December 7, 2022

RC Maker Geocarbon Tweak Plate 1:10 Onroad

RC Maker has as part of its latest batch of product releases introduced this Geocarbon Tweak Plate for 1:10 Onroad. De-tweaking your chassis is an absolutely essential, and an ongoing part of onroad racing. Having a flat chassis is crucial to balanced and consistent handling. Often a setup board is used, which requires the removal of tyres and has no access to the lower screws from underneath. This is a problem, and why we developed the GeoCarbon Tweak Plate! The beauty of the GeoCarbon Tweak Plate, is that it can be used with the tires on, and also provides access…

September 15, 2021

Hobbywing XeRun D10 drift series motors

Following the release of their drift specific XeRun XD10 Pro ESC, Hobbywing have now introduced these new drift series XeRun D10 motors. Like the ESC the motor is also available in black, red and purple. Internally, the new motor stator is optimised for drift and improves motor efficiency in drift applications. A built-in high-precision sensor board, combined with drift-specific fan rotors, provide excellent motor linearity and drivability while greatly improves motor efficiency. The 10.5T motor weighs approximately 158g while the 13.5T is at 165g (including 3 gold insert weights). The lightweight motor allows user to easily tweak their weight bias…

October 9, 2020

RC Maker GeoCarbon setup board

RC Maker have introduced what they claim is the most premium solid carbon fibre setup board on the market and we might have to agree. Finished in their signature GeoCarbon style, it features recessed corners with chamfered edges for ultimate looks and practicality. The chamfer prevents the corners from chipping and ensures your board will last for years to come. Manufactured from 5mm thick 3K twill weave gloss carbon, ensuring it stays flat and tweak free, it comfortably fits 1/10th Touring and 1/12th Pan cars with dimensions, coming in at 395 x 295mm (15.5 x 11.6 inches). The board comes…

May 6, 2019

RC Maker GeoCarbon touring car tweak wheel set

RC Maker have introduced their all-new GeoCarbon tweak wheel set for EP and GP touring cars. The super lightweight wheels weight in at only 2.2g each and are precision machined to minimum tolerances to help de-tweak the car. Consisting of a less than half of a normal setup wheel construction, they serve the purpose of checking the tweak via lifting the chassis off the ground at one end only, and making sure the wheels leave the ground at the same point, being an extremely common way to de-tweak an on-road car. Using precision machined parts is far more accurate than…

June 27, 2018

Exotek on-road tweak board & carbon LiPo tabs

Coming from Exotek are a new tweak board for 1/10th on-road cars as well as a pair of carbon fibre LiPo tabs for on-road and off-road kits. Starting with the tweak board, it is a quick and easy way to reset chassis flatness and tweak without having to remove the tyres. It fits the full length of 1/10th touring and formula cars to fully lift the car enough so that owners can reset the top plate flatness without removing any tyres thus saving lots of pit work time. The board is made in the USA of black melamine board, it…

March 19, 2018

Hudy touring car tweak board set

Hudy have released a tweak board set for 1/10th touring cars. The tool helps to remove any tweak from the chassis and it utilises a lightweight chassis counter plate as well as a lightweight carbon fibre rod with aluminium caps, the latter is used to hold down the chassis on its shock towers after loosing the top deck screws. With the rod pressed down the screws will be tightened again with he result being a totally flat chassis, bulkhead and topdeck assembly. The tweak board set comes in a protective carrying bag for easy storage and transportation. Source: Hudy []…

September 21, 2016

Muchmore Tweak Master Ver.3

Muchmore have introduced the Tweak Master Ver.3 anti-tweak tool. Building on the design of the previous version the new Ver.3 is of a thinner and lighter design with the tweak rod diameter being now at 11.9mm compared to the Ver.2’s 16.4mm. The anti-tweak rod still features three machined holes for the antenna, motor mount post and spur gear and it sports newly designed black and silver colour end caps for a different look. Included comes a glass tweak board and also a handy carrying bag for easy storage and transportation. Source: Muchmore []…

December 31, 2015

TWT acrylic setup boards & car stand

Thai company TWT has introduced a range of setup and pit boards as well as car stands made from high-quality acrylic material. Starting with the setup and pit boards, the multi-layer parts are available in a range of layouts, from pure setup boards with grids for track width and toe adjustment up to several pit boards of different layouts with foam padded compartments for shocks, springs, screws and shims. All boards also feature scales as well as scale drawings of washers, bearings and screws to help with easy hardware identification while building, tuning and maintaining. Also new are car stands…

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