March 28, 2020

T-Works XB8 & D8 series POM suspension spacer sets

T-Works have introduced new POM suspension spacer sets for the Xray XB8 2020 as well as the HB Racing D8 series of buggies and GT cars. Starting with the XB8-related set, the kit includes two 3x9x7mm, two 3x9x2mm and four 3x9x1mm spacers all of which are machined of high-quality, self-lubricating POM material. Using the shims will allow to adjust the rear wheelbase setting by shifting the rear hub forth and back in its seat with the slick washer surface ensuring smooth suspension action. As for the HB Racing D8 series sets, available is a rear hub set consisting of 0.5mm, 1.0mm, 1.5mm and 2.0mm shims as well as a set of steering block spacers. The shims are usable for the D819, D819RS, and D817 buggies as well as the RGT8 1/8th GT kit.

View the D8 series sets here

March 28, 2020

IFMAR call off 2020 season

The IFMAR has announced that with an unanimous decision all four blocks and the IFMAR committee have decided to postpone the three IFMAR World Championship events planned for 2020. This means the Electric 1/10th ISTC Worlds in Heemstede, Netherlands, the 1/8th IC Off-Road Worlds in CiaNorte, Brasil and the 1/10th IC Track Touring Car Worlds in Brisbane, Australia are postponed to an alternative date, either 2021 or perhaps later. The first plan was to run those events in the beginning of 2021, making it a very busy calendar with the other already planned events. However, some alternative proposals are being studied now and IFMAR will come back to the racers later this year on how the IFMAR calendar will look like for 2021 and beyond. Additionally the IFMAR has the following to say about the decision:

This will be a disappointment for all of you, organizers, drivers and industry. For many of you, RC racing is the highlight of the week. However, this COVID-19 is not so easy to bring down and to avoid last minute cancellations and even more great disappointments we bring you this message now. Apart from the health issue there is also the travel ban that is in place for a big number of countries. We also need to consider this and travel possibilities needs to be back before we can start racing IFMAR WC events again.

The IFMAR board of Directors

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March 27, 2020

1up Racing XL anti-wear & O-ring grease

Available now from 1up Racing is their gold anti-wear and blue O-ring grease in XL jars. The anti-wear grease is a race-proven blend of two synthetic base lubricants help that help the lube to adhere to metal surfaces offering unparalleled protection and impact absorption. It can be used on driveshafts and also makes a nice cushion on cross pins of belt pulley adapters where it can make for less wobbling and a smoother working drivetrain.

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March 27, 2020

Dash R-Tune V3 brushless motor – Coming soon

Dash have released a first teaser image of their forthcoming new R-Tune V3 electric brushless modified motor. No information about the features and specifications are available yet but we keep you up to date.

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March 27, 2020

Yeah Racing Enduro rubber-sealed bearing set

Coming from Yeah Racing and made for the Element RC Enduro trail truck series is a rubber-sealed ball bearing set. The bearings, made of aircraft-grade steel, offer exceptional precision and durability and their PTFE-treated rubber seals keep dust, dirt and moisture away, ensuring reliability in pretty much every weather conditions. The ball races come pre-oiled using high-quality oil for low natural drivetrain drag and longer run times.

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March 26, 2020

JConcepts B74 aluminium rear hub carrier set

Coming from JConcepts and made for Team Associated’s popular B74 buggy is an aluminium rear hub carrier set. The uprights are precision machined to accept the stock Team Associated hub inserts and also the aluminium camber link mount. One of the highest impact items on the rear of the B74 are the hub carriers and the aluminium material helps maintain correct geometry while showing off some anodised luster. The set contains the hub carriers and two .1 and two .25mm axle shims to tighten the lash between drive axle and bearing once assembled.

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March 26, 2020

T-Works XB2 2020 ball bearings kits

The latest release of Xray XB2 2020 series optionals from T-Works includes two ball bearing sets. Specific to the Carpet and Dirt specification kits of Xray’s latest 2WD buggy, the sets include 14 and 16 ball races respectively, with both utilising orange and black colour rubber seals for exceptional protection against dust, dirt and moisture whole the inner metal shields ensure low natural drag for high drivetrain efficiency. Both sets are available from now on.

View the second new set here

March 26, 2020

Ruddog R2090 & R2100 tuned exhaust pipe sets

Ruddog Distribution from Germany have introduced their all-new R2090 and R2100 tuned exhaust pipe sets for 1/8th off-road applications. The R2090 EFRA2089 exhaust was designed to increase bottom end torque, making it ideal for smaller, more technical tracks, when needing to clear jumps or for somewhat heavier off-road truggies. It comes including a 75mm manifold, high-quality silicone gaskets and mounting springs.

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