December 22, 2023

RSRC ‘Miami’ setup board

Multiple European Buggy Champion Reno Savoya’s RSRC brand has produced a ‘Miami’ setup board. In his own description of the PVC board, Savoya says ‘it will probably not make you faster, but it will for sure make you look gorgeous in the pits!’. Compatible with all 1:8 and 1:10 models it is made of 10mm expanded PVC for lightness and durability and features a ‘Miami’ look for fine-tuning all your RC car’s settings: camber, geometry, ground clearance etc. Measuring 400mm x 500mm and weighing 0.95Kg it has a matte finish and print protected against splashes from the main fluids such…

June 23, 2023

RC Maker Geocarbon Matte Setup Board V2

RC Maker has release the successor to their popular GeoCarbon Setup Board. The new V2 setup board features gorgeous 5mm Thick 6K Twill Matte Carbon Finish, which looks amazing in your pit are. It’s precision CNC machining with chamfered edges makes it very safe for handling and transport, the design making it less susceptible to being damaged in transit whilst maximising working space to set up your car. It features a precision CNC machined logo, which contrasts great with the setup board, giving it a clear but raw look. A massive feature of this board is the optional levelling with…

June 13, 2023

Marka Racing Level Setup Board System

Italy’s Marka Racing has released a Level Set-up Board system supporting setup boards up to 18mm thick. Consistenting of a level and four machined adjustable aluminium feet, you fix the feet to the four sides of the setup surface, place the spirit level in the centre and rotate the feet until the bubble is positioned in the centre. This ensures you have the perfect even surface on which to make set-up adjustments to your car. Source: Marka Racing []…

May 25, 2023

MonacoRC Pro Level Set-up Board system

…recessed into the piece, giving it an intriguing appearance and minimising the height of the board relative to the supporting surface. This product is the result of experiences gained during months of testing to create the most functional and aesthetically pleasing solution possible. The “Pro Level SetUp Board” is compatible with practically all setup boards available on the market, with a maximum thickness of 12mm. The “Pro Level SetUp Board – Limited Edition” version includes a tray that allows for the transportation of the “Pro Level SetUp Board” and its level bubble within a 3D-printed tray. This tray can be…

March 21, 2023

NathoBuilds Setup Board & 7.5 Deg Caster Inserts

New from NathoBuilds products are are this Carbon Fibre Setup Board and 7.5deg Caster Inserts for Team Associated 1:10 Offroad chassis. Manufactured from 4mm thick 3K Twill Weave Gloss Carbon, the Setup board has been tested on a bunch of out door conditions to ensure that the boards will last years without tweaking and making sure the board stays flat. It also features chamfered edges to prevent the corners from chipping and comes with an included heavy-duty Corflute Travel/ Storage Box that fits perfectly into an Ogio Rig 9800 travel bag. The 7.5deg Caster Inserts have been tested by some…

December 9, 2022

Klinik RC customisable setup board

Klinik RC is offering a customisable setup board. Measuring in at 16 x 20 inches, it is perfect for any scale race cars up to 1:8 buggy. Made from super rigid .400″ solid crystal clear acrylic then second surface direct printed on the backside. It is not a decal! They are available with the Klinik/Racetec graphic or custom with your name along the bottom edge. Source: Klinik RC []…

December 8, 2022

RC Maker Aligned Droop Blocks

RC Maker has introduced another staple to their line of setup tools with these Aligned Droop Blocks for 1:10 Onroad. Taking everything they didn’t like about conventional droop blocks, they have created the ultimate pair of droop blocks for your pit table! The unique shape of the blocks means that the contact patch of the blocks to your setup board and chassis is minimal, preventing imperfections in each surface from effecting your droop reading. One major feature of these droop blocks is the ability to fix the distance between them, and keep them square to each-other! When you place normal…

December 7, 2022

RC Maker Geocarbon Tweak Plate 1:10 Onroad

RC Maker has as part of its latest batch of product releases introduced this Geocarbon Tweak Plate for 1:10 Onroad. De-tweaking your chassis is an absolutely essential, and an ongoing part of onroad racing. Having a flat chassis is crucial to balanced and consistent handling. Often a setup board is used, which requires the removal of tyres and has no access to the lower screws from underneath. This is a problem, and why we developed the GeoCarbon Tweak Plate! The beauty of the GeoCarbon Tweak Plate, is that it can be used with the tires on, and also provides access…

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