July 21, 2022

EcoPower 2022 servo line

From rock crawling to racing to bashing to drifting to flying or boating, the eight servo EcoPower lineup provides a low-cost, high-quality metal gear option for every application in the R/C industry. And all EcoPower servos are backed by a 1-year warranty. The cost-efficient EcoPower line is excellent for upgrading stock servos in RTR kits or replacing broken servos in your existing vehicles, boats or airplanes. The EcoPower servo lineup provides many waterproof options and most of the line is developed with quality metal gearing to deliver speed, torque and reliability.

Source: A-Main Hobbies [amainhobbies.com]

March 29, 2019

EcoPower Sling Shot SLV 13.5T brushless motor

New from Amain Hobbies’ EcoPower brand is the Sling Shot SLV 13.5 Turn sensored brushless motor. The Sling Shot SLV bases in the standard Sling Shot series but improves on the original with a heavily vented, lightweight can to help reduce overall weight and improve heat dissipation. Also, the SLV has larger solder tabs to reduce resistance and help make it easier when soldering the wires on. Other features include a high torque 12.5mm sintered Neodymium rotor to deliver the torque needed for competitive 13.5 class racing. Fully adjustable timing lets drivers fine tune the power delivery to suit their driving style and track conditions, while dual sensor ports allow easy installation in a variety of chassis configurations.

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May 14, 2018

EcoPower WP110T & WP120T waterproof servos

Coming from AMain Hobbies’ EcoPower brand are two new waterproof servos. The standard voltage WP110T (0.16s/20.1kg-cm) and WP120T (0.09s/28.8kg-cm) are an ideal upgrade for ready-to-run cars, trucks and rock crawlers and they feature metal gears, dual ball bearings and lightweight upper and lower cases with aluminium centre sections. The WP110T is powered by a cored DC motor while the high-voltage compatible WP120T utilises a coreless motor. EcoPower recommends the WP110T servo for all 1/10-scale applications, while the higher power WP120T would be best suited for heavy monster trucks, 1/8-scale vehicles and crawlers.

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March 21, 2013

EcoPower Electron 610 AC charger

EcoPower Electron 610 AC charger

EcoPower’s Electron 610 AC charger can do it all, at an affordable price. Charge at up to 10-amps, set five adjustable profiles and charge all popular types of RC batteries (Lipo/LiFe/NiMH), the computer controlled Electron 610AC features a built-in power supply so users won’t have to invest in an additional unit to power their charger. Multiple charge modes let you choose between ‘normal’, ‘fast’ and ‘storage’, giving you flexibility when you’re at the track. The Electron 610 AC can charge up to 6S battery packs and has an internal lithium cell-balancer making it one of the most versatile chargers in it’s price range.

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February 12, 2012

EcoPower Electron multi-chemistry chargers

A Main Hobbies introduce the EcoPower Electron 65 AC and 65 Quad multi-chemistry chargers for LiPo, LiFe and NiMH battery packs. Starting with the 65 AC, the charger works with 11 to 18VDC or 110 to 240VAC and delivers up to 5.0A of charging current. Featuring an on-board balancer, normal, fast and storage charge modes the charger handles up to 6S LiXX and 15 cell NiMH packs. Included with the charger come various charging harnesses and a 6S XH-style balancer board.

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January 2, 2012

EcoPower 5000mAh 30C hard case LiPo

EcoPower 5000mAh 30C hard case LiPo

EcoPower products are a new brand from A Main Hobbies to fill the void between their signature brand, ProTek R/C, and generic alternatives available overseas. The result is a combination of high quality, low-cost products backed by award-winning customer service and support. The first battery available under the EcoPower brand is a ROAR approved 7.4V 5000mAh 2S 30C hard case LiPo pack. EcoPower batteries are tested in house, ensuring that they deliver accurate specifications and reliable power at a price that is geared towards value conscious customers.

Source: A Main Hobbies [amainhobbies.com]