December 2, 2022

Blitz GT6 Pista 1:8 GT bodyshell

Blitz has announced the next evolution to their all conquering 1:8 GT body, the GT6 Pista.   The bodyshell features a high performance body shape with enhanced aerodynamics and outstanding aesthetics. Designed to fit all 1:8 GT short wheel base chassis (325mm), the GT6 Pista has been designed in close adherence to all IFMAR GT GBS specifications.  It has an EFRA homologation number of EFRA-6008.  The standard version of the GT6 is molded from 1.0mm high quality polycarbonate while the light version is made from 0.7mm. Both body types include a 1.0mm high performance wing and wing mounting hardware, along with head light decals and window masks.

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July 20, 2022

Blitz YRS-M mini chassis body

The EFRA European championship winning 1/10 FWD Class bodyshell, the Blitz YRS has been converted into 1/10 Mini spec. The YRS-M is based on the YRS body with the wheelbase reduced to 225mm and the body width 170mm, allowing the YRS-M to fit most 1/10 Mini chassis and works well both front wheel drive and 4wd 1/10 mini car chassis. The standard YRS is built with 0.7mm polycarbonate, and the light version is 0.5mm. All body shells include light decals and window mask.

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February 23, 2022

Blitz YRS FWD bodyshell

New from Blitz comes their YRS bodyshell for the FWD class. The YRS body is designed to give more steering and stability for both front and middle motor FWD cars. The dimensions of the YRS bodyshell meet the new EFRA FWD bodyshell rule and there is 2 thicknesses available with the standard body built in 0.7mm thick polycarbonate and the lightweight in 0.5mm. The YRS comes with light decals and a window mask.

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February 8, 2022

Blitz TCN 1/10 190mm touring car bodyshell

Introducing the newest Blitz 1/10 190mm touring car bodyshell, the TCN. Featuring a low-profile design which has become the industry standard, compared to previous Blitz bodyshells, the TCN is shorter and narrower, a design improves overall balance between steering and stability with a high downforce feel. With the superior steering and and rear stability the TCN generates high corner speed while the curved wing helps to provide a more agility and better response. Pre-marked front wheel centre for easy alignment with multiple line markings for mounting positions. For ARC touring cars, the TCN features pre-marked body post locations for a direct fit on both vertical and horizontal mounting. Available in 2 different thickness of 0.5mm and 0.7mm, it has been made from high quality polycarbonate and includes window masking, light decals and mounting screws/nuts.

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January 19, 2021

Blitz Spider 1/8th onroad bodyshell

Blitz have introduced their latest 1/8th on-road body shell, the Spider. Tested and developed over several months, the Spider fits all modern 1/8th on-road racing chassis. Designed to deliver more overall downforce than before, the Spider features excellent stability to ensure your car is easy to drive in both low and high traction conditions. The body comes moulded with multiple alignment markings, making longitudinal body positioning a simple task to achieve with most cars on the market. Available in both lightweight 0.7mm and standard version 1.0mm polycarbonate it includes window masks and light decals and as an added bonus, the 6-piece body stiffener is also included.

View an image of the mounted stiffener set here

December 16, 2020

Blitz GT5 Zonda 1/8th GT body

Coming soon from Blitz is the GT5 Zonda 1/8th GT body. The GT5 features realistic aesthetics for its class yet delivers supreme performance on the track. The new body features a body width of 312mm with a wheelbase range of 315mm to 335mm and has pre-marked front wheel centre marks for easy body positioning. Made following IFMAR’s GBS rule, it is available in standard weight 1.0mm and light weight 0.7mm, giving racers the choice that best suit their needs. A 35mm x 75mm wing dam is included with the body as are Window masks, high quality decals, rear wing and wing screws.

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October 8, 2020

Blitz Roadster 1/10th 190mm TC shell

Introducing the all-new Blitz Roadster 1/10th scale 190mm touring car body shell. Incorporating the latest low-profile design elements, this high-downforce design delivers superior balance for fast and consistent lap times. Marking lines are moulded into the body for easy mounting, while the sculpted rear wing features two different cut lines to fine tune the level of rear downforce, and the 20mm x 40mm side dams are also included. The body is available in 0.5mm light and 0.7mm standard thickness that’s been optimised for ETS weight rules and each body comes with high quality window masks, light decals and wing mounting hardware.

View another angle of the Roadster here

January 16, 2020

Blitz MK9 FWD touring car body shell

Blitz have introduced their all-new MK9 body shell for 1/10th scale FWD touring cars. The hatchback body fits all 190mm FWD chassis, thanks to being 192mm wide and 125mm of height when mounted on the chassis. The body is available in standard 0.7mm or lightweight 0.5mm thickness and it includes a high downforce rear wing that can be attached in two different positions and heights. The package is rounded out by pre-cut window masks, a decal sheet and wing mounting hardware.

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