October 26, 2012

Bliss F5 Tortorici limited edition engine

Bliss announce the F5 Tortorici limited edition 5-port engine. With the release of the engine BlissRC celebrates the win of Davide Tortorici at the Italian buggy nationals. The engine features a special cooling head with limited edition laser-etched markings.

Source: Bliss [blissrc.com]

July 25, 2012

Bliss F3 .12 Tuned engine

Bliss have released their F3 .12 Tuned engine for on road 1/10 touring cars. Featuring a super lightweight cooling head, it also sports a carburetor with adjustable inserts. The crankshaft has been given the silicon insert treatment while a CNC machined billet piston and Swiss steel front & rear bearings complete the package. The cylinder is double-checked to avoid imperfections and flaws.

View the engine internals here

May 4, 2012

Bliss RC F5 .21 buggy engine

Bliss RC have introduced their new F5 .21 buggy engine. Featuring a 5 port ABC liner, a modified piston helps improve performance and lifespan while an aluminium & plastic carburetor helps to avoid overheating. The innovative CLC system not only makes positioning the carb super simple, it also avoids displacement of the crankcase and improves the position of the crankshaft. A lightened cooling head lowers the engine’s centre of gravity while a flanged underhead improves the cooling of the motor.

View the complete F5 package here

April 30, 2012

Bliss F7 On-Road engine

Bliss RC introduce the new F7 On-Road engine featuring a hand-tuned 7-port ABC liner, modified piston and a new carburettor and crankcase design. Other features are an aluminium/plastic composite carburettor with 8mm and 9mm venturi inserts, lightened cooling head, a conical conrod. The 1/8th scale engine comes including EFRA 2102 exhaust, silicone gaskets and mounting springs.

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March 16, 2012

Bliss RC F3 Touring .12 engine

Italian brand Bliss RC have introduced their new .12 engine called F3 Touring. The motor features a 3 port hard chromed liner, CNC machined billet piston, 12mm turbo crankshaft, knife edged aerodynamic connecting rod and a new separate turbo combustion chamber insert. Inside there is a 12mm Swiss quality main bearing while a super lightweight cooling head and composite slide carburetor with 5.4mm insert completes the package.

View another image of the engine here