October 15, 2020

AMR Plug holder with loupe

Auto Model Racing have released an interesting tool, a glowplug holder with integrated loupe. Made from black anodised aluminium, the plug holder part of the tool holds up to 6 turbo plugs and 2 standard plugs and protects the filament part of the plug from dust and other debris as well as making it easier to manage used plugs. The loupe, or magnifying lens, then allows you to closely inspect the condition of the glow plug’s filament.

View an image of the loupe in use here

May 26, 2020

Auto Model Racing tyre bags

Auto Model Racing from Japan have introduced their new tyre bags that are ideal to store and carry up to ten full sets of 1/8th off-road tyres, spares and many more. The bags have a footprint of about 61x27cm and they feature lightweight inner plastic reinforcements to ensure good stability even when not fully loaded. Made from a strong fabric the bags also feature a handle and a carrying belt and they are available in black or red colour.

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April 16, 2020

Auto Model Racing 24mm touring car dish wheel

Auto Model Racing from Japan have introduced their 24mm dish wheel for touring car rubber tyres. The zero offset wheel is moulded from white high-quality material and it features a tapered section on the inside that makes way for the camber ball cup, ensuring less interference issues. The wheel is usable will most 24mm touring car rubber tyres and it comes in sets of four.

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April 2, 2020

AMR 12mm hex adapter wheel spacers

Coming from Japanese brand Auto Model Racing is their new set of 0.5mm wheel spacers for all vehicles using 12mm hex adapters. The shims are machined of lightweight aluminium, they come black anodised with white AMR logos and size markings for easy recognition. The spacers are usable for 1/10th scale on-road and off-road kits alike and they come in sets of four.

Source: Auto Model Racing [automodel.shop-pro.jp]

March 18, 2020

Auto Model Racing RB7 balance weights

Auto Model Racing from Japan have introduced their new servo and ESC balance weights for the Kyosho RB7 buggy. Designed to fit right into the already existing chassis pockets of the RB7 and RB7SS, the servo weight adds 13g while the speed controller weight adds 11g of weight. They will be attached using thin double-sided tape, come in handy especially on high-bite surfaces such as carpet and grippy astro turf, and they come as a set.

Source: Auto Model Racing [automodel.shop-pro.jp]