August 1, 2022

Greiner retains European title after 2 year wait

Forced to wait two extra years due to the pandemic, 2019 1:10 200mm European Champion Dominic Greiner was able to successfully defend his title over the weekend with victory ahead of arch rival Dario Balestri.  Returning to the Gubbio circuit in Italy, the venue of his 2016 World Championship victory, retaining his European title comes as a huge boost for the German given 2022 is a World Championship year (Red RC will be travelling to Thailand to bring you extensive coverage from title battle).

After a successful & lengthy stint at Serpent, Greiner had switched to Patrizio Rossi’s Capricorn squad for the 2020 season but just as the world was forced into shut down due to Covid.  Having to wait so long to make his first major championship appearance for the Italian manufacturer, Greiner kicked off the 16th running of the EFRA European Championship with p4 in practice as Balestri set the pace for Infinity from up & coming Xray star Filippo Domanin and Dutch veteran Jilles Groskamp.

It wasn’t long however before Greiner hit the front to take the opening qualifier.  With some mistakes in Q2, Balestri going on to take that qualifier, he was back on top in Q3 & 4 to secure the overall Top Qualifier honours.  With 2 time EC champion Balestri booking his spot directly in the main 45-minute final by taking the Super Pole, he would be Greiner’s main challenger.  After initially applying pressure before making an early tyre stop, this would give Greiner an advantage he wouldn’t relinquish.  Posting the fastest lap of the final, he would win by over 10 seconds from the Italian.  Capricorn would enjoy a podium double with Thilo Diekman claiming third ahead of the Infinity of Carmine Raiola.

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June 10, 2022

Capricorn C8 Classic 1/8th nitro pan car

Italian brand Capricorn have introduced their all-new 1/8th nitro flat pan car to race in the classic class, the C8 Classic. This car provides a whole new concept to the flat pan category and has been in development for some time and is now ready for release. Designed to be fully adustable in both the front and rear, as well as user friendly, the new platform is highly durable and manufactured in Italy from the best quality materials.

View more images of the car here

May 26, 2022

One lightweight .21 O.S. carburettor

One have introduced their new carburettor for O.S. based 1/8th circuit or GT engines. Designed to increase torque as well as improving stability from the engine it has a new lightweight design, comes with 7mm and 8.5mm Venturi and all needle screw adjustments are done using a 2.5mm Allen key. The carburettor is a very vital component to an engine and while the current carburettor is doing a good job, One have not stopped with development and have come up with a new improved version.

View more images of the carburettor here

May 3, 2022

ONE Ultimate Red Dot 5 min & Red Dot 7 min GT engines

New from ONE are the European Championship edition GT engines in two different versions, Ultimate Red Dot 5 min and also the Ultimate Red Dot 7 min. These are two different types of engines, the Ultimate Red Dot 5 being spec’d for 5 minute runtime duration and maximum power, while the Ultimate Red Dot 7 spec’d for maximum fuel economy with competitive power. Both of these engines come with special edition back plate and a 7mm Aluminium Venturi as well as featuring a new lightweight cooling head. These engines during testing created 22% more power than their already successful predecessors.

Source: Capricorn []

November 16, 2021

Michael Derderian joins Capricorn team

Capricorn have announced the signing of multiple French National Champion Michael Derderian to their team for next season. The former Xray driver is a 1/10th Nitro specialist and had the following to see about his move to the Italian brand, ‘I want to thank Capricorn Team and Mr Patrizio Rossi for this great opportunity they have offered me, and I can’t wait to start this wonderful experience and I can’t wait to hit the track with my new Lab C04’.

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October 20, 2021

Capricorn Lab GT2 EP chassis kit

Italian manufacturer Capricorn have expanded their range, by entering 1:8th GT world, offering a unique design to other competitors on the market that will come in both a GP and EP version. The GT2 EP has some very unique features, the main one being carbon upper and lower arms which are mounted on a pivot ball to the chassis, something which is now becoming more widely used in the 1:10 touring car scene. Accompanying the carbon lower arm will be a carbon upper arm, which provides a far more stable flex characteristic especially for varying temperatures and traction conditions. On to the drivetrain and in classic Capricorn fashion it has been made as light as possible keeping reliability in mind. With the weight of the chassis in this class, the lighter drivetrain will aid in acceleration. A low centre of gravity has also been taken in to consideration with super low shock towers and sway bars, along with getting the height of the bulkheads as low as possible for increased corner speed. There is a range of adjustability through the car from axle height adjustment, differential height adjustment and a wide range of flex options.

View more images of the Lab GT2 EP here

April 10, 2021

Capricorn ONE tungsten engine screws

New from Capricorn RC for their ONE range of accessories are these tungsten engine screws. The screws are for the underside of the chassis where the engine mount is secured. In total they have a weight gain of 10grams over the standard steel screw. This adding weight to the lowest possible point of the car, making weight placement easier for the end user.

Source: Capricorn []

April 2, 2021

Capricorn ONE exhaust gaskets

New from Capricorn RC for their ONE accessories range is some new and improved exhaust gaskets. They can withstand higher temperatures therefore lasting a lot longer and not needing to worry about the gasket as often. They are available in red and white.

Source: Capricorn []