March 29, 2011

VRC Column – March update

VRC Column – March update

The HB Cyclone was the first electric chassis that was modeled for VRC Pro, back in 2006. By now this chassis has been replaced by their latest development, the HB TCX. This caused us to go back to the 3D drawing board and model the new chassis in hi res. With the TCX now finished we have our electric car line up ready for launch. This lineup includes the Tamiya TRF417, the Associated TC6, the Xray T3 ’11, the HB TCX, the Kyosho TF6 and our own ‘generic’ Intercept ER10.

VRC Pro tire testing
A new tire model (the program that describes how the tire works) was developed in the past years by our physics expert Todd Wasson. Even a tire testing machine was developed and built to perform load sensitivity tests on foam and rubber tires in different configurations and for both asphalt and carpet type surfaces. The tire is the most complex part of the physics engine and determines for a large part the feel of the car. The chassis physics are more straight forward and is basically all mathematics describing geometry and how the load changes during cornering, acceleration and braking. The data gathered in these tire tests have been combined with data we collected in the past with data acquisition systems in the cars. All this data has been analyzed and has been used to build the new tire model. The last stage of the tire model project is fine tuning the tire model and adjusting the tire properties in VRC Pro. This can only be done with really experienced racers who have a good fundamental knowledge and analytical understanding of the chassis physics. This fine tuning could only be done at the very end of the whole VRC Pro project as it requires the final software. The results are very promising. Sometimes we start VRC v3 as a benchmark, there is just no comparison of the ‘feel’ of the car between VRC Pro and v3. Even after VRC Pro is launched development work on the tire model will continue, this is a never ending story, it will never be finished.

VRC Column – March update

VRC v3 to VRC Pro Conversion
VRC v3 members can directly convert their v3 account to a new VRC Pro account during the registration process. This is especially handy when the member has purchased content within a period of 10 months from signing up for VRC Pro as he will then automatically receive his VRC Pro Upgrade Refund for an amount of the purchase value minus 10% for each month of use. The refund is converted into VRC Pro subscription periods: 1 month for each €10 of content value that remains.

Members who convert to VRC Pro will maintain their VRC v3 account, so in the unlikely event that they want to continue to use v3 they can. The v3 service will be maintained until 1 year after VRC Pro is launched.

Important to emphasize is that VRC Pro is not an upgrade of VRC v3, these are entirely different platforms and nothing can be carried over. VRC Pro also requires modern gaming computer specs with graphics cards capable of handling advanced 3D graphics.

VRC Column – March update

2011 V3 Series
New v3 series have been set up for the 2011 season, for 1:8 sportscars, and for 1:10 nitro sedans. Both series have started in March for a total of 10 events, of which the best 6 results will be counted for the v3 series titles. Obviously, as soon as VRC Pro is launched series will also be made available for the new platform, the old and new series are not linked.

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