July 16, 2007

Protoform Frizbee 1/8th scale body released

As expected Protoform have released their latest 1/8th CanAm body style, called the Frizbee, and it is designed for large tracks with long straights and sweeping corners. The Frizbee incorporates some unique air management features to improve handling and stability. A molded in fairing is located behind the cylinder head and INS box to minimize turbulence and aid airflow to the rear spoiler. In the front there are a pair of air-extractor vents that increase front downforce when properly cut and folded downward. The Frizbee fits all the popular 1/8th chassis and sits nice and low. Rear bite can be…

July 11, 2007

Protoform Frizbee body – Update

Following on from the news that Protoform will release a new 1/8th scale body, the Frizbee, comes more pictures from ElliotCanada on RC Tech. The picture we had before of the clear unpainted body didnt allow us to see the unique details around the back of the engine before, and if you look at the pictures you will see that there is trailing aerodymanic aids just behind both the motor head and air filter. I presume this is to reduce airflow distortion caused by the engine and INS box before it reaches the rear wing, but whether this really makes…

July 6, 2007

Protoform Frizbee 1/8th scale body

Beating the expected official announcement from Protoform by 10 days or so, RC Tech user, ElliotCanada has a photo of their new 1/8th scale Can Am body, called the Frizbee (not sure if thats the final name or not?). Taken at the recent Canadian Nationals in Hamilton Ontario, the new body is the American companies 2nd new release for this category in 3 months, with the release of the Shadow back in mid May. The body itself sports a number of unique elements such as the lowered center of the rear wing and the use of dimples on the front…

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