July 5, 2022

BMT 802GTX 1/8 GT chassis

BMT have announced their new 1/8 GT car, called the 802GTX. Following months of development, the Italian brand came up with an all new design to replace the 801GTX Pro. All is new starting with the main chassis, new geometry, steering assembly, central supports from aluminium and a lot more. This is an initial introduction so we will expect more details coming soon.

View more images of the 802GX here

January 13, 2021

BMT 984 1/8th scale onroad chassis

BMT have announced the latest version of their 984 1/8th scale Nitro onroad chassis. Following many months of work, in collaboration with Italian designer Andrea Contarini, BMT are pleased to introduce this latest product. The car is completely new, with several new solutions such as new suspensions geometry, easy access to change belts, optional adjustable weights and a new lighter transmission. Other changes include updated Ackermann, as well as new plastic parts, such as the arms and the front bumper.

View a lot more images of the 984 here

October 19, 2020

BMT 016 GT main chassis plate

BMT have introduced a new main chassis plate for their 016 GT Nitro GT kit. The new chassis reduces the car’s wheelbase by 2mm for better cornering, especially on tight tracks. As with the original, this optional plate is also made from 5mm thick high-quality aluminium.

Source: BMT [bmt-team.com]

July 21, 2020

BMT 801 GTX Pro 1/8th nitro GT kit

BMT have released first images of their new 801 GTX Pro 1/8th scale nitro GT kit. The vehicle builds on the proven 801 platform and includes several optionals such as open-style front and rear aluminium bulkheads as well as aluminium bearings hubs that make for easier diff access. Also included are new aluminium front and rear shock towers, anti-roll bar wires and an updated rear body mount. We bring you full details as they surface.

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April 28, 2020

BMT 016GT & 801GT Pro -0.5mm wheel hubs

Coming from BMT and made for their 016GT and 801GT Pro 1/8th on-road kits are new -0.5mm wheel hubs. Narrower than the standard parts the hubs will reduce overall width which will allow for additional adjustment possibilities if track conditions are calling for it. The hubs feature a 1mm pitch tread meaning they have to be used with their dedicated wheel nuts.

View the wheel nuts here

April 28, 2020

BMT 801GT Pro updated 2-speed clutch bell

BMT from Italy have introduce their updated aluminium 2-speed clutch bell for the 801GT Pro 1/8th scale GT kit. The clutch bell was designed to allow for the use of bigger pinion gears, namely 18T to 20T first gear and 23T to 25T second gear pinions, allowing for a greater transmission setup window. The clutch bell is made of high-quality aluminium and it comes with a hard surface finish for wear and looks.

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March 18, 2020

BMT 801 GTX conversion kit

Coming from BMT is their new 801 GTX conversion kit that includes new front and rear aluminium bulkheads as well as many other parts. The conversion was developed to replace the enclosed standard composite gearboxes with new open-type alloy variants that offer greater stiffness, easier diff access and other advantages. Included in the set are the new bulkhead halves, a new shock tower, anti-roll bar as well as a new rear body mount.

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November 13, 2019

BMT 016 GT Evo 1/8th nitro GT kit

BMT from Italy have introduced their new 016 GT Evo 1/8th scale nitro GT chassis kit. The car is based on the proven 016 GT and features refinements such as a new flex chassis, the Evo rear end conversion that as previously only available separately, it come with new short big bore shock absorbers as well as new shock stays and a redesigned front bulkhead brace. The parts will improve the car’s overall balance and performance and the kit is available from now on.

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