October 16, 2018

ArndtCraft Project 4X Extreme Cool fan shroud

Coming from ArndtCraft is a purpose-designed Extreme Cool fan shroud for the Serpent Project 4X and 4X Evo touring cars. Using a 30x10mm fan the shroud is of a slotted adjustable design for gearing changes and it ensures a cooler running motor. The motor to cooling fan spacing is approx 11.5mm, to avoid magnetic interference and the mount weighs in at just above 3 gram.

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September 26, 2018

ArndtCraft A800 Extreme Cool fan shroud

ArndtCraft have introduced an updated Extreme Cool fan shroud for the Awesomatix A800 series of touring cars. Now adjustable, with indexing slotted channel, the fan mount offers ample adjustment for stock and modified motor spacing, to maintain proper motor to shroud spacing. Hardware comes included with the fan mount being available now.

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September 17, 2018

ArndtCraft 30mm motor cooling fan brace

Coming from ArndtCraft is a 30mm motor cooling fan brace that was designed to prevent fan breakage in extreme off-road conditions. The brace is ideal for all WTF-style fans and it attaches from the bottom, air flow outlet side of the unit. The 1mm carbon fibre plate is very light of weight and it will improve the fan’s life when running on carpet or astro turf tracks with wood or concrete base. It supports the fan’s centre section, as well as fan housing structure, to prevent fan centre section, and housing, from deflecting under hard impact, which can result in fan breakage.


August 17, 2018

ArndtCraft BD8-2018 Extreme Cool fan shroud

ArndtCraft have introduced their new Extreme Cool fan shroud for the Yokomo BD8-2018 and 2017 touring cars. The part is purpose designed for the BD8 and uses a standard 30mm fan such as the ones from ArndtCraft, R1 or WTF. The outlet will improve motor cooling when running indoors or in high ambient temperatures and it is compatible with ArndtCraft’s High Velocity inlet for even greater cooling performance.

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July 10, 2018

ArndtCraft MTC-1 Carbon X-treme front bumper brace

ArndtCraft have introduced their new Carbon X-treme front bumper brace for the Mugen MTC-1 touring car. The simple and elegant carbon brace provides protection in front end collisions, from the addition of a support point of contact. Proven to increase durability and body folding under impact it is also designed for minimal weight while maintaining necessary rigidity. The part is CNC machined and designed from 2mm US spec carbon fibre and can be used in conjunction with the factory carbon body post support and utilising factory bumper hardware.

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June 29, 2018

ArndtCraft MTC1 Extreme Cool fan shroud

Specially designed for the Mugen MTC1 touring car is ArndtCraft’s new Extreme Cool fan shroud. The part is a direct fit to the MTC1 and it accepts most standard 30mm fans units. The 3-D-printed part will significantly reduce the operation temperatures of both modified and stock motors, it comes without the required hardware and it is available now.

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June 7, 2018

ArndtCraft Carbon X-treme 30mm fan cover

Coming from ArndtCraft and suitable for most 30mm fan units is the Carbon X-treme series graphite fan cover. The simple yet elegant carbon fibre item offers a nice visual presence, as well as a slight increase in fan rigidity for improved durability.

Source: ArndtCraft [arndtcraft.com]