May 11, 2020

F1 Paintlab AlphaTauri decal sheet

F1 Paintlab have introduced their new Scuderia AlphaTauri decal sheet for 1/10th scale Formula body shells. The decal set allows to recreate the 2020 Scuderia AlphaTauri Formula 1 car and it includes all needed stickers including helmet visors, seatbelts and tyre decals that are usable with many of today’s Formula class body shells, front and rear wings and tyres.

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July 10, 2013

F1Paintlab Vintage F1 packages for F104 cars

F1Paintlab Vintage F1 packages for F104 cars

F1Paintlab, known for their exclusive range of 1/10th Formula 1 decal sheets, introduce their VF1 standard and premium packages to convert any Tamiya F104 chassis into a 60’s vintage F1. Both kits are based around a highly detailed multi-piece polycarbonate body shell and include genuine Tamiya upper and lower F104 chassis decks, T-bars and mounting hardware. The premium package includes the respective F104W GP carbon fibre parts and both kits come without the front end, rear axle assembly, wheels and tyres. The VF1 body is also available separately and suitable for many other 1/10th formula chassis.

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