March 2, 2022

Axon TC10/2 touring car

Having teased its release 3 weeks ago, Axon have now released full details on their new TC10/2, BD10 conversion kit. The machine has been reborn with an extremely low centre of gravity and at the same time the area around the front and rear bulkheads, which is important for suspension functions that affect cornering performance, has been substantially redesigned. The new design maximises the performance of the high big bore shock III super short, achieving less roll during cornering while at the same time ensuring reliable suspension movement. The upper bulkheads and front & rear shock towers have been newly designed to lower the machine’s centre of gravity and maximise the function of the oil dampers and springs. The upper bulkhead is made of 7075 aluminium to ensure rigidity while maintaining a slim and lightweight shape. The shock tower design is based on a separate layout with short spans for high rigidity at both the front & rear to ensure that the oil dampers and springs work properly. In addition, the height of the left and right oil dampers are designed to be the same, which is a weak point of separate shock towers.

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February 10, 2022

Axon TC10/2 touring car teaser

Our friends at Axon have released a teaser image for their upcoming TC10/2, the follow up to the TC10, a BD10 conversion. Set to be fully unveiled at a later date, with the release planned in for late February or early March, this new update is set to feature some major updates. With the release of the TC10/2 and recent signing of Akio Sobue as their factory driver, Axon are looking to position themselves as a serious player in the class. More details as we get them.

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January 5, 2022

Akio Sobue joins Axon

Axon have announced that Akio Sobue ha signed a multi-year contract starting in 2022. The main purpose of the contract is for him to work as an Axon driver, participating in races including big events, and at the same time he will be involved in Axon’s product development. Akio will be using the Axon TC10 in the main category of EP touring cars and will attend races both in Japan and overseas. This exclusive contract will accelerate the development of the TC10 and other Axon products, and will lead to further improvement of the brand.

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November 29, 2021

Axon MTC2 high big bore shock III

Axon have released their new high big bore shock III for the Mugen MTC2. This oil damper has been well received in the TC10, their BD10 conversion, but one of the major changes they have made for the MTC2 is the piston. A 1.2mm/4-hole piston is now standard and a newly designed cylinder and piston rod with ultra-low friction HVF coating are also supplied. These new shocks maximise the performance of your MTC2 by helping to increase traction.

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July 16, 2021

Axon BD10 conversion kit

Axon have introduced a new conversion kit for the BD10 called the ‘TC10’. Developed to take the best of the high performance Yokomo BD10 and push it to its limits, the first area of focus was the front and rear shock towers that have been redesigned with a new lower profile design. Axon have also developed a new big bore type super short damper specifically for this project as well as a new carbon main chassis and top deck to optimise chassis roll and pitching rigidity. Also included with the kit are new lightweight double joint bushings, new front and rear anti-roll bars, Fusion turnbuckles, Fusion aluminium screws, new spring titanium screws, low friction suspension arm pins and Teflon slider shims.

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July 1, 2021

Axon BD10 & T4 lightweight double joint bushing set

Axon have released these new double jointed CVD parts for the Yokomo BD10 and Xray T4 for improved steering feel. The Axon lightweight double joint bushing is made from a highly precise aluminium and dramatically improves the performance of the double joint drive shafts. The clearance between the inner and outer cross shaft pins has been optimised for maximum drive efficiency and it is also very strong and durable, which dramatically improves the acceleration of the machine. The double joint cross shaft is made of high strength steel instead of aluminium for maximum precision, and the outer race is ultra precision polished. This part plays an important role in the connection between the outer and inner shafts of the drive shaft, so the high rigidity from the steel material provides the best traction. Completing the parts are machine cut cross shaft pins another key part of the drive shaft. All parts are to be used with manufacturer original shafts and axles.

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October 29, 2020

Axon TCS V2 spur gear

Axon have presented the V2 version of their TCS spur gear. Tested over a long period of time in various different conditions, the new new gear is more round and the tooth shape has been optimised. The result being a better feeling under throttle and braking as well as better rolling performance in cornering. Available in 64P, all versions from 100T to 116T and 48P only even numbers from 80T to 90T.

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September 24, 2020

Axon wheel hub axles for BD10, T4’20 & TRF420

Axon in Japan have produced these new wheel hub axles for the BD10, T4’20 & TRF420. Designed to dramatically improve traction, they do so on all 4 wheels by integrating the wheel hub with the car’s own axle shaft to create a direct connection from the drive shaft to the tires. Having the wheel hub axle now run on the bearings requires that the bearings of the front knuckle and rear hub be changed from a 1050 to 1060. The new bearing size, along with the smaller gap between the bearings due to the use of a smaller spacer between, further reduces rolling resistance as well as load on the bearings.

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