June 6, 2013

C.Andy’s WGT transformation kit

C.Andy's WGT transformation kit

C.Andy’s from Germany introduce their World GT transformation kit for 1/12th pan cars with Team Associated front end. The kit transforms any Team Associated based 1/12th car into a World GT vehicle with 200mm track width and 260mm wheelbase. A special servo mount allows easy steering Ackermann adjustment by simply sliding the steering servo forth or back. The kit is simply attached to the existing mounting positions of the chassis and includes a news front plate, front axle brace and servo mount.

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January 31, 2013

C.Andy’s AHA race management system

C.Andy's AHA race management system

C.Andy’s have produced this AHA race management system for clubs and event/series organisers. The system places a small circuit board between the LiPo and the ESC which limits the electricity delivered to the ESC. The amount can be easily programmed by the organiser and easily checked through the use of LEDs. If the racer uses too much power the system will blink red and the driver wont pass post race scrutiny. The idea is to equalise the power from different ESCs, batteries and motors for example if you are using too much timing, you will use more power.

Source: C.Andy’s [rccarprototypes.de]

February 11, 2012

C.Andy’s C1 sanding adapter

C.Andy’s introduce their C1 sanding adapter designed for the use with 1/12 scale on-road tyres. The special design incorporated three bolts that hold the rim in place during the tyre truing process and prevent a deformation of the rim as often found on systems that only use a central nut to hold the wheel in place. This results in a perfectly trued tyre and a maximised contact patch right from the start. The adapter is available in two versions for Mobgum and CRC pre-glued tyres.

Source: C.Andy’s [rccarprototypes.de]

July 29, 2011

C.Andy’s 1/12th scale conversion kit

C-Andy's 1/12th scale conversion kit

New from C-Andy’s is this 1/12th scale conversion kit. As you can see it has a pretty unique rear pod, with the motor mount making up the back bone of the assembly. The aluminium engine mount doubles up as a heat and it simple shape makes it very stiff and robust. The central damper is mounted directly to it as are the side damping tubes together with the lower pod plate. At the rear the hand made carbon bridge not only looks awesome by does a great job of mounting the aluminium rear axle bearing blocks. Slotted holes make it possible to set the ride height of the car. Extremely light and stiff, the conversion kit will be available in a limited edition of 10 pieces and is intended exclusively for the experienced rc car driver.

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July 18, 2011

C.Andy’s pan car wheel adapter


C.Andy’s got in touch to tell us a about a wheel adapter for 1/10 scale pan cars to use 1/10 nitro wheels on the front axles. Simply use a body hole reamer to drill a 12mm hole into the nitro rims and and reuse used nitro wheels on electric pan cars. The centre wheel nut add a realistic touch to the car.

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June 1, 2010

C.Andy’s Carbon ring

C.Andy's Carbon ring

Developed to solve the problem of your rim deforming when the temperature gets too high, the C.Andy’s Carbon ring is a lightweight solution to keeping your wheels round. After some experiments with carbon fibre, which is a great material due to it’s stiffness and low weight, they developed these carbon rings which fit perfectly into the rim and weigh only a few grams plus the high durability makes it possible for them to be used many times. After success with the Carbon Ring in 1/12th and 1/10th scale they worked together with front running 1/5th scale racer Markus Feldmann, to develop the 1/5th carbon ring. This was difficult because the 1/5th scale cars have problems with the high temperatures due to the brake disks which are located in the rims. But it was successful and now you can get the carbon ring for 1/12th electric, 1/10th electric, 1/10th scale nitro, 1/8th on road as well as 1/5th touring.

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