July 9, 2008

Alex Racing Design M-6 Speed

Alex Racing Design M-6 Speed

Alex Racing Design have released the follow up to your Japanese National winning LX-250 body shell, the M-6 Speed. Tested around the Yatabe Arena, it was an average of 0.3 seconds a lap quicker than the previous shell. The design allows for good straight line speed, good downforce and a low centre of gravity, while the aerodynamic cockpit allows air to flow freely to the included rear wing. Also comes supplied with light and grill decals and window masks.

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March 19, 2007

Alex Racing Design CER touring car

Alex Racing Design CER

Japanese manufacturer, Alex Racing Design, has announced details of their latest 190mm electric touring car, the CER. Featuring a very unconventional layout, the car sports a front centrally mounted motor, similar to the Losi JRXS-R but then on the front of the car, rear mounted cells and centrally mounted steering servo. The car is fully tricked out in red anodised metals (also available in 4 other colours), C-hubs on the front, CVDs all around and comes with rear ball diff and front solid axle as standard. The car looks good, however the height of the spur gear and associated drive parts is worrying for center of gravity reasons, but we will have to wait on some results to prove if this front mounted motor configuration is the way to go.

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