December 1, 2023

Donathen RC Titanium Battery Grips

Donathen RC has announced the addition of Titanium Battery Grips to its product line up.  They are ideal for adding a “handle” to your 5mm bullet connectors to pull them out easier, reducing strain on the wire (preventing frays and ripped silicone), all while adding some bling to your ride!  Weighing just 1.4 grams each, they are extremely light and come in unique colours options.  Fitting over 10, 12, 13, 14 awg wire, they are secured with provided titanium set screw.  Unique 1.5U gold plating means low resistance and longevity which is nearly 3x thicker than industry standard connectors.

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October 31, 2023

WMH Racing motor tuning base

Donathen RC has announced the latest WMH Racing product to be added to the range, their base for motor tuning devices. This base is designed to be used with either the Load Master or Motor Test Stand and the Tunalyzer, Motolyser, or motor analyzer. When using the base it allows a great viewing angle of the motor tuning device, placement of your motor holding device, and even a parts tray for your test parts. A compact and robust design for traveling, it is available in 17 colours and has a handy parts tray for rotors, screws, shims etc.

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October 10, 2023

WMH Racing Motor Assembly Stand with Rotor Tool

Donathen RC has announced the addition of another WMH Racing product, the Motor Assembly Stand with Rotor Tool.  With the launch of WMH Racing and many motor tuning products it became clear that some sort of product was needed to hold all of the motor parts, while tuning/working on your motor.  The stand holds any 540 brushless motor with a choice of colours for stand and rotor tool.  It is designed to hold: stator, screws, sensor board, end caps, rotor, and rotor shims.  The Rotor Tool features gnarls to easily manoeuvre your rotor in place.

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September 25, 2023

WMH Racing Load Master

Donathen RC has announced the addition of another WMH Racing product, the Load Master.   The device is to be used with a motor analyzer to measure how your motor would work in real world conditions, like when it’s on the track.  Features & specs for the Load Master are that it plugs into any motor analyzer and has colour coded wires to identify A, B and C poles,  With vented sides it is supplied complete with 9″ motor wires and 275mm sensor wire as well as a Resistor bank and coupler.  Made in the USA, the Load Master is supplied in a protective carry case.

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September 11, 2023

Donathen RC Discharge Bank | Power Supply

Two new items from Donathen RC are their new premium 40 amp Discharge Bank and 75 amp power supply w/ 3.1 amp USB.   Made in the USA, the Discharge Bank allows for up to 40 amp discharge of your 1s or 2s batteries and is designed & available for icharger’s :308, 406, 4010, Dx6, Dx8, 456, and 458.  12″ power wire (with your icharger’s connector), and 15″ fan wires with 4mm bullet connectors.  The fans are powered by any 12v source, such as your DRC power supply.  They are wired to a thermal switch which runs if the bank gets over ambient temperature.  The fans will continue to run until the unit is at ambient temperature, even after discharging has stopped.  Made with dual wall adhesive heat shrink, which molds to your connectors, this increases durability, longevity, and reliability.  The 75 amp power supply comes with 3 sets of 4mm female bullet connectors shielded by a black DRC cover.  It is wrapped in carbon fiber vinyl for a clean look and includes a 5v 3.1 amp USB port and is supplied with a 3ft extreme duty power supply cable.  Both the discharger and power supply come with their own storage box.

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August 29, 2023

Amped Up RC 1s/2s capable|2s RX pack charge leads

Amped Up RC has announced two new additions to their line up of ready to ship charging products, a 1s/2s capable charge leads and their 2s receiver pack charge leads.  The 1s/2s capable leads are the same great design/quality of Amped Up’s 2s lead with the addition of a 1s/2s switch.  This switch allows the user to balance charge a 1s or 2s battery, by just changing the switch to the desired cell count.  “Balance charging” your 1s packs is important for a number of reasons: 1. Accurate ending voltage.  By using your chargers balance settings you can get the same ending voltage every time.  2. Allows the reading of internal resistance.  Many chargers now have an internal resistance reading feature, to use this feature your leads must have balance extension incorporated into the lead.
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August 21, 2023

Amped Up RC 2s Balance Charge Leads

Following Donathen RC’s launch of its Amped Up RC range of off the shelve cables, they have released the first 3 products, 2s Balance Charge Leads.  These leads are designed by DRC using DRC proportions, DRC connectors, 10 awg wire, and adhesive heat shrink.  Each lead is fully protected with black sheathing covering all wires, increasing the protection, and lifespan of the lead.  This sheathing can easily slide around with regular heat shrink, that is why we offer these leads with dual wall adhesive heat shrink. Not only does the adhesive heat shrink keep the sheathing in place, it adds durability, sturdiness, and molds to the connection providing the best protection available.  To start, Amped Up RC is offering 3 balance leads, 5mm bullet connectors, Xt90 connectors, and Qs8 connectors 24″ long made with 10 awg wire.  A unique feature of these leads is that they can be used with any charger that uses a JST-Xh balance housing.

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August 17, 2023

Donathen RC launches Amped Up RC

Amped Up RC is a new option from RC wiring and cables specialists Donathen RC and is for people who do not want or who do not want to wait for a custom lead/adapters from DRC, but still want a high quality product.  Amped Up RC leads will be uniquely designed to add a touch of exclusivity to your RC adventures.  Unlike standardised products, each charge lead undergoes meticulous attention and is specially made, setting them apart from mass-produced alternatives.  Quality is at the core with every charge lead crafted with precision, using the finest materials available.  Rigorous quality checks guarantee that each connection is secure, each wire is impeccably soldered, and every element meets our high standards.  In the world of RC, a reliable connection is essential and with Amped Up RC charge leads, reliability is second only to DRC.

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