June 21, 2018

Double Ceramic ceramic motor bearings & lube

Double Ceramic from California have introduced their new ceramic motor bearings as well as their ceramic-infused bearing lube. The first product is focusing on reducing magnetic interference around the motor to maximise electric motor performance. The full ceramic 540 motor Bearing achieves this with the use of Zirconium Oxide balls and races, which has 80 percent less friction than bare chrome steel balls, while also being 40 percent lighter. This results in less centrifugal force on the balls and less heat generation between the balls and races. The bearing also uses a variation of Double Ceramic’s custom moulded PEEK cage, resulting in no magnetic interference in brushless motors, resulting in quicker spool-up and higher RPM. The Full Ceramic motor bearing also contains no shielding, further reducing friction and increasing high RPM capability.

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