July 13, 2007

Team Luna 23T motor Yokomo spec

A few weeks ago we showed you the Glory Kaiser 23T Super Stock motor from Team Luna, one of many new 23T motors to hit the market recently, and today comes the release of a similiar motor from Team Luna, but using Yokomo parts, including the special Yokomo endbell. This motor gives good overal power and features a balanced rotor, the brushes are held more accurately in place thanks to the new end bell, and along with some other small changes this JMRCA approved motor is 20% more efficient than the original version. Also new from Team Luna is the…

July 3, 2007

Motor Mania Pride 23T motor

There seems to be no end to the 23 turn motors coming out of Japan at the moment, with the release of this motor from Motor Mania, called the Pride. Extensively tested before release, and conforming to JMRCA rules, the people from Motor Mania believe they have obtained the optimum specification of durability within a high torque motor, thanks in part to its cooling fans on the rotor and titanium coloured casing which both aid the heat dissipation. Source: Motor Mania [mmt-motor-mania.com] FacebookTwitter…

July 2, 2007

Tech Racing Exelero 23T motor

The 23 turn motors are coming thick and fast these days and the latest is this version from Tech Racing, called the Exelero. Made by Yokomo, and featuring the companies new end bell, these particular motors have been individually tuned with such adjustments as the setting of the spring pressure and correct aligning of the brushes done by hand, as well as some other adjustments. This particular motor is designed for torque, and as with all the current batch of 23T motors, is JMRCA compliant. Source: Tech Racing [tech-racing.co.jp] FacebookTwitter…

June 29, 2007

Alex Racing Flat Out Stock motors

Alex Racing today announced their new full line up of Stock 23T brushed motors, suitable for use in the JMRCA National stock class, called Flat Out. Comprising of 3 main motor types, the VS Series, the M series and the L series, all the motors are available with the choice of brush hardness – soft, medium or hard, brush material type – carbon or pure silver, rotor specification – for lots of torque or high revs and finaly whether it comes with a steel or aluminum ring. The M series comes with a new style end bell which allows the…

June 22, 2007

Team Luna Glory 23T motor

…in Japan, there has been increasing manufacturer interest and recently we have seen quite a number of 23T motors released onto the market. This latest motor is from Team Luna, and its called the Glory Kaiser 23T Super Stock motor, and it looks very similar to all the previous releases we have seen. This particular motor, features a balanced rotor, an adjustable brush angle, 6 blade cooling fan and is available in 2 versions, distinguished by its red or blue endbell finish, with either high torque or high top end revs, and all meet JMRCA regulations. Source: ARK [ark-inc.jp] FacebookTwitter…

June 8, 2007

Team Tectro SP2 23T Stock motor

Stock touring may be a young class in Japan but is growing and the manufacturers are taking note. Following on from this weeks release of stock motors by Kyosho and Team Orion, comes this new 23T motor from Team Tectro. Meeting all class regulations as laid out by the JMRCA, this motor can easily handle the high power delivered by todays cells and thanks to a special coating the rotor can now withstand really high temperatures making it very durable. Available in 3 different versions. Source: Powers International [powers-international.com] FacebookTwitter…

June 5, 2007

Kyosho Power Zone DS stock 23T motor

Responding to the growth in competitiveness of the recently introduced National stock class in Japan, Kyosho will release this 23T stock motor. Called the Power Zone DS, this new motor features a new can surface for superior thermal efficency which helps keep the motors power consistent while also increasing the motors longevity. The end bell, which is JMRCA approved, allows for advanced angle adjustment and when the motor is introduced in the end of June it will be available in 4 different configurations. Source: Kyosho [kyosho.com] FacebookTwitter…

May 19, 2007

Xenon Racing Illusion Stock motor

More news from Xenon Racing, this time its for the release of their new line of 23T stock motors. Called the Illusion, this new motor series is eligable for the stock touring class at JMRCA (Japanese Federation) sanctioned events comes in 2 versions, one with bottom end torque and one with a wider range of torque. Source: Ark [ark-inc.jp] FacebookTwitter…

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