a deep pocket hides the 3mm standard mounting screw. The entire horn has been retouched with chamfer highlight edging and laser etched with JC and the tooth count for high-end looks and authenticity.

View more images of the servo horn here

October 21, 2020

JConcepts Animal & Hawk SCT tires

One of the best ways to sling the dirt and sand is with the new Animal and Hawk tires by JConcepts. The Animal is a large height, paddle rear tire, cutting through the dust, sand and dirt while spraying rooster-tails against the competition. The 3.0” x 2.2” carcass has strategically placed upper paddles with a scoop shape to thrust into any patch of terrain and blow right through it. One of the details is the smooth carcass with mock cut-off paddle sections which is a common sight in 1:1 tires. The Hawk multi-rib front tires are directional and meant to cut-through the loam and silt dirt. The 3.0” x 2.2” narrowed carcass has strategically placed radius ribs in a step-up fashion to give turning traction during different depths of surface conditions. Both tires are for Short Course trucks and 1:1 inspired to provide best in class looks and performance. Available loose or pre mounted for Slash.

View more images of the tires here