December 2, 2020

Ryan Lutz rejoins Alpha engines

With Ryan Lutz making the move from Agama to WRC, his engine sponsor has also changed with the US driver making the switch back to Alpha engines. Having previously raced for the brand for 7 years he is back and not only is Ryan rejoining the Alpha team, but his roles have been expanded and will be their US market partner. Ryan had this to say:

I am greatly honoured to be welcomed back to the Alpha family. I was sad to depart four years ago and so I am glad to be able to have this opportunity to rejoin with this wonderful company. In my absence they have further developed the Dragon line of engines now with the Dragon 4 edition 2. In my testing it has proven to be a top competitor and I can’t wait to showcase it to the world. They have also given me the privilege of distributing the product line throughout the American market again through my small business LutzRC. I am looking forward to once again supporting this great company and their customer base.

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January 9, 2020

Alpha Plus fuel efficient carburettor

Alpha Plus have introduced their new fuel efficient carburettor for many of their competition engines. Newly developed with extended runtime and even smoother throttle control in mind, the 7.5mm bore carburettor will improve the mileage of engines such as the Dragon III, IV, GT, and GT-R as a direct replacement for the original part. Also new is a specially designed crankcase backplate that will make for a more efficient mixture flow within the engine, further optimising its efficiency and performance. The backplate fits the Dragon III, IV, GT, and GT-R engines.

View the engine backplate here

November 19, 2019

Alpha Fire Power Pro Blend nitro fuels

Coming from X-Factory UK is their new Alpha Fire Power Pro Blend nitro fuel. Made exclusively in the UK in conjunction with Alpha Plus, the Pro Blend fuel line was developed with the demanding competition racer in mind. Featuring a specially formulated synthetic/castor oil blend, this racing fuel is formulated for maximum acceleration, huge power, cooler running, extended run-time and easier tuning. Experienced racers and newcomers alike will find the Alpha Fire Power fuel to be extremely efficient with up to ten to 15 percent extra run time, giving drivers the ultimate edge and advantage for those longer gaps between pit stops. The fuel is available in 16 percent and 25 percent nitro blends and in one litre, 2.27 litre and 4.55 litre cans. Rounding out the range is the Alpha Protektor after-run oil. The lubrication should be put into the engine after each race or practice day of use to give additional corrosion protection. Ten to 15 drops should be put down the glow plug opening and the same down the air filter opening in the carburettor for maximum protection. The product also makes a superb general purpose lubricating oil and is supplied in a spouted container.

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April 25, 2018

Neil Cragg Alpha-powered for 2018

UK Alpha distributors X-Factory UK have that UK frontrunner, Neil Cragg will be using the Asian engines for the 2018 season. The long-time LRP driver, who only recently announced the end of his collaboration with the German brand, will be using the new Alpha Dragon 4 engine, combined with Alpha 2134 exhaust and P range of glow plugs to power his 1/8th scale nitro rides and he has the following to say:

I would like to let you guys know that I will be using Alpha Engines in my nitro cars for the 2018 season! I would like to thank Jon Dell and the whole team for giving me this opportunity. Having tested the engines I am super pleased with the performance so far. I look forward to racing for Alpha, starting at Westmill for the 1st round of the BRCA Nationals this coming weekend.

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March 6, 2018

Alpha Dragon IV nitro off-road engine

German Alpha distributors Ruddog have introduced the Alpha Dragon IV 3.5cc nitro off-road engine. The 3-port power plant features several improvements such as a new crankcase that optimises internal mixture flow between the carburettor and the liner while a rear ceramic bearing reduces friction and wear. Also new are a redesigned, balanced crankshaft as well as an updated cooling head, piston, liner and wrist pin. The engine comes pre-run-in and the first batch also includes a 4-shoe clutch assembly.

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February 10, 2017

Walter Floris Alpha-powered for 2017

Italian Alpha distributor Planet Racing has announced the signing of Italian off-road frontrunner, Walter Floris to the Alpha Power racing team for the 2017 season. Walter and his mechanics will take part at all major national events while also giving support to Alpha customers and to the growing Italian team.

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January 3, 2017

Ryan Lutz leaves engine sponsor Alpha

The silly season continues with the latest pro driver to leave a long-term sponsor being Tekno RC’s Ryan Lutz who has announced his departure from engine sponsor Alpha. Ryan leaves behind a pretty successful campaign with countless wins on a national level and a number of international A-main finishes. This is what Ryan has to say:

This is a very sad day for me to part with a longtime sponsor and great friends. I have been with Alpha Plus Model Co, Ltd. for 7 years, and feel I have shown that you don’t need the most expensive engine to compete at the highest level of R/C. My friends at Alpha have been behind me 100% and have done way more for me than simply supply me with engines to race. At their recommendation, I entered into small business ownership with LutzRC, and they supported me with a great product, and customer service that I could use to grow my own business. I am forever grateful for that opportunity. […] Please know that there is any number of reasons for this change for me. I’m sure I could, but honestly I do not want to divulge into why I am making this change. Just know that for me, my family, and my current career path, that it is the decision that I have to make for myself. I wish Alpha Plus nothing but the absolute best. They truly are great people and are passionate about R/C car engines. Also to anyone that has purchased engines from me, please know that I am still available at any time to help you if you need assistance.

May 3, 2016

Jonathan Yeung teams up with Alpha

Jonathan Yeung teams up with Alpha

Alpha have announced the signing of up and coming Hong Kong driver Jonathan Yeung to their team. The Chinese National Champion will power his Tekno RC vehicles using Alpha’s competition engines and he has the following to say about the deal:

It is amazing to join the Alpha Factory Team and I am eager to run the Alpha engines in various nitro Off-road race. The latest Dragon III series is just perfectly match with my requirements in power demand at different RPM, low fuel consumption and extreme reliable under serious race conditions. I would like to take this chance to thanks for Alpha to offer me this opportunity to join the team. I am confident that Alpha engine can help me to achieve great results in coming IFMAR 1/8 nitro Buggy Worlds in Las Vegas!

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