October 9, 2014

Epic 1 Designs pit board coming soon

Epic 1 Design pit board coming soon

During the recent Gold Cup at Tacoma Raceway Epic 1 Designs’ pit board caught a lot of attention. The surface has a special texture, side cut-outs allow for tools to sit in, and the size looks perfect for most pit bags. There is also a nice touch to the lower logo that actually has magnetic properties. The release date and price have yet to be confirmed.

Source: Epic 1 Designs [epic1designs.com]

August 19, 2014

Epic 1 Designs Chassis Armor

Epic 1 Designs Chassis Armor

Epic 1 Designs have released their new line of Chassis Armor for protecting your 1/10th scale chassis. With Peel & Stick & Stick & Stick technology allowing the ability to remove the armor over and over to allow access to chassis and chassis bolts it comes supplied as a 13.5″ x 5.5″ customizable sheet. Not only does it protect your chassis plate but the material also helps to reduce chassis friction and so is getting rave reviews for both offroad and onroad applications. Available in 4 graphic options as a white or black base with color or black logo.

View more images of the Chassis Armor here